Black Box Recap 7/24/14: Season 1 Finale “The Fear; Consequences”

Black Box Recap 7/24/14: Season 1 Finale “The Fear; Consequences”

Tonight on ABC is the finale of their highly anticipated show called, Black Box and we are going to be treated to two episodes, “The Fear and Consequences.”  On tonight’s episode, Catherine experiences hallucinations but refuses to be admitted to the hospital; and Bickman is hesitant to operate again after a botched surgery.

On last week’s episode Dr. Bickman rushed his doorman to the Cube after he saw him collapse from a buried aneurysm. With a second bleed imminent, he made a choice to perform an alternative procedure to repair it. After revealing a difficult diagnosis to a young mother, Catherine found herself sinking into a deep sadness. In her desperation, she mislead a nurse into supplying her with oxycodone. Catherine turned to her brother for help, though he begins to wonder if he’s become an enabler. Catherine revealed to Will that their relationship was over.

On tonight’s episode Catherine experiences hallucinations but refuses to be admitted to the hospital; and Bickman is hesitant to operate again after a botched surgery. In the second hour, Catherine deals with the fallout from her condition; and Esme’s biological father needs a transplant.

Tonight’s Black Box Season 1 Finale is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the new episode of Black Box — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how excited you’re about the season.

RECAP: We see a bunch of kids out on a field trip, but a guy starts cutting a guy with a machete on the street; one of the kids mothers walks over to the man and tells him what he’s doing is wrong. He doesn’t want to kill people and that he is not supposed to do this, she tell him to give her the knife; she takes it from his hand.

Catherine is jogging down the street and is very irritated, she feels like none of her medication are working for her; she is up all night long worried like crazy between herself and Bickman. Bickman is now shaving, though he cuts himself by mistake. Catherine is now telling Hartramph that she is doing a presentation and thinks it could be one of her most important things in her career. Hartramph offers to help her, though Catherine believes she’s fine on her own and thanks Hartramph for all she has done for her.

We now see this girl Mira answering all the facial expressions but for some reason can’t figure out what fear is, she’s the woman who stopped the machete person in the streets. Catherine is being given this woman as a patient but she blows i off, thinking that she has to leave for her presentation and that it is more important.

Black is on her laptop making hotel arrangements, Bickman comes in and says she looks nice wondering if she has a date tonight; Black makes a comment about it might not be a guy. Bickman is looking at a surgery and isn’t sure he can do it, he’s been putting off many lately; Black tells Bickman outside that Bickman is a confident man but right now he has PTSD from his last surgery.

Mira is standing on top of a high place and tells her son to come near her; Mira tells the kid he’s fine but people are telling her what she is doing is wrong. Black tells her to stop before she hurts her son, the police come over and bring her kid down; Mira gets down as well. Bickman comes to see Lark about having her remove a memory in his mind, it’s one that holds him back from his surgery.

Mira is being tested and Black confesses it was bad judgement on her part for not taking her on right away, Mahmoud comes in and says there is something wrong with her; she tells Black the she knows she isn’t doing well. Black tells Mahmoud she could use a personal consultation about her seeing a psychiatrist about her mother committing suicide when she was young. She recently hit a wall and tried someone new, she asks Mahmoud can be her new psychiatrist now instead; Regan says it’s fine and that she will keep it only between them.

Bickman is being hooked up to a machine by Lark to get rid of his fear, Bickman freaks out and takes off the machine quick; he just leaves the room instantly.

Black is home alone and feels like someone is in her building, she sees a shadow move across her room and freaks out; leaving the building as fast as possible.

Black is really scared and walks over to a friends house to stay the night, she keeps looking back before coming into the house seeing a shadow of some sort behind her constantly. Black is now in the room by herself with the lights on, sitting on the bed still looking scared; Black can’t sleep at all with her insomnia. Black is in the living room trying to not be found by someone, her friend notices her being super frightened talking to herself; her friend goes upstairs again trying to get away.

Lark sees Bruce because Leo told him about her gorophobia and how she fears going outside and everything. Bruce goes ahead and tells Lark one step at a time and picks her up; carrying her to her room and kissing her. Black wakes up and mentions she has to leave and pack for her presentation for Harvard; her friend tells her to postpone it. Black says she wishes she could be like her, being very rude as she leaves.

Black is getting dressed and talking to herself about not going and is having trouble deciding what she should do. Black sees Renseller and says that she doesn’t want him telling other how she is acting; then tells him he is too good for her. Bickman hears people talking about him in the washroom and he’s not doing well at all, Black is getting Mira’s results and goes to see her. Mira is chewing on a wallet, she has a bacterial infection that she needs treatment for and it may take a year to get rid of. Mahmoud tells Black is obviously not in the right mind to go to Harvard, she is hoping to be able to beat her own problem but Mahmoud tells her she can’t at all. Black accepts it and will do whatever Mahmoud wants, Black is now looking around her office for keys and looks really nervous. She is very unstable and is going to the airport.

