The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Panics Over Ridge and Brooke Together – Fears Losing Him (PHOTOS)

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Panics Over Ridge and Brooke Together - Fears Losing Him (PHOTOS)

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie Logan Spencer knew from the start that getting involved with Ridge was probably not the best of ideas. After all he spent two decades tangled with her older sister Brooke and they seem to have been each others’ comfort zone over the years. When everything else falls apart Brooke and Ridge gravitate back together and Katie of all people knows this fact. Deciding to get involved with Ridge was a risky move and she knows it.

Donna Logan has always tried to support both Brooke and Katie but this time around it’s like doing a balancing act on a knife. It’s an awkward situation and at one point after Katie voices her concerns, leading Donna to suggest that maybe it’s a situation that shouldn’t exist. No matter how much Katie insists that she wants to be with Ridge and no matter how much he may try to reassure her that he’s serious about them being the real deal, she’s skeptical. She knows that after decades of history Brooke and Ridge have to still carry residual feelings just as she and Bill Spencer have unresolved stuff.

The question is, now that the sisters basically traded spouses, are they all better off? Then there’s the kids and the confusion that it is already causing for them. According to the April 7th print edition of Soap Opera Digest Katie realizes that she has to figure this out in the best way to ensure that her kids don’t need 20 years of therapy. Do you think that Katie should stay with Ridge or does he ultimately belong with her sister, Brooke? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  2. Racquel Garnette says:

    Too many changes is going on. Ridge should stay with Katie. Trading husbands for the sisters is a great thing for me. Brooke and Bill had a nice romance together. Bill should work with Brooke to get back his company from Katie. Rick and Caroline have no fashion experience and they deserve to be fired. Eric should of use his big brain of his and let Ridge or Thomas to be Ceo of Forrester Creations. Without Ridge at Forrester Creations that fashion line is a no show. Eric only cares about is the numbers that is it. Thomas and Thorne characters have been ignored for this show which it is very sad. The writers and Brad Bell is confused of what to do with there storylines anymore. I am glad that i have other shows to watch. If the writers and Brad Bell is going to make a decision about something make it last forever. I would love to see long lasting couples on the show that can go on for 6 months without any interference. Brooke and Bill deserve to be together and Quinn can hit the road jack lol. Quinn needs to focus on her new boyfriend if she has one. Oh yeah she doesn’t have one. Quinn had a little romance with Eric but that failed lol. Quinn and Wyatt needs to go from the show. When they joined the show there storyline was a mystery. Bill should keep begging for Brooke love lol. I would love to see more passionate romance between Brooke and Bill someday.

  3. Yanonowa Nana Mahihi says:

    I am voodoo tired of Brooke the slut. She has slept with millions of men (exaggeration) since the shows inception. From the beginning she had broken up relationships ( Ridge & Caroline). Anytime Brooke wanted something or someone she used sex. I can’t stand her. How many times r we 2 overlook her jumping in and out of bed with every man that comes her way.

  4. Yanonowa Nana Mahihi says:

    Katie had a hand n her marriage ending. But she was sick. If Brooke was not so hot in the drawers she would not have crossed that line. She has no morals. Do unto others. First her daughter then her sister? Bridget is hopes sister & step mom. I don’t believe n b n with a relatives x but she, Brooke, got what she deserves. Ridge was an adult when Rick was born. At one point he was raising Bridget & Rick with Brooke. There is so much incest n that family it’s sickening. I can’t stand rick or caroline. I like tihe new Ridge. This one has backbone. I also want Ridge to find out that Brooke even got pregnant from bill. Yep! Slut from hell.

  5. Yanonowa Nana Mahihi says:

    Eric does not need 2 b with Brooke. Brooke, Taylor, Brooke again. $#@* no! Men should be tired of dipping into the bottomless pit called Brooke. Brooke changes & sleeps with different men like she changes underwater. I don’t like Quinn but she is more than a match for Brooke. I am not a Brooke fan! ‘Never like hefer, & u r right, she falls n & out of love more often than she comemitts 2 any relationship she is n 4 the moment. Years ago when she thought Ridge was dead, the first thing she did was sleep with his brother. He (Ridge) was not presumed dead 30 mins when she spread her legs for his brother. She always uses sex like she tried to do when she was trying to get Ridge back.

  6. […] going to be a little difficult to do when she is sitting in an office every day with Ridge. And, Katie is already paranoid that Ridge may still have feelings for Brooke. If Katie is correct, then there is a good chance those feelings could go stronger if they are […]

  7. Rubin 63 says:

    I think it’s very nasty sister messing around sisters ex, hope just like her mom swapping brothers,how nasty can person be, who ever writing these script should be fired too sorry you don’t do things like this, what are they teaching kids,,,, oh it’s ok do like see on TV, need re~write this mess over

  8. Rubin 63 says:

    Two wrongs don’t make right,

  9. […] and he makes it his personal mission to regain control of the business. Karen is set to return and Brooke will pressure her to remove her sister Katie from the […]