Bachelor in Paradise Recap 8/11/14: Season 1 Episode 2


Sarah and Dylan head out to dinner and get to know each other, Dylan is excited to get to know Sarah more and is really hoping that she gives him a rose at the rose ceremony. Back at the house all of the bachelors and bachelorettes head down to the beach to drink and have a bonfire. Ben gives a speech about how much fun he has been having, but he hasn’t formed a connection with anyone yet. Meanwhile back up in the house Marcus and Marquel find a love letter in Ben’s backpack from a girl named Lindsey, and he clearly has a girlfriend.

Marquel and Marcus head down to the beach and decide to confront Ben about having a girlfriend back home. Ben explains to Marcus that he found the note when he arrived at the house, and he met the girl a few weeks before he came. Ben says that he does have a girlfriend, but he doesn’t think he did anything wrong because he isn’t forming any connection with anyone. Michelle Money is furious because she thinks that Ben is wasting everyone’s time and he only came to get a free vacation and be on TV. Ben announces that he is going home, and he is “done with TV.” Sarah and Dylan return home their date are shocked to see that Ben left and had a girlfriend.

It’s almost time for the next rose ceremony, all of the guys and girls gather for their cocktail party. The guys are sweating because they know that one of them will not be getting a rose and will have to go home tonight. Michelle Money is planning on giving her rose to Marquel, but he throws her for a loop at the cocktail party when he says that he likes her but she “drinks too much.” Meanwhile Chris Bukowski is schmoozing Elise and trying to secure a rose from her. Sarah confesses to Dylan that she is scared to give him a rose because Elise is obsessed with him. Dylan takes Elise aside and tells her that Chris likes her and she should pursue Chris, and tells her that they are nothing more than friends.

Chris Harrison arrives and it is time to hand out the roses. Lacey gives her rose to Marcus. AshLee gives her rose to Graham. Clare gives her rose to Zack. Michelle gives her rose to Marquel. Elise tries to give her rose to Dylan, but he refuses to accept it. Elise gives a bizarre speech, that nobody understood, and then offered her rose to Chris who did accept it. Sarah is the last woman to hand out a rose and offers it to Robert, who accepts it.

So, since Dylan didn’t accept Elise’s rose, he is going home tonight. But he doesn’t regret it because he thinks that Elise Mosca is “out of her mind.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight on ABC and in this evening’s episode former contenders from “The Bachelor” continue in paradise as a scandalous relationship between a previously ousted contestant and a crew member comes to light. Meanwhile, two new bachelors arrive in Mexico and begin soliciting dates.

On the last episode, looking for love a second time around, the “Bachelor in Paradise” cast arrived in gorgeous Tulum, Mexico ready to mingle. Welcomed by Chris Harrison, they quickly got to know each other at a Bachelor-style arrival party located on the beautiful white sandy beach of their private oasis. Shortly after the party got going, Chris Harrison interrupted to explain the rules of paradise, including one shocking detail – at the end of each week, anyone who is not in a romantic relationship will be sent home — this week the men handed out a rose to someone they’d like to spend more time getting to know. The women who did not receive roses left paradise forever. With that, the anxiety amongst the women immediately intensified as they begin to evaluate the eligible men. Lacy was the first to make a move by taking Robert for a steamy dip in the ocean, only later to be canoodling with Marcus. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as the week begins, two new bachelors arrive at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico with date cards in hand. After feeling like a default choice at the last ceremony, a disheartened Clare is eager to make a romantic connection and is relieved when the first new arrival asks her to be his date. Together, the two head for a romantic couple massage on the beach. Meanwhile, Lacy and Marcus’ relationship begins to blossom as they enjoy a dreamy dinner date at the exotic eco-archeological park, Xcaret. However, their newfound connection upsets a jealous Robert, who Lacy invited on a date last week. For Dylan, having his heart recently broken on “The Bachelorette,” he finds that the woman he’s been spending time with, Elise, is moving way too fast. Elise attempts to make him jealous with a new bachelor but her plan backfires.

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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Tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off with Chris Harrison trying to talk to Michelle Kujawa. Michelle refuses to open the door and speak to Chris. Chris reveals that Michelle was having an affair with one of the camera guys, and the night that she left the show Ryan Putz visited her in her hotel room. One of the crew members knocked on Michelle’s door and scared them, so Ryan ran outside on the balcony and jumped. However, he misjudged the distance and broke both of his legs and was rushed to the hospital.

