Big Brother 16: The Five Hottest Women – Brittany Martinez Wins!

Big Brother 16: The Five Hottest Women - Brittany Martinez Wins!

Every single season of Big Brother brings a new crop of beautiful women and hot guys for America to fall in love with. Big Brother 16 was especially kind to us fellas with a ton of beautiful options in the house. All of the ladies of Big Brother 16 are quite nice, but there are some that stand out above the rest. Here is a look at my picks for the five hottest Big Brother 16 ladies and why they make the list:

Amber Borzotra

Amber has certainly made the list but this guy is not mesmerized like old Caleb is. I think she is gorgeous but she has certainly got nothing on a couple of the others. Amber seems to be a sweetheart too which only makes her even more sexy. Her absolute refusal to give in to Caleb’s virtual extortion like dating attempts makes her somebody to truly look up to.

Brittany Martinez

Brittany is by far the hottest woman on Big Brother 16 and for me, it is not even close. She has the perfect combination of looks, kindness and determination that I find irresistible. The fact that she is a bit older only adds to the sexiness and it seems that much of America agrees on that point. Brittany tops the majority of these lists that I have seen. I totally understand why and agree completely.

Nicole Franzel

Nicole is the girl that is so adorable you have to put her on the list. She reminds me of Jordan from Big Brother past. She, however, appears to be a little bit more on the ball than Jordan was. Nicole is not passive at all and she seems to be on top of things most of the time. The problem I see with Nicole is that she will not get bloody enough when the time calls for it. That certainly does nothing to hurt her attractiveness, however. She is a hottie for sure.

Victoria Rafaeli

Yes, she is a bit arrogant. Yes, she is full of herself. Yes, she is a bit daft at times. She is still a hottie. When you look at beauty alone, Victoria is certainly at or near the top of the list. She has that Italian/American like appeal that is hard to describe, but easily recognized. I am sure that she would be upset not being at the top of this list, but she certainly could be and it would not come as a surprise to me. I find her quite fetching.

Christine Brecht

Christine has that “real girl” appeal that is hard to describe. You see the glasses and the tattoos and she strikes you as a girl that you might meet and ask out at your local bar. That said, it makes her attractive as can be. Brecht is the girl that puts herself out there as herself and is comfortable in her own skin. Confidence can be incredibly attractive when it is tempered and Christine seems to have that down pat. She will get more attractive as the season moves on I think. Her personality will come out more and more.