Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 31 – April 4: Aly’s New Love Interest Revealed – Someone Gets Fired From Forrester Creations (VIDEO)

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 31 – April 4: Aly’s New Love Interest Revealed - Someone Gets Fired From Forrester Creations (VIDEO)

Next week, March 31 – April 4, The Bold and the Beautiful will be full of dramatic changes and shake-ups. According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, next week a couple will break up, a new couple will hook up, someone will be fired at Forresters, and someone may be hired, or promoted, at Forrester Creations. Here’s what B&B fans can expect to see next week on the popular CBS soap opera.

The week of March 31st – April 4th is a big week at Forrester Creations, a key member of the company’s team will be fired from the family business. Although there is no news yet on who winds up unemployed, the company roster shake-up has a big effect on the Forrester family and company. Ridge, Brook, and Rick are all reassigned new positions at Forrester Creations, and Eric will find himself having to make a difficult decision.

Meanwhile Aly and Hope bury the hatchet for a moment and work together to help Oliver with a problem he encounters. Aly winds up sharing a passionate moment with Oliver, and they kiss. While Aly struggles to comprehend the idea of having a love life of her own, Maya goes into a jealous rage after she sees Oliver kissing Aly.

Katie and Ridge’s new relationship is under pressure when Katie learns that Eric has forced Ridge and Brooke to work together at Forrester Creations. Katie calls Brooke out and accuses her of manipulating Eric into pairing them together, and the battle lines are drawn (again) between the two Logan sisters.

So, Bold and the Beautiful fans, who do you think gets axed at Forrester? Do you think Brooke will be able to steal Ridge back from her sister Katie now that they will be working together on a regular basis? And, how do you feel about the new B&B couple, Oliver and Aly? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

10 responses to “Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 31 – April 4: Aly’s New Love Interest Revealed – Someone Gets Fired From Forrester Creations (VIDEO)”

  1. RW in Ohio says:

    I hope it’s Quinn that is fired. Or Wyatt for that matter. These days I would not care if it was Hope. As for Ridge and Brooke this storyline is ridiculous. Katie and Ridge is the biggest mistake Brad Bell has ever made. Ridge does not necessarily belong with Brooke but he definitely does not belong with Katie. Though this Ridge sucks but lets remember Ridge forgave Brooke for doing Oliver at her daughter’s graduation party not to mention Oliver was dating her daughter. But suddenly he can’t forgive Brooke for sleeping with Bill. He also forgave her sleeping with Deacon and even helped raise Hope. But all of a sudden he is so disillusioned with Brooke he dumps her for her younger sister. A woman he could barely stand when she was running Forrester with her then husband Bill. It’s ridiculous.

  2. LED136 says:

    I like this new Ridge he sure beats the last one he and Katie make a nice couple its about time someone turned the table on Brooke she has slept with every man on the show married or not.I really don’t like Bill (the actor) he was no good on y@r and he stinks on the show and Quinn and Wyatt are terrible.I like Aly and Oliver they make a cute couple love Pam and the rest

    • cam74 says:

      I think wyatt and quinn are great just hope needs to marry wyatt and kick liams butt to the curb after all his done with steffy I wouldnt take him back.if ridge and Katie hook up all I can say is brooke gets her own back she should of nevet touched Katies hubby in the first place.

  3. Racquel Garnette says:

    To me who do i think should get fired at Forrester Creations it is either Wyatt, Quinn or Aly. If it was Wyatt who got fired at Forrester Creations i wouldn’t be sad about it. I don’t like Quinn and Wyatt at all. But pairing Brooke and Ridge together at Forrester Creations is a bad idea. It is going to show that Ridge is going to spend more time with Brooke instead of Katie. Ridge should work alone but to work with Brooke it will be a bad idea. Brooke deserves to be working with Bill of that lingerie design of hers. When Brooke and Bill was working together that was a great idea. There is too many changes going on with the workplace at Forrester Creations. I don’t think i am going to watch when Ridge and Brooke work together. But i rather watch the other storylines instead. Quinn waiting for Bill at his house is ridicioulous. Forrester Creations was Ridge company before Eric hire Rick and Caroline and wreck the company. Rick and Caroline doesn’t fit at Forrester Creations because they don’t have any fashion experience. If Eric was thinking with his good head of his then he would of put Thomas as the Ceo of Forrester Creations. It seems like Brad Bell only likes the logan family more then the forrester family. Everyday the logan family on the show. This show is not called the bold and the beautiful to me it is called the logan family show.

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    Bringing Oliver for Aly is not a great idea. First Oliver went with Hope and he is going for Aly. That is a bad idea. For Maya to be jealous of Oliver kissing Aly is totally dumb. First of all Maya was engage to Carter but problems starts arising. Maya going with Carter was just a rebound. Rick going with Caroline was just a rebound. For Rick forgiving Caroline of the wicked things she has done to him is so unreal. Rick could of use his good head of his and dump Caroline. Caroline cannot be trusted and she has no fashion experience. Brad Bell choose to ignore Thomas and Thorne characters on the show but rather show the others. Thorne is Eric only son that he had with Stephanie. When Stephanie was around Thomas and Thorne was on the show more often. Thomas knows how to put on a good fashion show when it comes to Forrester Creations. Ignoring Thomas and Thorne storyline after Stephanie died is ridicioulous. I rather see Thomas on the show more often. Eric only cares about is the numbers. I have other good shows to watch. If Brad Bell use his good brain of his why don’t you hire some good professional who has a fashion experience to work at Forrester Creations. Without Ridge and Thomas for Forrester Creations that company is a no show.

  5. Racquel Garnette says:

    I am saying bye bye to the part when Brooke and Ridge working together at Forrester Creations. Brad Bell you might need some new writers for your show. This is not a good idea. You guys will need some new storylines and some new people. This show is all about who is sleeping with who. That is very dirty. This show is supposed to be about business, romance, family and friendship. Enough with who is sleeping with who and focus on more about the business and family side of things. If you are planning to make a couple stay together make it last forever. For Quinn sleeping with Bill was a crazy idea. Look at her pushing Bill to take her as his girlfriend ahahaha. Bill told her the truth that he doesn’t want her. He wants to be with Brooke. Brooke and Bill relationship is very funny. I like this idea of trading ex-husbands with sisters lol. Katie with Ridge and Brooke with Bill. Brooke is not ready to be with Bill yet but very soon she will be lol. I like the passionate love that Brooke and Bill had lol.

  6. Racquel Garnette says:

    i think Oliver is way too old for Aly. Aly needs to date a guy around her age. I thought the writers got rid of Oliver. Why is he back. Oh yeah he is back for Hope love. I don’t think so. Hope belongs with Liam or someone new. I am tired of Hope going back and forth when it comes to her boyfriends. Hope is following in her mother footsteps of getting naked at Forrester Creations. I could see the comparison. Today show wasn’t bad. Quinn needs to find a new boyfriend who would want her. It will be nice if Quinn went to the club and find herself a new man. I am glad that Bill told her how he feels about her lol right on Bill. I like Bill on this show. He knows what he wants and he knows what he doesn’t want. Bill should keep doing of what he is doing. I like when he was begging Brooke for his love for her. Brooke can take sometime off to focus on herself for a while.

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  9. Odulia Brown says:

    OB from Virginia
    I can’t beleive that Eric did not turn Wyatt and his mother over to the police for steeling and setting-up the two men sitting in jail. Yes they are bad men but so is Wyatt. I think that if Ridge know about Wyatt and his mon they would be sitting in somebody jail. That why i think that he should be in charge.