At the resort, Clare and Lacy are gossiping about the rose ceremony. Lacy is ecstatic that Marcus stepped up and gave her a rose, but she knows that Robert is probably upset. Clare reassures her that she just needs to be “open and honest” with everyone about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Marcus are sitting outside and see Chris Bukowski walking down the beach. Marcus has never met him, but he has head some pretty negative things about him “through the grapevine.” AshLee is surprised to see Chris as well, and she says he has a “questionable reputation.” Chris arrives with date card in hand, and everyone is dying to know which girl he will be taking on a date with him. Graham jokes that Chris has a “reputation with the ladies and has been known to enjoy more than one lady at a time.”

Everyone gathers in the living-room and Chris announces that he wants to take Clare out on a date. Chris and Clare head down the beach and arrive at a spa, they learn that they will be getting a couple’s massage.

Back at the house, Marcus and Lacey are laying on the beach holding hands while Robert goes for a swim. He is shocked that Lacey just dropped him and started hooking up with Marcus, she thinks that she isn’t being classy and is “throwing mud in his face.”

Robert sits on the balcony with Graham and Ben watching Marcus and Lacey make out on the beach. They all agree that what Lacey did was totally grimy. While they are gossiping about Marcus a date card arrives and Robert is annoyed to see that the card is for Marcus. Obviously Marcus invites Lacey out on a date.

Meanwhile at the couples massage Clare and Chris are discussing his bad reputation, he admits that he hasn’t always been the “best guy” but he has learned from his mistakes. He reassures her that if he ever finds a girl that he truly likes, then he won’t have any problem being loyal to her. After their massages, Chris and Clare head down to the beach to play in the water. Clare thinks they had a “really really good first date” and she is excited about the rose ceremony.

Back at the house Elise and Dylan are talking on the beach. Elise is gushing about how amazing their connection is and she thinks she is falling in love with him. Dylan on the other hand is feeling smothered, and is disappointed that he is coupled off with Elise and doesn’t have any tie to meet any of the other girls. He tells Elise that he thinks they should spend some time with the other guys and girls and he wouldn’t be upset if she went out on a date with one of the other guys.

Later that night everyone sits down for dinner, and Marcus and Lacey head out on their date. They take a boat ride down the island and arrive at hut on the beach with dinner set up for them. While they are eating dinner together Lacey quizzes Marcus about his experience on The Bachelorette. He is grateful now that Andi sent him home, because if she hadn’t then he never would have made it to Bachelor In Paradise and met Lacey.

Back at the house, the Bachelors and Bachelorettes are getting drunk and drinking shots and partying on the beach. Everyone notices that Chris and Elise are flirting, and Elise confesses to Sarah that she is trying to make Chris jealous. Dylan heads to bed early, and Elise heads out to the ocean and makes out with Chris Bukowski while everyone watches from ashore. Graham laughs at how easy it was for Chris to steal Elise from Dylan.

The next morning Elise vents to Michelle Money about how much she likes Dylan, but she hooked up with Chris because Dylan told her to go meet other guys. Michelle tells her that she needs to go tell Dylan what happened last night with Chris before someone else tells him. Elise heads down to the beach and tells Dylan that she kissed Chris, and Dylan is not happy. Elise argues that the kiss doesn’t mean anything, but Dylan doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her not to give him a rose at the rose ceremony and heads back to the house.

Later that day, Zack Kalter arrives at the house, everyone seems pretty excited to see him and has met him before. But, Chris is nervous when Zack arrives because he is more competition. Zack arrived with a date card, he invites Clare to go on the date with him and Clare accepts.

Clare and Zack head out on their date and hit it off instantly, Clare feels a romantic connection with Zack. She says that he “gives her a little tingle.” They go out in the ocean together and Clare jokes that she can “feel his connection in the ocean.” Back at the house Dylan tells Marcus that he is glad that Elise kissed Chris because he had an excuse to cut her loose. Meanwhile Elise is telling AshLee that she and Dylan are going to wind up together, and this is just a “bump on the road.”

Later Elise talks to Chris on the beach. Chris hates Dylan and he thinks that he is a “bloated tan version of Matt Damon” and refers to him as “Fat Damon.” Chris is determined to hook up with Elise, and he wants Fat Damon to go home because he needs Elise to give him a rose.

A date card arrives for Dylan, and Elise is determined to get Dylan to ask her out on a date. But, Dylan asks Sarah to go on the date with him. Sarah is a little skeptical because she knows Elise will be upset, she tells Dylan that she needs some time to think about it. Sarah heads back to the house and Elise says that she wants Dylan to have fun and she gives Sarah her blessing to go out with Dylan. Sarah heads back down to the beach and tells Dylan that she is going to go on the date with him.

As Sarah and Dylan head out on their date, Elise mopes on the porch and watches them leave. Elise thinks that Dylan asked her best friend in the house on a date because he still cares about her and has no intention of hooking up with Sarah.