Beyonce Not Blue Ivy’s Real Mother – Fake Folding Baby Bump Pregnancy – Maternity Lawsuit Filed By Surrogate Tina Seals (VIDEO)

Beyonce Not Blue Ivy's Real Mother - Fake Folding Baby Bump Pregnancy - Maternity Lawsuit Filed By Surrogate Tina Seals (VIDEO)

When Beyonce first got pregnant with Blue Ivy, there was a lot of sketchy evidence surrounding her baby bump. For one, the ‘bump’ actually folded during a talk show appearance that she made in October of 2011, which more or less lent credence to the rumors that Beyonce was using a surrogate mother. I mean, a folding baby bump? Come on!

Sure, Beyonce then posed for pictures showing off her baby bump, but they’re bajillionaires and can afford a great prosthetic baby bump if they needed to. As such, it’s not a complete shock to hear that a woman named Tina Seals has filed a maternity lawsuit in New York City claiming to be the birth surrogate mother of Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter with Jay-Z.

So that basically leaves us with two options, doesn’t it? That Beyonce actually did use a surrogate, and that Tina is the birth mother. Or that Jay-Z had an affair with Tina, and Blue Ivy isn’t even Beyonce’s baby. Of course, this Tina woman could just be lying, which is always a possibility when it comes to such high-profile celebrities. We also have proof that Tina has filed similar lawsuits in the past, from people like Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey to the United States government. Can anyone say cuckoo?

Of course, Tina could just be taking advantage of all the divorce rumors and cheating rumors surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z, and in turn, capitalizing on the drama. She knows she’ll get maximum publicity mileage by going public now, which is why she filed the case earlier this week as opposed to waiting a few months. So I’m thinking part crazy, and part opportunist, with maybe a 2% chance of being right. Do you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    .ratherthe lady that claims to be surrogate get mom or not Beyonce you got caught again on nation wide tv with your stomach flopping you never was pregnant and I never thought you were pregnant I never been a fan of yours and never will be a fan of yours you are a liar you are fake like you said in Dreamgirls fake your way to the top round and around those words that you singing that song in a dream girls the movie that you thought you was going to win an Oscar for but you didn’t and Jennifer Hudson won cuz she deserved it you didn’t you cannot sing better than Jennifer Hudson honey so honey what can you do that’s right you fake and you steal you copy people videos your swagger jackerfor once why don’t you try and go steal some intelligent things like talking intelligent going back to get your GEDdo something industrious people caught on to you and your games are done just a short time that everybody going to see you for what you are Beyonce fake a fraudulent person.


    that video was actually .very very very funny you’re caught with your stomach flopping and that made my day right there the beginning of you being a BIG FAT LIAR

  5. Jess says:

    when are people gonna open their eyes and see that its just all SHOWBIZ, from their tours to instagram pics, it all just SELLS none of this is REAL

  6. ida warre says:

    This was soooo funny. Beyonce just should have ‘fessed up.

  7. Charliemopps says:

    Or they could have just adopted and chose not to tell the kid it’s adopted (stupid idea)

  8. The One says:

    Beyonce is too edited, Yes she had a surrogate but its not this lady the one they paid off way to well to ever speak plenty of people out there will do anything for money and the hospital too they have agreements and cant ever talk sooooo You really think a person that creates a lie lives by it is really a happy person doubt it you maybe able to buy a life Beyonce but that doesnt change who you are and what YOU’ll actually do are you music legend doubt that you just know how to use the media to your advantage and Nice move by your PR Team for the MTV awards night moment GEE wonder who came up with that one COME on people dont be this blind

  9. Christine Med-Rod says:

    Just because she may have had a surrogate, doesn’t mean the baby isnt hers , they could of used her eggs maybe she had fertility issues , no one knows but its a big possibility, only god can judge her so leave them alone already smh

  10. PeoplehAvenolives says:

    I’m pregnant and my stomach when I sit down just looks like fat and folds. It’s not anything about the bump. It’s where the baby is at that point of time the baby could have been in her back. Some people just need to get over themselves and lack of knowledge.