Big Brother 15 Winner Andy Herren Gives Game-Winning Advice To Big Brother 16 Houseguests: Adapt And Evolve To The Game!

Big Brother 15 Winner Andy Herren Gives Game-Winning Advice To Big Brother 16 Houseguests: Adapt And Evolve To The Game!

The premiere of Big Brother 16 is right around the corner — and we can’t tell you how excited we are to get settled into the Big Brother house for a long summer of crazy drama that’s sure to have us talking every week. During a session of the Big Brother Live Feeds, Jeff Schroeder sat down with BB15 winner Andy Herren. During the interview, he revealed some advice for future players and gave some perspective on why (and how) he won this insane competition last season.

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Since winning, Andy says that he’s used some of his prize money to travel all over the world; however, he also wanted everyone to know that he’s  invested some of his money in the stock market and is making even more money. Congratulations.

And do you remember Andy’s amazing Kitty Shirt? Well, he informed viewers that he sold that hot mess and donated the proceeds to a charitable cause.

So enough of that boring banter. What is Andy’s game-winning advice? Andy’s top advice: No matter what you do, try to ensure your safety for next week. Andy said that, “going in, people always ask you what your strategy will be” and he revealed that the best strategy for a BB player is being able to adapt and modify your position in the house.

Andy said that he felt as if he was the best adaptable player in the game — a nice guy who “nobody would suspect.” Andy said that he was just as instrumental in the big game changes during BB 15 (eh, debatable), primarily instrumented by The Evil Queen, Amanda — and he says the fact that he didn’t want any of the credit for those moves ultimately played into his favor and led him to the winner’s circle.

Basically, Andy’s philosophy for the BB15 game was to slide under the radar, not anger anyone, and play his game in the shadows. Do you think this is good game play, an adequate strategy? I mean, he won, so his methods obviously worked. However, some people have wondered whether his strategies were really methods — or just flukes that helped him sail through to the end.

Andy also admits that the strongest alliance during the BB 15 game was “Andy Herren and Andy Herren.” He also thinks that whatever alliance he was part of at any given moment truly helped “steer the game.” Wow, he basically thinks he is the most awesome BB player ever.

Andy said he got a lot of slack from the fans. They thought the final five was incredibly weak — and that’s why he ended up winning. Andy’s comments to them? “Yeah, duh [they were weak]. Because that’s the way I planned it,” he said.

He adds, “I played that game from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out . . . people were so blindsided by me . . . I had people so hoodwinked . . . how could people not see how strong of a mental game I was playing . . . these people who think that I am just a horrible winner, I hope they get in the house someday.”


Andy also revealed that the casting director gave the houseguests some advice before the game started: “Five minutes before you go to be and five minutes before you get out of bed, think about your position in the game.” Andy took this advice to heart and said that he would spend “an hour” thinking about not only his place in the game but also his strategy — and how he could orchestrate moves to keep him on top.

Andy said that his words were his weapon and he believes that it was his speech in the end that won him the grand prize.

But what about all the racist commentary and hateful language that was tossed about during last season? It truly was one of the craziest seasons in history of the show. . .

“There were some things that were said that were pretty bad. On the other side, it was kind of annoying.” He said that the fans were taking things out of context and he actually had the audacity to say that people were “grasping at straws” in an attempt to find things wrong with what they were saying. Andy said that the houseguests of season 15 weren’t the “racist biggots” people were making them out to be. He said that many of the fans were “vilifying” the houseguests for the comments said. He claims nobody was as bad as they were portrayed in the media. Erm. Debatable. Hateful language is hateful language; in context or out of context. Some things just shouldn’t be said. Period.

Big Brother is all about Survival of the Fittest, and he thinks future houesguests would benefit from going into the house with the notion that the best method of survival is being able to adapt and evolve to the current game being played. “Long story short,” he said, “Adapt.”

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