Bachelor Season 18: Juan Pablo And Nikki Ferrell Not Together Now, Lied on Bachelor Finale

Bachelor Season 18: Juan Pablo And Nikki Ferrell Not Together Now, Lied on Bachelor Finale

If you just watched The After The Final Rose special Bachelor episode, then you are probably still sitting on your couch in a state of awe and confusion and asking yourself one question. “What the hell was that?”

Although we have posted spoilers throughout Season 18 of The Bachelor claiming that Nikki and Juan Pablo were not together, they sat right there on the couch in front of Chris Harrison and declared they are together. Note, Juan Pablo absolutely refused to say that he actually was in love with Nikki Ferrell though. Juan Pablo refused to answer any questions about their relationship, or lack of, and informed Chris “it was private.”

So, I guess the big question on everyone’s mind besides the obvious (Why did I just waste three months of my life watching a show for that bullshit ending?) is probably, “Are Nikki and Juan Pablo really still together?” The answer to that question is really open to interpretation. Juan Pablo refuses to tell Nikki he loves her, they still live on opposite sides of the country, Juan Pablo is still living with his baby-mama Carla in Miami (in his parent’s house because they are broke), and just this morning a member of the Bachelor production team told E! Online that Juan Pablo and Nikki are arguing so much they can’t even be in the same room together so they have no idea how they are going to pull off the After The Final Rose Live episode of The Bachelor. Any sane person would clearly say that is not a relationship, and therefore they are not the happy couple that they lied and pretended to be on the After The Final Rose special.

So, are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell still together? No. What they have is not a relationship, and they are seriously delusional if they think that they are in a relationship.

On a scale of 1-10 how disgusted were you with Juan Pablo and The Bachelor Season Finale? Feel free to rant in the comment section below.

6 responses to “Bachelor Season 18: Juan Pablo And Nikki Ferrell Not Together Now, Lied on Bachelor Finale”

  1. Brittany says:

    Nikki has to be the dumbest girl in America! She looked so stupid sitting on that couch, what a fool. He doesn’t love you! And JP with his this is private, he is such a sleeze ball! So glad the season is over!

  2. Christy says:

    The show is coming across more and more like a farce. It’s the editing of the program including its carefully selected previews that keeps us tuned in week after week. The hours of cut footage would have showed us that the ending would have turned out this way and we would have gone on to other programs/channels weeks ago. I think Andy, the female attorney, will help bring some reality back to this increasingly non-reality program.

  3. DebM says:

    What a waste of time this season was, JP is a loser he should have never made it past the tryouts for bachelor what a joke!!

  4. Bob from KC says:

    This show has run its course, creating drama to keep ratings, etc. Last night was then end for me.

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