4 responses to “Juan Pablo Twitter Attack: Celebs and Bachelor Alums Hate and Diss Him”

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  2. Kathy Bonner says:

    The tide will turn. The “machine” that is the show, started to socially
    construct him negatively by editing things out that were positive, and
    including things that fit the negative image they were trying to
    construct of him, in order to distance themselves from him after he made
    a misconstrued comment about homosexuality. It’s pretty obvious to
    anyone who chooses to question what the powerful spin doctors are up to.
    It’s funny actually to watch all these second rate writers and web
    sites, and so called “celebrities” dominate the discussion and the rest
    of the puppets in the world eat it up as “truth”. Juan Pablo has been
    bullied by all the things that were portrayed about him. I can only
    imagine how powerless that must make one feel. However, you have
    seriously underestimated him! He is very intelligent and will persevere.
    Just wait and see. All this garbage about “worst bachelor ever” is
    pathetic. He was very respectful and kind to all the women. He didn’t
    drink alcohol and encouraged them not to. He refused to do the two dates
    thing because he saw it as hurtful to the women. He was so sensitive
    and kind. He was funny. Just b/c he made a comment outside the show, all
    of a sudden, like a pack of wild dogs, the show and media turned on him
    and yes, bit by bit, with each disparaging comment, or cleverly
    constructed image, they tried to make him seem to be a villain. Shame on
    ALL of you. To be so readily taken in, to be so manipulated by the
    powers that be on the show/station; to not think critically about what
    has happened, is a sad reflection of the level of intelligence in the

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