Ben Affleck Embarrassed By Jennifer Garner’s Lack Of Style Off The Red Carpet – Ben Sounds Awful!

Ben Affleck Embarrassed By Jennifer Garner's Lack Of Style Off The Red Carpet - Ben Sounds Awful!

When Jennifer Garner hits the red carpet or turns up on a late night chat fest to promote her latest project, she always looks amazing. But according to Ben Affleck she’s a hot mess the rest of the time (thought some might argue he’s the bigger mess). Even before she was playing super mom to three kids, Jen was spending her days in New Balance sneakers and a pony tail. According to the July 7th print edition of Globe Magazine, Ben jokes about Jen’s real life “lack of style” and she freely admits to not thinking about how she looks unless she is working.

Perhaps Jen’s lack of effort is adding to the issues that the couple is having at home. There have been rumors of Ben cheating recently and, while Jen shouldn’t be expected to be glitzed out at the playground, a little bit of effort might go a long way. Before marrying Jen, Ben was with high maintenance Jennifer Lopez for a few years and you better believe that she always looks good for her man. Jen’s lack of effort combined with a house full of kids might be something that is actually pushing Ben back out the door to work (or gamble) more.

Do you think that Jen is living in sweats and sneakers simply because it’s easier or is it also a hint at how she feels about her marriage? There is obviously no overwhelming need to impress Ben even a little anymore. Is it because they are settled into family life and she’s trusting that? Or is it because the marriage has been rocky for so long that Jen just doesn’t care to work it out anymore? Divorce rumors have plagued Jen and Ben for the last year or so — is there something to them? Tell us your thoughts!

Image credit to FameFlynet