Beyonce Divorce: Jay-Z Facing Custody Battle – Trying To Work Through Marriage Trouble

Beyonce Divorce: Jay-Z Facing Custody Battle - Trying To Work Through Marriage Trouble

It’s difficult to accurately state what’s going on with Beyonce and her divorce drama. Well, it’s actually pretty clear, but the media seems intent on sending conflicting signals. On the one hand, we know that all is not copacetic in Beyonce and Jay-Z land, which even People Magazine corroborated last week. That means that no matter what Beyonce and Jay-Z are uploading to their Instagrams and Twitters, one of their publicists reached out to People and actually CONFIRMED that their marriage is in trouble. Otherwise, there’s no way People would have printed anything about it, much less anything so publicized. But at the same time, other sources keep chiming in about how Beyonce and Jay-Z are still trying to save their marriage, ostensibly for their daughter, Blue Ivy. Still this divorce and custody battle is very likely to happen.

And now, a source for E! News explains that Beyonce has turned to God and family to help her through her marriage crisis and possible divorce scandal. She dreads a custody battle which would really destroy her image forever. E! source adds, “Beyoncé has been leaning on her mom and sister a lot since they are so close. Jay wants everything to work out and is trying to convince Beyoncé how much he does not want a divorce. It’s flowers, constant texts and telling her he loves her. He is pulling out all the stops.”

See what I mean about conflicting signals? Just last week, we’d heard that Jay-Z was the one who was pulling away and wanted to end things, and Beyonce didn’t care about keeping up the charade. I mean, we already know that these have had an open marriage for the last few years, so really, the only obstacle that’s coming in their way now is that the whole world knows about it. Thanks to Solange and her elevator kung fu, Jay-Z and Beyonce are no longer the perfect couple. So even if they were pretending that everything was fine, the media and the public now knows that they were lying. So it’s really more about their public perception than it is about their personal issues, and that’s not so easily fixed. Then again, the source does also add, “Beyoncé is torn because she loves Jay so much and wants to keep their family together. She’s turning to family and God to help her through it.”

Uh-huh. So if they both ‘love’ each other so much, then why so much divorce talk? This reeks of damage control, but it’s too late. Nobody’s buying this, especially not after all those tabloid reports last week.

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