The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 24-28: Thorne Returns To Help Aly While She Joins Forces With Liam To Take Down Wyatt Fuller

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 24-28: Thorne Returns To Help Aly While She Joins Forces With Liam To Take Down Wyatt Fuller

There is never an uneventful day on The Bold and the Beautiful, and next week the B&B cast will be dealing with two major events – Aly Forrester’s downward spiral and Ridge and Brooke’s unexpected break-up. According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 24th-28th, the Forrester family and their counterparts will be scrambling to try to clean up last week’s messes.

Recently on The Bold and the Beautiful Aly Forrester has been acting out of character, she is borderline obsessed with Hope and “her message” and bound and determined to destroy Hope’s boyfriend Wyatt and his mother. When she’s not occupied with that she’s talking to her dead Mom Darla’s ghost. This week, March 24th-28th on The Bold and the Beautiful, Aly’s grandfather Eric Forrester decides it is time to call in reinforcements, and has her Dad Thorne return to Los Angeles to deal with her.

Thorne is concerned when he learns that Aly has been seeing Darla’s ghost, and he tries to convince her to take it easy on Wyatt. That will be easier said than done though, because Wyatt is pushing the envelope and wants to change the Forrester line and make it bolder and sexier. It’s safe to assume Aly is not okay with that. Aly may not be fighting the Fullers on her own though, Liam has his own ulterior motives to take down Wyatt Fuller and he is happy to help Aly take on the Fuller family.

Meanwhile Ridge’s decision to drop Brooke like a bad habit and profess his love to her sister Katie, is causing some serious backlash. Rick is furious with Ridge for putting his mother through this again, and Ridge isn’t the only one in the hot seat next week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Donna sides with Brooke and has some choice words for her little sister Katie. And, to add to the drama, Bill Spencer is using this opportunity to try to win Brooke back.

As you can see The Bold and The Beautiful will be full of drama next week March 24th- 28th . In an interview with TV Guide a few weeks ago The Bold and the Beautiful producer Bradley Bell teased that Aly Forrester would have a new guy in her life very soon. How crazy would it be if Aly’s new love interest is Liam? Could you see Liam and Aly bonding over their mutual hate for Wyatt, and actually falling for each other? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • louise_1

    Wyatt has a true love for hope so I think they make a nice couplem

  • Cheer N America

    Im glad to see the writer of the B&B..put a twist to Brook ..for years she slept with everybody man and hurted everyone …it seems as the triangle would never end.Watching the B&B pretty much you knew the outcome of Brook afairs..and everyone she hurt was left out in the cold. It time for a change. I just cant understand why the writer would have Donna side with Brook. Especially after what Brook did..there it goes Brook does evil but have support. I think Ridge and Katie will be a great twist ..I hope they stay together

    • CGreeene

      I think Katie and Ridge will make a good couple. Liam and Hope need to be together and Hopes story line needs to get back to her being the good girl instead of the dumb and naïve.. I fast forward through Wyatt’s and his mother when they comes on. Keep Brook, Bill, Rick, Pam, Wyatt, his mother as the crazies and keep Hope, Liam, Katie and Ridge being the good couples.

  • Sue

    I am very disappointed in the ways things are turning out to be. I have watched this show since day one with my mom. Brook is Brook , no matter what she does I still love her and to me her and Ridge should be together. Katie is just acting like a little brat, its true what Brook said she wants Brook’s life.I hope Ridge comes to his senses and dumps Katie. And for Hope and Wyatt it should be Liam. Wyatt is changing Hope and its not good. Very disappointed in the show lately to the point where I don’t want to watch it. I know you need to do changes but these are not good, not if your fans are not happy.

  • sue

    I feel the same way, totally agree.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Hope is acting strangely with Wyatt. When she was with Liam she used to be herself of what she wanted. I like when Hope was with Liam because they made a good couple. Hope wanted to design her clothes by going naked. She is trying to follow her mother footsteps. Aly thinks it is a bad idea. Pretty soon everybody else will know the comparison. Brooke used to had a bedroom line with Bill and she wore her red lingerie. Now i could see the comparison. Hope just wanted to follow her mother footsteps. Aly doesn’t need to be working at Forrester Creations. Eric should fire her since he is CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge and Kate should work there own business company together or go on there seperate business ways. I am glad that Bill is fighting to his way with Brooke. His reaction to of what Katie has done to Brooke was funny. Bill wants to be Brooke but she is refusing to be with Bill. Katie and Ridge is happy together. Bill and Brooke should be happy together. Bill and Brooke romance was very nice. I hope it happens again lol.

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  • Janine

    I completely agree! Wyatt and his Mom haven’t done anything horrible. Especially Wyatt. He actually makes it more exciting to watch than the Liam , Hope and Steffy, back and forth, back and forth over and over, boring crap! Wyatt has personality and humor in his roles so I am all for he and Hope together! As for Quinn, she is a little crazy but she loves her son and is only looking out for him!

  • Will

    Aly is horrible and brings nothing to the show except a creepy redhead with issues! Get rid of her!

  • Anonymous

    Why so he can cheat on her again!!! she is so much happier with wyatt!!!

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  • Liberty Morning

    Stop this crazy script! I have been watching this show since it started and this season has been ridiculous. Brooke & Bill, Eric & Taylor, Liam & Steffy, I tried of the recycling of folks sleeping with everyone’s ex. It was nice when Hope found Liam and Rick found Maya. Fresh faces. New romances it was exciting and had the characters looked at in a new light. Brooke was calm, cool & respective when she was with Ridge. Eric needs a new flame to make him feel loved and needed. Just doesn’t work anymore with the incestuous family romances anymore. Now what. Rj is going to end up Aly in the future. Seriously I have no desire to keep Up the Old & the Recyclable. Also get rid of Wyatt & Quinn they are horrible actors, bad move bring them into this show. Let’s see more encounters with real world stories of rich & famous. The whole moral of this show is whose sleeping with who! Boring E news is more entertaining.

  • Pam

    I’d rather Liam and Aly fall for each other and Wyatt and Hope stay together. It would be great if Wyatt and Hope got married and started a family.

  • Pam

    I think keeping Hope with Liam decreases her value because of how Liam has treated her over the years. It send a bad message to young women that it’s alright for a man to disrespect you, cheat and lie to you. Do you not remember that on one of Liam’s attempts to marry Hope, he spent his wedding day with Steffy on her motorcycle and showed up to marry Hope in his under wears drunk and all tattooed with red hair begging for Hope to still marry him. He even gave Hope and Steffy the same engagement ring. Who does that. Why would you want her to go back to a person like that. Would you go back to someone who did that to you. How many times has Hope caught and found out that Liam was cheating on her and lied to. Wyatt has never done anything close to this. Wyatt is the good guy and Liam had too many years and chances to get things right. He doesn’t need to stalk Hope and Wyatt. It’s pathetic and unattractive especially when HOTT is always intimate as they should be in a new relationship.