The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Hope Choose Liam Over Wyatt at Dinner – Love Triangle Broken?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Hope Choose Liam Over Wyatt at Dinner - Love Triangle Broken?

Love triangles are nothing new on soap operas, but the Hope, Liam, and Wyatt triangle on The Bold and the Beautiful has gone on long enough. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers this week on B&B may actually be the final week that fans have to endure the never-ending saga though, because Liam has given Hope an ultimatum and finally put his foot down.

Liam and Hope were a Bold and the Beautiful power couple and at one point they seemed unbreakable. However, any soap opera fan can tell you no relationship lasts forever in soap land, and like hundreds of soap couples before them Liam and Hope eventually broke up. And, Hope wound up in a relationship with Liam’s long-lost half-brother Wyatt.

Wyatt and Hope were in a good place with their relationship, but that never stopped Liam from pining away after her and reminding her that he still wanted to be with her. Just when we thought that Hope was immune to Liam’s advances and was happy with Wyatt, she had a pregnancy scare that put everything into perspective for her. The idea of making her relationship with Wyatt permanent by having a child with him caused her to realize she may still have feelings for Liam after all of this time.

Liam invited Hope over for a romantic dinner and told her that if she doesn’t show up then he is done trying to win her over and he will officially move on. If Hope does show up for the dinner, then Liam will take it as a sign that there is still a chance that she wants to be with him.

Now it is just a waiting game to see if Hope shows up for dinner with Liam. Do you think she will choose him or her current boyfriend Wyatt? If you were in Hope’s shoes who would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Update: It seems the vast majority of fans want Hope to choose Liam over cocky Wyatt. However one fan’s voice on the Soap Opera Spy FB page hates the entire situation and wants both brothers banished:

Why would Hope want to be with either one with the way they are acting. They are so desperate they will let her sleep with two people and keep giving her time to choose? It’s getting ridiculous if you think about it. No real man would allow someone to sleep with him and his brother while she decides. I always like hope but she’s acting like a ho. Just because she is an honest ho still makes her one!

I think this is a good point – after all is Hope some prize to be won? It’s all a bit primitive and dehumanizing.

  • not today

    I personally am sick of Hope. Bring Steffey back and get her with Wyatt. Now that would be interesting.

    • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

      Ok i say the same thing them to belongs to gether

    • Kaybee

      Oh yes it would . They making Hope a Brooke :(

  • msfranbm


  • PT Ferry

    I have watch BAB since day 1 ,but sadly if Hope ends up with anyone but Liam it will be the last show I watch!!!

    • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

      Me to go and see wat he want he haz a big big surprise. For u hope something. You all way . Wanted go see wat it is hpoe liam has it

  • Teddy

    Hope and Liam should be together forever. Wyatt and his mother cannot be trusted?

  • Catlady

    Hope and Wyatt! Can’t take the Hope & Liam saga anymore ! Bring back Steffy!!!

  • dreday1216

    See the difference between wyatt and Liam Wyatt said go but I am your future I real man Liam being acting like a sissy way too long let go and move on already

  • Tammy Delry

    Laim over wyatt any day

  • Aimee

    Hope needs to stay with Wyatt he’s been committed to her from the beginning something Liam never has!! Liam needs to move on bring Steffy back for him!!! Leave Hope with Wyatt or I will stop watching I was gonna quit watching when Steffy lost the baby but then Hope and Wyatt got together only reason I’m still watching bring Steffy back for Liam!!!

    • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

      Ok yeah. Cause of his snooping crazy mom liam dont have no one on his side ok so wyatt and his crazy mom meefs to back of f and go bak way dy kam frm

  • B&b fan

    I just want her to make a decision and stay with it. All this back and forth is getting really OLD

  • nick

    lol well see soon

  • nick

    why liam made hope cry all the time cause he was with steffy

    • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

      Ok yeah but ppl keep getting in d way of dem being happy. Just leave dem to be happy on dey own without ppl geting in it dam

  • Carole Young

    Why. Aren’t u open to change? No one wants to see the same scenes over & over again. Hope & Wyatt have much better on screen chemistry.

    • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

      Wrong ppl always interfering. Leave liam and hope be

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Hi Hope plz give liam a other chance cause wyiett and his evil mom always eazy droping she waz jus listen to you and your. Mom talk she needs. To be fierd you and liam has a future to gether more plz give him aother chance at least show up to see wat is intentions are hope

  • joan

    I want her to stay with Wyatt. Liam is nice,but not reliable. The min… Hope ever did go back to Liam,is when Steffy will be back and cause Hope heartaches all over again. Liam had his many chances. Wyatt has shown her Total devotion and constant excitement and eyes for ONLY HER.

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Me to i said d same thing to

    • Tanisha C Jackson

      Liam is boring want hope and Wyatt together sentences finish.

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Pick liam he deserves a other chance u knw ppl keep getting in you guys way bring stephie back to brake you and liam up all three of them need to be together
    Wyiette his mom and stephie

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe


  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Yed hope kant you see your family. Further. Is with liam gurl

    • Monica Jones

      It’s something about Wyatt and his crazy mother. I love seeing Hope and Liam together.

