Beyonce Fake Pregnancy – Could Lose Custody of Blue Ivy? Surrogate Mother Maternity Lawsuit Filed by Tina Seals (VIDEO)

Beyonce Fake Pregnancy - Could Lose Custody of Blue Ivy? Surrogate Mother Maternity Lawsuit Filed by Tina Seals (VIDEO)

Back in October 2011, speculation was raised as to whether or not Beyonce Knowles was actually carrying the child she was supposedly pregnant with, after appearing on a talk show curiously showing a collapsed belly as she took her seat. Many cried foul, claiming it was a prosthetic baby bump. That provided just enough fodder for those who were already speculating Mrs. Carter was using a surrogate, and they were and are legion, to validate their suspicions. Beyonce and her husband (for now) Jay-Z Carter made sure to be photographed showing off Beyonce’s pregnant belly in a bathing suit.

Still in reference to the video below Jacky Jasper’s reminds us of Tamar Braxton’s quote:

“I dont think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like ‘oh s**t’.” -Tamar Braxton, “Tiny Tonight” [December 20, 2012]

Many believed it was a prosthetic, pointing out how it is very easy to make a woman appear pregnant as prosthetics can be very realistic. Beyonce and Jay-Z fought all rumors of a surrogate, even posting pictures to Instagram showing Beyonce in a hospital bed shortly after she allegedly gave birth. Again, not so hard to fake.

So, with good reason, many were not surprised to hear the news reported by this morning that a woman by the name of Tina Seals had filed a maternity lawsuit in Manhattan claiming to be the birth mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s only daughter.  Her claim would mean that she physically gave birth to Blue Ivy, which would lead us to believe that either the couple used her as a surrogate or, given all the recent talk of affairs, Tina Seals was a mistress of Jay-Z’s who gave birth to Jay’s love child, and then allowed the couple to adopt her.

Of course, there is the possibility that there is no validity to her lawsuit, which is basically what CDL believes. The Hollywood Gossip later reported the uncovering of several similar lawsuits filed in Manhattan court by Tina Seals, including lawsuits against Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey. They reported that Seals even filed a lawsuit against the United States government for 5 million dollars because, according to official documents, President Obama is “claiming [she is] an AWOL Congresswoman.”

Still, it does seem odd that someone would file such a frivolous suit, knowing her claims would be challenged and she could easily be proven wrong. Further, she may be sued for filing a frivolous lawsuit in the first place. Though, if she is not completely sane, that might explain her lack of judgment.

The claim that Beyonce did not give birth to Blue Ivy comes at a horrible time for the couple, however, as in recent months there has been a great deal of marriage strife in the Carter household, starting with the now famous elevator fight between Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles and husband Jay-Z. Many have said that the fight was over Jay-Z’s dalliances, with some believing it was his flirting with former conquest Rachel Roy at the Met Gala earlier that night, while others believe it was because of a planned meet up between Rihanna and Jay-Z for later that evening in which the Knowles sisters found out about. In any case, rumors seem to all point to Jay-Z cheating, and Beyonce is finally getting fed up. Having this story come out now may likely lead some to believe that a divorce is imminent and if Seals was a mistress of Jay Z’s who did, in fact, give birth to his daughter, that she is filing this suit now in preparation of the couple splitting.

We’ll see if Beyonce or Jay-Z make any comments about Tina Seals, but for now, it looks like she may just simply be after some money or fifteen seconds of fame.

What do you think CDLers? Calling BS on this one? You know how to spot it, so let us know what you think… is Tina legit or is she after something?