The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope Getting Back Together – How Will Wyatt and Quinn React?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope Getting Back Together - How Will Wyatt and Quinn React?

Things on the The Bold and the Beautiful are starting to get heated, including Liam’s relationship with Hope and Quinn’s reaction to their possible reunion. Will Liam and Hope end up back together now that there is no Steffy to mess things up? What will Quinn do about seeing them kiss, and will she tell Wyatt about it?

As we know, Liam and Hope have a lot of history together, they almost married, and their relationship was marked with a lot of ups and downs. Hope is now dating Wyatt but unfortunately [or fortunately, depending on how you look at it], Liam still loves Hope. 

Anyway, Wyatt manages to convince Hope to start modeling for lingerie. However, Aly has a conversation with Hope about it, telling her, “You had a vision and it caught on, it changed the world Hope.” Hope then responded, “People grow up, my ideas have matured, just like I have and you will.”

Aly then told Hope, “If you do this would you change the name of your brand?” Hope vehemently responds, “No!” Then, Aly tells Hope, “I see a billboard with you 1/2 naked and Hope for the future over it. What do you suggest we hope for, a good night in bed?”

Her conversation with Aly convinces Hope to change her mind, and Hope tells everyone about her change of heart. Obviously, Wyatt isn’t pleased with this new development and makes his displeasure known. But on the other hand, Liam comes to see Hope and tells her that he’s proud of her for not cheapening herself and her brand by modeling underwear. Liam’s statement clearly sparks something in Hope, and when he kisses her, she doesn’t push him away immediately.

However, things are never that simple on the Bold and the Beautiful. Wyatt’s mother, Quinn, was peeking into the room at the time and she manages to see the kiss. Considering that Wyatt and Liam are half-brothers, the betrayal would obviously cut deep, but will Quinn tell Wyatt?

The real question is – will Hope and Liam get back together? And will Wyatt find out about the kiss?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • danielle

    Of course Wyatt will find out she will probably tell him and as for liam and hope I think they belong together, can’t wait

  • Hollie

    I personally think hope needs to go back to Liam … Wyatt seems to be Steffy type the exploring and just acting out they would have more in comin but hope and Liam need to have there with out anybody interfering cause they would make it

  • minnie

    If hope goes back to Jack liam. I done. Hated taylor and would not watch until she was gone. Same goes for liam. Hope is STUPID….. Wyatt is the bomb….

    • Michelle Goolcharan

      So true.

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  • CJ

    Wyatt,is trying to change Hope make her out of anothet Brooke,and i think Hope is too all caught up over the name Steffy,till its clouding her mind. I really think she need to be by herself and remember who she is and why she chosen too be different,not a slut like her mom.

  • Steph

    I would love to see Hope and Liam back together. Getting rather sick of Wyatt and Hope in the sack! I’ve started recoding B&B again with the idea of Wyatt out! He is a sleazy jerk…

    • Love N Grace

      You must have something against sex, that is a normal thing for young people in their twenties especially in a monogamous relationship

  • Racquel Garnette

    Hope and Liam deserves to be together. Make it last forever. For the couples on the show make them date eachother for more then 3 months if you cared about the characters. I was tired of seeing Hope everyday but now i would like to see her on the show less often. Hope and Wyatt doesn’t deserve eachother and if anyone who wishes Hope and Wyatt to be together is totally delusional. Liam loved Hope and he was a good guy for her. If Hope and Liam going to be together then don’t let anything bad get in there way or i am done watching. The reason why i am watching this show everyday is because the show is becoming so good. The young and the restless is garbage now because of that mean witch Jill Farren Phelps. Jill Farren Phelps should retire from the young and the restless from now and she can take her writers with her too. They have no imagination. Getting rid of Billy J Miller and Michael Muhney was the biggest mistake she ever made.

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  • Racquel Garnette

    Same here. If the writers don’t make Liam and Hope stay together for a very long time then i am done watching. I am tired of seeing Wyatt and Hope kissing. Hope is becoming like Brooke of getting naked.

    • Donna

      I agree 100% with y’all. Hope belongs with Liam he was her for real first love. Maybe Bell will do the right thing. COME ON BELL PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER !!!!!!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Quinn and Wyatt being on the show is causing so much hateness. They only care about themselves and nothing else. Wyatt should be lock up in jail for the diamond heist if Hope presses charges. When Aly was there she had the right to say what was on her mind about Wyatt. But when she goes on and on about Wyatt it seems like she obsessed with him. Quinn and Bill affair was so crazy. I am glad that Bill is still fighting for Brooke love. I hope she takes of what he has to offer. Brooke deserves to be with Bill because they can continue of where they left off. For Bill reaction to what Katie has done to Brooke about her affair with Ridge was so funny. He says ” Katie has gave them the greatest gift ever ” Hahahaha. That was funny. Donna should be fair about the situation with Katie and Ridge. Donna shouldn’t take Brooke side all the time. Brooke doesn’t have to focus on her kids all the time. Hope is right that her mother should have a relationship with Bill. She is exactly right lol.

  • Michelle Goolcharan

    So true ally is way to disgusting I don’t like her and hope and Wyatt deserve happiness becauz of hope having to share liam all the time.

  • Robin

    I can’t believe you people want Hope back with Liam. A man who yo yo’s back and fourth between two sisters (step) and who is probably the most boring guy on the show! He had Hope hook line and sinker and he let her go more then one time! Oh brother! maybe Wyatt isn’t the guy for Hope either but give her a guy she can trust and who gives his love only to her! She deserves that much. She is a sweet person who needs a stable man in her life. I say bring on a super cute and talented guy Hopes way. And get rid of the garbage low life guys.

