Beyonce And Jay-Z Divorce Looms: They Enroll In Couples Counseling To Help Their Failing Marriage!

Beyonce And Jay-Z Divorce Looms: They Enroll In Couples Counseling To Help Their Failing Marriage!

Hot and heavy in the middle of their joint On The Run tour, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been putting on a united front for all the world to see. Many of the images being released from the tour depict the couple in various loving embraces or gazing lovingly into each others eyes. It is almost like they have something to prove. Perhaps they are shooting down all those pesky cheating rumors surrounding their marriage following the now infamous elevator beat down incident at the Met Ball. Well it now sounds like being up all night “drunk in love” together has finally sent these two to (marriage) rehab.

According to a source for the Daily Mail: “It might sound drastic but in America especially, counseling is fairly standard procedure. They have known their therapist for a long time and try to have weekly sessions just to keep the communication open and make sure there are no misunderstandings.”

You know, this is probably one of the smartest things these two have done since Solange kicked Jay Z where the sun don’t shine on that elevator. (I’m not sure about you, but that joint family statement made me feel some kind of way). This latest report is an indicator that perhaps these two care about more than their careers and media reception. Perhaps, just maybe, they really do love each other and that adorable little Blue Ivy. Counseling is definitely a step in the right direction if they value their marriage and want to make it work.

But let us be real, whose idea do we think counseling was? I would be willing to bet it wasn’t the Jay’s idea. Jay Z is probably doing whatever he has to do to hold on to Beyonce and his precious little family at this point. Now, we may never know for an undeniable fact that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, but blind eyes can see the writing on the wall. Jay is probably at that point where he feels guilty and wants to make things right with his wife.

The question is this: is it is too little too late at this point? If they do patch things up, how long will it be before Jay Z gets back to his big pimpin’ lifestyle again or can he make a permanent change for the better? Things that make you go hmmmmm. Wash it out, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image credit to FameFlynet