Bickman is called to do a surgery right now and there is no one else to do it, he forces himself to push his fear behind him right now and gets to drill the skull. Black is in a underground parking lot alone and is freaking out as if she is being chased; she then gets into her car and speed s out. Bickman wants to go tell Black something, though they find out that she has left for Boston; Bickman did well with his surgery and seems a lot more confident in himself now.Black is speeding down the road in a car and is not in her right mind at all, she drives out into the middle of nowhere and starts to just throw herself into the ground and taking off her clothes ; running into the forest.

The police picked up Black half naked in the forest, she confesses about it at a group meeting of people talking about her problems; she went in for her problems. It’s been a month and she is feeling much better now. Joshua comes to see her and talks about how it’s not good for him to keep cleaning up her messes, Black mentions that it’s okay. Catherine comes back to Joshua’s room seeing a huge mess everywhere, he has a science project to work on tonight; Catherine has work tomorrow and is scared to go. Joshua gives her a hug and tells her she is stronger than she thinks she is. Catherine is now back on her first dat of work, she gets a call from Jonny asking for help to find his daughter. Bickman asks if Catherine is back at the front desk, but figures out she hasn’t arrived yet; Catherine is back and gets a hug from Lark, she is told Bickman would like to see her.

Catherine walks in and Bickman gives her a hug; he right away asks why she never told him she was bipolar. He tells her it’s fine and that it’s okay that she took his car, Bickman says he will back her up no matter what happens. Catherine is being questioned about whether she is safe to be near the patients; Catherine begs to be kept on board. She is told that she has been decided to be kept on in a trialt basis, though she will be supervised now on and won’t be able to decide for herself now on.

Catherine is now talking to Hartramph about her first day back at work, she felt naked and that her job is hanging by a thread; she hasn’t heard Jonny’s voice in sixteen years and makes sure he will never see the their kid. Hartramph doesn’t believe she is trusted at all now, Catherine talks about how amazing Bickman was when they saw each other; she doesn’t want to just be friends though. But knows she can’t handle anything more now, hse gotes in to see Mahmoud. Mahmoud says she wants to help Catherine out and wishes she let her before; Mahmoud says the problem is that she is not angry but tells Catherine she should not be here and believes Catherine will relapse and shouldn’t see any patients. Catherine appreciates Mahmoud’s honesty but will prove her wrong. Catherine sees a guy who believes he has a guy sitting beside him who keeps coping him; he wants to be alone again.

Catherine’s patient wakes up in his hospital bed and gets up to see himself laying in the bed; he’s freaking out trying to wake him up; but it turns out the real one is in bed. The patient tells them to do whatever they have to do to tget rid of his other half, Catherine finds Jonny and he mentions he is dying.

Jonny mentions that he was diagnosed with cancer, he needs a transplant and wants to find their daughter; Catherine mentions they can’t find their daughter.Jonny mentions he never intended to bring this problem on his daughter and Catherine says the family holds the responsibility for her choices. Jonny confirms he will die without meeting her.

Leo is watching Catherine’s patient in the bed; he gets up at one point looking around the room to see two of himself now. He tries to kill his clones and he is taken down.

Catherine goes to see the adoptive parents of her daughter, wanting to see how they feel about her meeting Jonny her real father. They believe it is time to possibly tell their daughter the truth, Cahterine tells them to handle it any way they see best. Catherine goes over to Bickman’s apartment and she mentions she doesn’t want to disturb him, Catherine asks if they can rewind the clock but he has another woman in his apartment; Catherine right away leaves.

Catherine walks in to see the video clip of her patient going insane, he had no seizure; Mahmoud is taking over the case now because of her mistake. Catherine is not pleased and seems very upset, Bickman tells Catherine about last night; he just tried to get her out of his mind after she left for a month. Bickman goes ahead and kisses Catherine, she gets a call and finds out the parents told their daughter who was very accepting of it. She was very angry about the whole thing and won’t talk to anyone. Mahmoud talks to the patient and sees the two of him no instead of just one.

Catherine calls and finds out her daughter Esme ran away, Jonny has very little time left being taken away in an ambulance; Bickman has been paged to go to the ER. Esme says hi to Renseller, since she believes everyone has been lying to her; she found out they are not her real parents. Renseller gives her a hug. Jonny is stable now and the chemo almost killed him today with the shock, Esme walks in to see them at the hospital with Renseller.