Blake Lively Pregnant Baby Bump with Ryan Reynolds: Expecting First Child (PHOTO)

Blake Lively Pregnant Baby Bump with Ryan Reynolds: Expecting First Child (PHOTO)

For the two people in the world that care about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, we have good news for you! Blake Lively is pregnant, and she and hubby Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child together. And shocker [not], the announcement of Blake’s pregnancy came via her new website Preserve, conveniently attached with a picture of her holding her baby bump. Oh Blake, could you be any more transparent?

Let’s see, Blake Lively gets her website up and running, all in favor of expanding her ‘lifestyle’ brand. Preserve gets this big opening, with all the media interviews and magazine covers. Blake promotes the hell out of the enterprise, all the while claiming that she’s still interested in acting but this is just a ‘side’ passion. And then, when she realizes that no one gives two shits about Preserve, she decides to announce her pregnancy and showcase her baby bump on the website. It’s like she’s finally realized that she can’t act, and that capitalizing on her motherhood is the only way she’ll stay relevant in the industry.

And trust, it’s not the first time that actresses have used this strategy. Jessica Alba is a prime example of having done exactly that, using her children to get her Honest Company off the ground and somehow turned it into a success. Just like Blake, Jessica realized that her future in acing was limited, but she knows there are people out there that will follow celebrity mothers no matter what. Blake without a child, running Preserve? Meh. Blake using Preserve to upload pictures of her child, her baby bump, and her *wonderful* process of motherhood? Well, then people are clicking on her website and Preserve becomes a proper brand name.

The whole thing reeks of Business Branding 101, and you know what’s worse? No matter how transparent it is, it’ll probably be successful.

Image Credit: Preserve – Blake Lively Baby Bump