Beyonce Forbids Blue Ivy From Befriending North West – Doesn’t Want Any Association With Kim Kardashian!

Beyonce Forbids Blue Ivy From Befriending North West - Doesn't Want Any Association With Kim Kardashian!

Beyonce hates Kim Kardashian. Does anybody doubt this? Beyonce has made this abundantly clear every single chance she gets, including awards shows and public events. Beyonce didn’t even let Jay-Z attend Kim’s wedding to Kanye West, despite the fact that Kanye is one of his best friends. That shows you just how much she detests Kim.

It also explains why Blue Ivy and North West, despite being around the same age and two of their parents being BFFs, never hang out together. Beyonce simply won’t let Blue Ivy become friends with North, knowing full well that Kim would just use North as an excuse to get closer to her. Beyonce literally doesn’t want any contact with Kim, whether it be through her husband, through Kanye, or through her kid.

OK! Magazine’s new report even suggests that Beyonce suffered through meetings with Kim with her ‘teeth gritted‘, explaining, “Bey and Jay feel like they’ve been dragged through the mud with all the drama surrounding their absence at the Kimye wedding. Jay made it clear to Kanye that he doesn’t approve of the choices hes making in his personal life and it will end in disaster for his career.”

Yeah, I can totally see Jay-Z sitting Kanye down and telling him to ditch Kim. I can also see Kanye freaking out at Jay-Z and being all, ‘But I love her man!’ We’ll see how long that ‘love’ lasts, Kanye. Just wait till Kim becomes irrelevant in mainstream media, and you stop touring because she forces you to stay home while she desperately tries to recapture the glory days of her fame.

In the end, Beyonce is never going to let Blue Ivy become friends with North, simply because she would be forced to spent time with Kim. And I’m pretty sure that Beyonce would rather get divorced than become friends with Kim.

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7 responses to “Beyonce Forbids Blue Ivy From Befriending North West – Doesn’t Want Any Association With Kim Kardashian!”

  1. Sharmagne Weston says:

    Who are we kidding…the only relationship that Blue Ivy will have with North is Blue Ivy being North’s boss in the future.

  2. thebutcher says:

    Poor kid

  3. thebutcher says:

    Kim isn’t white, she’s middle eastern. There’s nothing white about her

  4. pft says:

    You are being delusional. She has no time to hate somebody because she actually has career and talent and she is living her life while doing her own thing and working hard. So why the f would beyonce be jealous of kim? Reread your messages before you send them out, seriously.

  5. Andrea Smith says:

    Stop listening to the media Noone has interviewed these people. Half information comes from “Sources” other half bloggers and media. Does snyone get the information right most of the time about you or your friends Let it go. These parents are trying to raise their children be entertainers and be remotely normal (rich) people the rest of the time withput cameras flashing everytime they take a s++t or make a mistake. Follow them when they are onstage and then leave it alone. I don’t care what they are doing in their private life I wish for them to be happy and stay happy. I am a Beyoncé Fan

  6. thebutcher says:

    One of my drummers was really really dark black, you would never guess he’s half white.

  7. thebutcher says:

    I just said poor kid, sheets the hell did that come from? What crawled up your ass and died?