Beyonce Sings Divorce: Accuses Jay-Z of Cheating With a “White B**ch”

 Beyonce Sings Divorce: Accuses Jay-Z of Cheating With a "White B**ch"

Just in case you thought that Beyonce changed up her lyrics a few weeks ago to point a cheating finger squarely at her husband Jay-Z was a fluke she proved otherwise last Friday night. The On The Run tour visited MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and once again Bey tipped her hand to there being trouble in hip hop paradise. Just like in Cincinnati, Beyonce changed the lyrics to her 2006 song Resentment singing,

“I was here first, been ridin’ with you for twelve years why did I deserve to be treated this way by you.”

But then she took it a step further and instead of singing, “I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could.” she changed mistress to “that white b*tch”. Beyonce and Jay have now been together for twelve years and while he has been accused of cheating with a handful of women, Casey Cohen is a blonde haired, blue eyed VIP lounge worker that could easily fit that description.

Whoever Beyonce is referring to, it shows that there are clearly still problems in the marriage. I know that rumors have swirled about them having an open relationship but by the way that Bey carries herself it’s certainly not okay with her. If it was she wouldn’t be singing about being the victim of infidelity and being crushed by it. Perhaps in order to hang onto Jay she put into effect a do what you need to do but god help you if you get caught policy and if so, well it has exploded in both of their laps. Do you think that Jay and Beyonce’s marriage is going to hold up once the obligation of their current tour is over? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Beyonce Sings Divorce: Accuses Jay-Z of Cheating With a “White B**ch””

  1. Brandi says:

    ok, first the obvious…if ANY white singer was to make a “black-girl” comment, it would be a wrap and publicity nightmare…so for the sake of the rest, Im gonna quote Kanye
    “So, stick by his sideI know this dude’s ballin’ but yea that’s nice
    And they gone keep callin’ and tryin’
    But you stay right girl
    But when you get on he leave yo’ ass for a white girl’

  2. Gotcha says:

    Beyoncé needs to stop whining and do something about Jay Z embarrassing and degrading her. Grow up …

  3. Kev E On says:

    Idiots!!! She said…”Like that Wack Bitch Could”

    I know your parents didn’t pay for you to go to school yo end up writing foolishness you can’t even peacefully be proud of

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