  • mommyoftwins2008

    I have stopped watching because of Hope and Wyatt. I cannot stand the storyline and wish they would put Hope and Liam back together!

    • Love N Grace

      Liam is an emotional abuser and has abused Hope for three years it’s time for Hope to move on.

  • Pam

    I can’t stand Liam. He had his chance and he blew it with Hope. Now that Wyatt is around Liam claims he has Steffy out of his system? What a joke. Wyatt and Hope are perfect together. Hope is finally happy. Why do people want her back with a liar, cheater, and a guy that has left her over and over again for another woman. This is insane. She finally finds someone who puts her first and adores only her and you want to take that away for a waffler. Seems like a lot of people hate Hope and want to see 3 more years of waffling, lies and heartache for Hope.

    • Marcela

      Thank you! Finally someone is seeing clearly!!

    • Gloria Jeanne

      Do you guys not watch this all the time? If you did you would know that their relationship was always sabataged by Steffy and Bill, and then Quinn comes in the picture and does it, Liam has never abused her, he was always set up to make Hope think he wanted Steffy over her, and at the end, he finally told Steffy he loved Hope and nothing was going to stop them this time from getting married, and thats when Quinn steps in and Brings Steffy back in to yet again make it look like Him and Steffy was in the cabin together, but it was innocent, he turned Steffy down, and yet again they broke up due to Quinn’s interference!! I think that when Hope found out the truth she should have told Liam she was sorry and went back with him when she went to Hawaii, but she had Wyatt there to coax her into thinking it would be a mistake, and like I said before, Wyatt and Hope didn’t even know each other, just by passings, I liked him at the very first but then his true side started showing, and it keeps getting worse the more time he’s on the show, he’s the liar, cheater and manipulator, the jewelry heist, him and his mom setting things up like sending that video to Hope making her think Liam wanted Steffy, Just everything they have done to manipulate Hope is sickening!! They both admitted they schemed and lied and cheated through life to get what they wanted, and that come out of Quinn and Wyatt’s mouth, so why do you think this is so different??

  • Pam

    Another thing that concerns me is that LOPE fans keep attacking and bashing the actual person that plays the role of Wyatt Fuller. They are insulting Darin Brooks personally and should not try to threaten the writers about not watching the show if they don’t do as they please. It’s basically a threat to the writers. Why would any writer do as these disrespectful people demand when they insult and bash the actual actors personally. I can assure you that just because the HOTT fans are not constantly online typing negative things about LOPE doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge following for Wyatt and Hope being together. Just because Darin Brooks is written to be with Hope doesn’t mean that you insult the way he looks ect. This is so insane. This isn’t a reality show. It’s scripted and the actors play the roles they’re given.

    • Gloria Jeanne

      And thats why they have this comment board, so we can voice our opinions, and if we don’t like Wyatt thats our freedom of speech, just like you like Wyatt and Hope together, whats the difference? They make these charactors for us to hate and to like, and if we don’t like Wyatt and his mother its because the writers have made them devious manipulators, so I don’t see what the problem is, other than we don’t like Wyatt and his mother, like I said thats what this comment board is all about, our opinions!!

  • Kim

    Hope and Liam has never had a fair chance someone has always tried to manipulate there relationship and try to ruin what they have, put them back together!!!

    • faye_may

      I agree everyone has always manipulated them!!! I’ve been waiting for Liam & Hope to get back together & find some happiness!!!! Put Steffie & Wyatt together!!! She’s more like Wyatt & will be able to put Quinn in her place!!

  • Marcela

    I like Hope & Wyett together it’s about time Hope is happy! Love watching Liam stew in his own mess-lol and Ally ahh Ally I would not recommend anyone to have a sleepover at her house, she’s about to stab someone on her sleep-Yikes!!!! That’s what I foresee anyway????

  • Love N Grace

    Why would any beautiful, smart and successful woman endure the emotional torture that Liam has put Hope through for three years and still want him back. This is classic sign of abuse. The abuser never admits fault,always claim they are protecting their victim, and above all they love their victim. Abuse is a serious matter and Bell should tread lightly and be careful not to send the message that men like Liam and Ridge are ok. Wyatt has shown Hope that being light and happy in a relationship is ok

  • Syrena lyn

    hope and Liam !! please !! I’m begging ! I love them together

  • Beautiful Shihtzu

    Hope and Liam…. I love to see them together. Wyatt & his mother been playing dirty from day one. Quinn didn’t even like Hope in the beginning all she see is a place in the company.. Liam should fight for Hope… Wyatt said he wanted equal time as Liam….now Liam saying the same. Liam and Hope…….

    • Rita

      Hope and Liam should be together. I’m so mad about Hope marrying Wyatt hours after she thought Liam was a no show! Come on writers who in the hell would marry another ones brother within hours! So stupid, wouldn’t you be sad and hurt thinking he didn’t show and went back to your hotel room and cried? Then Liam could of showed up and surprised Hope and got married!!!

  • faye_may

    Yes, let Hope go to dinner at Liam’s. She already knows that she still loves Liam & when she thinks of her future it’s with Liam!!! Let them get married & don’t let Wyatt & his Mommy find out until it’s over with!!! Then put them in their place at FC!!! They are employee’s only!!!

  • Margaret Doster Pironti

    Yes Hope and Liam belong together… They have great chemistry together and her heart will always be with Liam…. I still say Quinn and WYATT is just using Hope for job security and Liam and Hope DESERVES that chance to be with Liam and marriage without anybody interfering

  • Pam

    Hope and Liam is a wash and will never last. Hope can’t take care of herself let a lone a baby.