Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers March 17-21: Will Eric Forrester Have Wyatt Fuller Arrested For The Jewelry Heist?

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers March 17-21: Will Eric Forrester Have Wyatt Fuller Arrested For The Jewelry Heist?

This past week on The Bold and the Beautiful Aly Forrester made a startling discovery about Wyatt and the Hope Diamond, and she was even more startled when she learned that everyone else seemed to already be aware of Wyatt’s involvement in the diamond heist. Here’s what B&B fans can expect to see next week, March 17th-21st on the popular daytime soap opera.

Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful Eric will take a “firm approach” with Aly, after she fills him in on the shady details of the diamond heist. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Wyatt will wait impatiently to see what his fate is. Will Eric Forrester let Aly contact the police and reveal what really happened during the diamond heist, or will he opt to brush it under the rug to save the Forrester name any embarrassment?

Meanwhile, Brooke Logan will be in shock when Ridge shuts down her advances. Brooke honestly thought that she still had Ridge wrapped around her finger, and she doesn’t think that her sister Katie holds a candle to the connection she has with Ridge. Not only will Ridge turn Brooke down and go running back to her sister Katie, next week on The Bold and the Beautiful Katie and Ridge will make love.

Also next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Aly Forrester will receive a visit from her mother Darla’s ghost. Darla was killed in a hit and run accident when Aly was a young child, by Taylor. As if that wasn’t enough to mess up a child, Taylor moved in with Darla and her Dad Thorne and played the role of her step-mother after the accident. It’s no wonder Aly Forrester has a few screws loose.

Do you think Eric will go the police with the new information Aly brings him regarding the jewel heist, or will Wyatt be let off the hook for fear that a police investigation will hurt the company? How will this new development effect Quinn and Wyatt’s business with the Forrester Family? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

27 responses to “Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers March 17-21: Will Eric Forrester Have Wyatt Fuller Arrested For The Jewelry Heist?”

  1. Lynne Stanton says:

    Don’t like Quinn or Wyatt and wish they would both leave the show.

    • Gwen says:

      I don’t like Quinn & Wyatt either. I’m tired of their deception & underhanded dealings keeping them on top. The story line is ok but let them be punished! They should be punished or kill them off!

  2. cheryl says:

    I think alleys gonna be killed by quinn and I also think eric will fire wyatt and quinn

  3. cheryl says:

    That would be good

  4. CJ louis says:

    Quinn and wyatt rock’s. Love love love love

  5. Gwen says:

    Brooke is finally getting what she deserves. Blondes don’t rule the world after all. Katie deserves some happiness. I hope Bill finds someone else too. But please! Not Quinn! !

  6. Heathert1221 says:

    I hope Quinn and Wyatt, at least get fired I can’t stand them always scheeeming, out for them selves and that can benefit them. Also I can’t stand the person Hope is with him. Hopefully she’ll come to her senses soon and leave him. Though I’m glad Brooke and Ridge seem to be done I like her slot better with Bill.

  7. Racquel Garnette says:

    Bill and Quinn romance is totally disgusting. First Bill hated Quinn and now he is in bed with her. Quinn has no right to scare off Aly like that on the bridge. Making these threats so her son can get a free pass is totally unfair. It is up to Eric if he wants to send Wyatt to jail for the jewelry thief. Blondes don’t rule the world. I am glad that Brooke got what is coming to her. Bill and Brooke should fall in love too. Do i think that Katie and Ridge relationship will last no but i think Katie deserves some happiness. Katie can cut Brooke and Donna out of her life. Let Ridge and Katie be together once after all. Quinn and Wyatt needs to go very soon. I think Ridge should get his company back. Katie and Ridge can work together at the business office.

  8. suzyq says:

    Why does Hope come to Wyatts defense, he and his mother were responsible for bringing back Stephie, and ruining their wedding! Why didn’t she give Liam the same courtesy, and come to his defense, instead of connecting with Wyatt?

    • bobcat says:

      No his mother was responsible he found after… The mother does this on her own and then she tells the son when the stuff hits the fan…he made one mistake trying to win Hope’s affection and love I’ll admit it was wrong but pls he deserves to b w Hope. She keeps him grounded.. She is more of a real person s she is now…I am team hope and Wyatt… Go hope and Wyatt

  9. felicia says:

    I have a feeling that Wyatt will be fired or something. I dont see eric contacting the law. But I have read spoilers where hope and liam are at an animal rescue together. So i guess we will just have to wait and see :(

  10. Heidi says:

    I like that Brooke is getting what she deserves, I think her and Bill much more suited for one another. Katie and Ridge make a cute couple. As for Quinn and Wyatt…… I want them to finally have to pay the piper for thier bad behavior. I also hate the direction Hope has gone. She was always so hard on Liam and expecting perfection from him and with Wyatt, she contiues to forgive him for things that are worse than what Liam has done!!

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  12. Cindy Munier Head says:

    I like Wyatt but would like to see his crazy mom gone, also Alley. And bring back Steffy, I like her and Liam together

    • jamie says:

      I totally agree with Cindy. Quinn and Alley need to go and bring back Steff with Liam! I quit watching awhile when Liam was back with Hope!

  13. Cindy Munier Head says:

    They need a new man for Katie, bring Taylor back for Ridge. Let Bill or Deacon have Brooke, hell she’s had just about every guy on the show. Leave Wyatt and Hope alone, they make a great couple, but get rid of Quinn and Alley. Quinn was no worse then THE Stephanie… or Sally Spectra. And look at all the things Brooke has pulled over the years. All of the Forresters have skeletons under there belts…. Wyatt or Quinn are no worse…. there’s always a villain people need to hate. Geez General Hospital has way more then there share of villains…..and The Young and Restless, Victor being the worst villain…..

  14. Donna says:

    I’m with you Lynn all the way.

  15. Mary says:

    Hope is a hypocrite. Didnt want Liam to be with Steffy yet she is with Wyatt.

    • alisha says:

      i hate hope…wish she would go back with Liam

    • bobcat says:

      Isn’t that way n real life… But pls keep Hope nd Wyatt together… I agree they r good for ea other.. Pls leave Liam by himself…. He is a wuss…for the record that is the only the Wyatt did…is the mother who is ding bat

  16. janie says:

    I like wyatt for hope they belone together I wish liam and alley would leave the show for them to be happy.

    • kat says:

      always like Oliver, though think that Ally is to immature for him, wish Hope and the Liam triangle would just fade away, and would hate for Ridge to get back with that Brooke, he is too good for her, he and Katie are a much better match, Brooke belongs to either Bill or Dekan she does not deserve Ridge.
      And I wish that daddy forester would just stop thinking with his below the belt mentality and see Brooke for what she is, he seems to just stand by her in everything, don’t know how Stephanie put up with him all those years.

  17. alisha says:

    I’d love a drastic plot twist like Hope catching Wyatt making hot love to Aly

  18. cj says:

    I like so many others want Wyatt to leave the soap. He is really creepy and I can’t stand to watch the show anymore. I have read so many comments on the BB facebook page and I see a lot of people are feeling the same. He is just creepy. His mother is too. Why would the writers even consider those two actors to come on. It totally ruined the show and now Hope acts like white trash. Those two actors have destroyed the soap. I don’t even watch anymore.

  19. Jenny says:

    I think Ally is right and he should go to jail before something happens like before when Quinn almost pushed Ally off the railng

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  21. bobcat says:

    we lost Pamela, although I knew the writers would put Liam and Hope back together that is why I decided to stop watching early on. boring show….