Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Update: Open Relationship Turns To Cheating – Bey Humiliated by Jay’s Hookups?

Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Update: Open Relationship Turns To Cheating - Bey Humiliated by Jay's Hookups?

Beyonce and Jay-Z may as well throw in the towel and get divorced now, because I don’t see how they’re going to last another few months with this rampant media speculation. This is a couple that lives and thrives on their perfect image, and that image is all but shot to hell right now.

Lainey Gossip also revealed the other day [at her annual Smut Soiree] that Beyonce and Jay-Z have always had an open marriage, which we’ve guessed for months now. I mean, all those rumors of Jay-Z flirting and hooking up with Rihanna and Rita Ora had to come from somewhere. But we figured that if it was anything serious, Beyonce would have done something about it. But based on Lainey’s claims, why would she? They were both in a mutually beneficial relationship, but after giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyonce probably wanted Jay-Z to stick around instead of partying and sleeping around with his ‘proteges’.

What’s worse is that Beyonce now has to face the humiliation of the media finding out about it. She may have been fine with Jay-Z’s affairs – to some extent – but not if the whole world knows. Plus, she may have agreed to the open marriage to please Jay-Z initially, but with Blue Ivy and her career on the line, I don’t think she’s that amenable to the same arrangement right now. But will Jay-Z agree to stay faithful to her and stop flirting with the Rachel Roys of the world? Or the Claudia Scheelens (see pic above)

In the end, it will be up to them to sort out their relationship problems. If they can settle on an arrangement that fixes all the damage to Beyonce’s image, then she might go for it. Otherwise, I’d say a divorce is fast approaching, even if Beyonce and Jay-Z continue to make PR-mandated appearances together.

7 responses to “Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Update: Open Relationship Turns To Cheating – Bey Humiliated by Jay’s Hookups?”

  1. little mix says:

    Thus story is soooo untrue, the couples therapy is true but, jay wasn’t the one that flirted w/ Claudia keen. There was another guy from his entourage and he broke it up in front of in front bey, that him and Rachel are done. Bey has access to his emails and texts. There marriage is a lot better now, stop bringing up lies and old shit and focus on their progress.

    • Genia W-m says:

      As if cheaters don’t have second cell phones, emails and/or post office boxes? I knew a guy who had some mail sent to the post office he didn’t want his wife to see.

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