The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Eric Choose Rick or Ridge as President of Forrester Creations – What About Brooke?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Eric Choose Rick or Ridge as President of Forrester Creations - What About Brooke?

The problem with owning and operating a family business is the business will not succeed if the family can’t get along. Forrester Creations will be undergoing some serious changes this month on The Bold and the Beautiful. It seems like some months Eric can’t bribe his children and grand-children to come to work, and other months he has to fight them off with a baseball bat as they all gnaw at his ankles for the CEO position. April of 2014 will be one of those months.

Today in a shocking turn of events, Ridge finally got out of bed with Katie (they’ve been hooking-up for what, two weeks straight now?), and he was feeling extra feisty. So, he decided to call a surprise meeting at Forrester Creations and remind everyone that he is still a key player. The first order of business was Oliver, who Ridge decided to promptly fire. According to Ridge, he didn’t like Oliver’s work on the Hope For The Future line, but one could argue it was due to Ridge’s jealous streak and Oliver and Brooke’s history. Naturally Brooke, Caroline, Hope, and Rick all remind Ridge that he is no longer CEO of Forrester Creations, and can’t just walk in and start firing their employees.

Ridge announces he has every intention of taking back his position as the CEO of the company from Rick. Brooke turns to Eric Forrester and asks him to make a decision. Ridge passed off his CEO position nearly two years ago, Rick has ran the company without incident since then. It seems hardly fair that Ridge can just take it all back now. Brooke asks Eric, “Who’s it going to be? Ridge or our son?”

When CBS released the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 31st-April 4th, the network teased that “Katie would be stunned by Ridge and Brooke’s new positions at work.” Is there any possibility that Eric could have made Brooke and Ridge co-CEO’s?

So B&B fans, who do you think Eric Forrester will choose to take on the role of Forrester Creations CEO? Should he give it back to Ridge (who technically isn’t even a Forrester) or his own son Rick who has been running the company for the past two years? Share your thought and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

10 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Eric Choose Rick or Ridge as President of Forrester Creations – What About Brooke?”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    Eric should let Ridge to be in charge of his own company. Enough with the back and forth about the forresters family. Make up your minds writers. If you are going to put Ridge to be the Ceo for Forrester Creations then make last forever. This show has way too many changes. Making Brooke working with Ridge at the boardroom is the dumbest idea you guys ever made. Making Bill sleep with Quinn few weeks ago was a crazy idea. Now Quinn is stalking Bill to take her back. Bill doesn’t want to be with Quinn anymore. The writers looks confused and doesn’t know who to pair up with who. Almost everyday it is all about the logan show less about the forresters family. The writers needs to make some big changes to the show and start by caring for the romance, business and family on the show. This show has turn into a love affair soap opera. Hope is being just like her mother. Rick should be fired and go back to where he came from. Rick and Caroline have no fashion experience and they deserve to be fired. Without Ridge at Forrester Creations that company is a no show.

    • AlwaysABrookeHater says:

      I agree. Make Ridge head of Forrester. I want to see more of Ridge and Katie. Finally, Brooke has been made to feel the pain that she has inflicted on others. She and Bill deserve each other. Their children will be better off with Ridge and Katie. Wish the writers would write Brooke out of the show for a while.

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        I agree with you about everything. The writers just like the logan family that is it. Eric is still sticking up for Brooke and making her work with Ridge. Yuck. Even if i didn’t want to see how they are working together at Forrester Creations. I just want to see what is going to happened. When Stephanie was there the bold and the beautiful had all the familes on there. Since Stephanie left I been seeing lots of the logan family more then forrester family. Ridge is adopted by Eric. The writers haven’t shown Thorne as often. I would love to see Thorne and Thomas working at a good fashion place. This show has way too many changes. It will be hard to keep up with these storylines.

    • Brenda Brown says:

      She is right Ridge should be CEO of the company,Who is Brooke? Sorry she is a pain in the butt already enough of her aleady she All she has ever done is ruin families slept with so many men what was she thinking when she had kids from Eric betraying Stephanie.This has to be about Ridge Stephane son,she owned the company to, she owned most of it. Exactly that’s enough of Brooke,Rick,Hope,stop making it all about them.

  2. Mountain butterflies says:

    I think Rick should remain CEO and I think Ridge should go back to Katie. I think Brooke and Bill needs to be together.
    Bill and Rick should take Ridge down once and for all. I really will be disappointed n Eric if he removes Rick from his position

  3. momsandpops says:

    This soap is the most ridiculous of them all. Eric should not let Ridge treat his real children that way. Ridge is trying to bully everyone because he knows what he is doing with Katie is just as wrong as what Brooke did with Bill. Katie is no better than Brook. I have watched this soap from day one, but it is so foolish and unbelievable that I am done. Making Brooks daughter Hope lose her values .This soap is so choppy and with no clear cut story line, Its ridiculous and nobody in the real world can actually relate to this soap. It is not real life, Not even a hint of real life. It is indeed fantasy.

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    Ridge should be vice president or CEO of Forrester Creations. Kick out that Caroline and Rick. Rick was working at his own company what happened to that. Caroline and Rick marriage won’t last very long. Caroline was just another rebound for Rick. Rick deserves to be with Maya. They had something going on. If Hope gets pregnant with Wyatt baby then i wouldn’t be sad about it. Hope is acting crazy around Wyatt when she was in the office. Hope deserves to be with someone new. Liam doesn’t deserve to take back Hope because she wouldn’t want to love him that much to be with him. Wyatt and Quinn can go bye bye because they are ruining on the show. Quinn sleeping with Bill a few weeks ago was very disgusting and crazy. Bill is going to keep on begging for Brooke love. Brooke doesn’t want to be with Bill for now but that is ok. Payback is a biatch lol. Trading husbands with Brooke and Katie was a great idea. I hope Ridge doesn’t take back Brooke. Brooke deserves to be with Bill in the future. If Rick didn’t marry Caroline then he would of dated another cool girl. Second chances of bad things goes right with this show. I heard that Taylor is coming back. If this is true then that will be cool. Liam deserves to be treated well. I am wishing Liam the best for this show. I miss Thomas on the show.

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  6. grapes says:

    Gee and I would love to that whiny hypocrite (and butter face) Katie get shoved off a cliff… followed closely by that pudgy, dumpy, sorry excuse playing Ridge 2.0.

  7. Pam says:

    Brooke Loan will be named CEO of Forester Creations.