Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Hate Each Other and Split Months Ago

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Hate Each Other and Split Months Ago

We have been telling you guys for weeks that Juan Pablo is, hands down, the slimiest Bachelor ever to persuade ABC to hand pick 25 potential wives for him. This guy was never there to find love or a step mother for his daughter – or even someone to call a girlfriend. This was always a cash grab for Juan Pablo and so while he may have chosen Nikki Ferrell in the final rose ceremony he sure as hell wasn’t going to put a ring on it.

I’m not sure exactly how much time the two really ended up spending together but it had to have ended quickly because before their season even finished airing Juan Pablo was already juggling various women in Miami. This guy didn’t even care about what kind of image he give off while partying with strippers. Sources close to Juan Pablo say that they don’t really know what he’s doing now because his life doesn’t seem to have much direction. He works out, goes to the beach and then parties at night.

Perhaps Nikki really was the best choice for him since she was rumored to be their only for 15 minutes of fame too. At least Juan Pablo had the decency to choose another player rather than a woman that might have really cared about him. He at least may have saved someone else a bit of hurt. Do you think that this season as a whole will effect the Bachelor series in the future? ABC obviously didn’t screen this clown very well. Do you think next season will be different or is it time to pull the plug on the Bachelor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

A good friend of mine just posted on FB:

“I don’t usually watch the Bachelor but Antiques Roadshow is not on… Juan Pablo, would have poison in his breakfast if he came near either of my daughters. He is disgusting. This poor girl.”

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