Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce From Cheating: Solange Tells Bey to Break-Up and Split

Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce From Cheating: Solange Tells Bey to Break-Up and Split

Things have certainly gotten quiet on the home front for Beyonce and Jay-Z since that infamous elevator surveillance tape surfaced. That doesn’t mean that the couple is doing great; it just means that their ducks are back in a row and the PR machine that handles them has gotten everything under control. Jay and Bey are also gearing up for their On The Run joint tour that has tickets selling for about $324 on average, so there is a ton of money to be made here. They need to keep their image as a happily married couple intact — at least for a few more months.

But don’t expect it to last much longer than that! According to the June 2nd print edition of Life & Style Magazine, things have been really bad between the couple for a long time now. Bey likes to appear as a super strong woman onstage but in reality she went from being controlled by her father to being controlled by Jay. Solange wants her big sister to actually become the strong woman that her image fools us into thinking that she is. Bey has actually started standing up to Jay and voicing her opinions more — and it has led to some knock down, drag out fights.

The battle for control is unraveling a marriage that is already shaky thanks to Jay’s rumored infidelities. Sources close to the couple say that divorce is inevitable; it’s only a matter of when. Do you believe that Bey and Jay are on rocky ground? Are they doing everything in their power to prevent an inevitable divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

19 responses to “Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce From Cheating: Solange Tells Bey to Break-Up and Split”

  1. realtalk says:

    I think something has happen in their marriage for even Solange to attack and get involved, but I do think they will work it out and fight to keep their marriage together. I think above all Jay z has been at the head of all things wrong but he do realize that his family means the world to him and he’ll straighten up because he don’t want to lose what’s important to him. They will come together and works things out in the long run.

    • me says:

      I always love this type of response… responded to the article. So if you didn’t read it for entertainment….what did you read it for….research?

  2. PassionQueen77 says:

    Jay-Z just want to dogout in the relationship he had with Beyonce. I don’t think they are going to work out there differences. Once a cheater always be a cheater. Why should Beyonce work out her issues with a man who is going to cheat on her. Yeah right. Beyonce should listen to Beyonce. Solange is right. Beyonce deserves to be treated better. Lot of men in all kinds of races likes to cheat on there woman. It shows that the guy wants out. Since Jay-Z treated his baby mother disrespectly in trinidad that shows he wanted to do the same with Beyonce. Beyonce is a good singer and she needs to kick Jay-Z to the curb and move on with her life. When her daughter gets older she can tell her daughter what happened between her and her father.

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  4. Lisa says:

    No way, they are crazy in love.

  5. Superstarz says:

    I think the elevator incident was a scam to sell more concert tickets!

  6. qtip says:

    Who give a s***, is your relationship ending soon, focus on yourself, not one single person here knows either so just stop.

  7. Seriously says:

    They’ll be divorced before 2014 is over!!! She really should become the strong woman she pretends to be on stage and stop wanting to be perfect cause nobody is!!!

  8. DevilToTheHead says:

    Drunk in Love?

  9. Normza says:

    Once a cheater always a cheater….at some point the money n the image wil mean nothing to Bey…at sum point she wil realise dat she needs to put her inner peace n contentment first,, might not b now….women can only bear so much really…this cheating thing is a shame n mostly cums from d male side…dis guy js doesn’t care whats at stake…why cheat wen God has blessed u wid such a Btfl wife n kid….so well known n respected bt wants to spoil all that!

  10. trenttthegod says:

    this is fake you idiots.

  11. Cobra says:

    I hope the best for them… they are human beings, and their issues should not be a source of entertainment.

  12. crazyladywithcats says:

    Maybe she’s finally done with his ass…he did have a baby on her before ever getting her pregnant. Honestly who cares they r both rich and plus Bey will be get EVERYTHING if they divorce in Cali and she will be having Blu live with her sooo….

  13. amber danielle says:

    Who cares

  14. PassionQueen77 says:

    i know what you meant but Beyonce doesn’t want to work things out with Jay-Z. It depends on what she wants to do. If Beyonce is doing it for her daughter Blue Ivy then she can go ahead with the divorce. It is up to Beyonce. Beyonce can go through a separation if there is no strings attached.

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  16. beauty says:

    i wish bey will sign the divorce paper even if it would cost her millions.. money cant buy peace of mind.i know its not that easy for her to think about that because they have a child but she needs to stop the pain and live love and laugh out loud with blue ivy its really pretty mean but that was the reality…..she need to face it …….i will always support BK…… LOVE, CHANEL

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