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Me to i feel the same way abut wyatt and his evil mother

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    So y hope kant have a lot of chances. Wit liam y cause. Ppl always trying and getting involved. Dtay awy and jus let dem be

  • Valencia Tweetyistooblesstoobe

    Well sorry it is d other way around. For me always and will always will be

  • Terry

    Liam and Hope should finally get a chance to be happy. The brother wyatt is arrogant and cocky and he pushed to steal her away from liam. I am sick of watching hope & wyatt together.

  • Hilol

    I want Hope with Liam and enough of this manipulations. I really dont care about Wyatt. Hope and Liam belongs together.


  • pacbaby

    Hope should choose Wyatt because she has been back & forth with Liam being hurt constantly its time for da cycle to stop & it should spot now & enjoy her life with Wyatt who let her b herself

  • Jennifer

    After all the trials and tribulations that Hope and Liam has gone through they should be together. Remember Steffey had finally given her blessings and even dreamed of Hope having babies for Liam. I dislike Wyatt and his conniving mother and by now they should be experiencing some stress. They cannot just have their way all the time. Wyatt looks like a control freak and abusive. He and his mama is in it for the money.

  • pattersongeraldine56

    Put steffy with watt. Hope and liam together they belong together.

  • Susie Fitzwater

    Im pretty sure if she tried to give him another shot steffy will end up right back in the picture and then hope will be wondering why she never learns and actually trusted him again. It just repeating it self all over again just now it has Wyatt!!

  • SheShe54

    Liam! That’s where her Heart is and Wyatt has been a Disrespectful Jerk from the beginning!
    Steffy was a Disrespectful Jerk from the day after Bill dumped her too and Liam saved her from the tub.
    So put the 2 Jerks together and no one will interfere!

  • wendyneon

    I think she should be with Liam all the way. He truly loves her. Yes, there was Steffie, but Liam always loved Hope. All the deceptions from day one with Steffie and Bill. Then Wyatt’s Mom. Wyatt is a boy that can’t do anything without his Mommy. Liam is a man. I agree Steffy needs to come back and be with Wyatt. I am really getting sick of the whole situation. Let her choose Liam and get married. Also, let the story of Brooke end. Put her with Bill and let it end. Ridge and Katie are good together. Bill really loves Brooke. Katie needs the company taken away from her and given back to Bill. If things don’t change soon people are getting bored and will stop watching. I have been watching since it started and am ready to give it up if things don’t change.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Yes i think Hope should be with Liam and be done with the love triangle. The love triangle has been going on for months. Wyatt and Quinn should fall off a cliff and leave forrester company alone. The show is better off without Quinn and Wyatt. If anyone who thinks Hope should be with Wyatt is totally delusional. Liam is a good guy and he is not BORING. Liam knows how to treat a woman right. Liam and Hope had something good going on til Quinn and Wyatt destroy there relationship. Quinn is being protected of her son and she wants to attack people whenever she wants. Quinn and her son Wyatt is bad news. Wyatt father is out there and it is not Bill. Bill and Quinn sleeping together was a bad mistake. The writers were so dumb to put them together. Wyatt last name is Fuller so that means his father is someone else. Quinn had an affair with someone else and got pregnant and raise the baby alone. Quinn is a big liar for switching the paternity results. The writers made it to believe that Bill was the father of Wyatt which he wasn’t. Bill has Liam and William Jr as his kids. The writers needs to bring in some new storylines if they want this show to survive. Everyday it is all about the logan show. The writers should blend all the familes in one. Bring back Thomas and Thorne.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Thomas should come back to the bold and the beautiful with Thorne. Thorne and Thomas should work together since there old man Eric fire them. Thorne is working in the basement and he wants to get out of the hothole. Thomas is a good designer and for the writers letting him off early was a bad mistake. The show sucks without Thomas, Thorne and Bridgette. The writers only care about partnership so much but they need to slow down about hooking up the people.

  • Janetsshy

    I really want Hope and Liam back together He makes Hope a batter person Wyatt makes her look like a puppet he speaks and she jumps it is sickening Ican’t stand watching Hope with Wyatt and if she doesn’t get back with Liam I will stop watching this show.

  • Cindy Mueller-Shepard

    Please let hope choose wyatt!!! Iam sick of all the crap liam has put her through with all of the steffy business. Let liam go to steffy!! DONT LET HER CHOOSE LIAM!!!

  • Brandi

    This sounds crazy. B&B has been circling the same characters for the last two years. Hope, Liam, and Steffy. When Wyatt arrived I thought we would finally be done with this story, but, now here we are again. I agree that if this is what the Hope character is about then she should be with Liam. Wyatt is my kind of guy, self assured, and confident. He has not been begging to be with Hope like Liam has, always wanting another chance. Blaming past wedding failures on outside factors rather than acknowledging the choices he made, like marrying Steffy when you are supposed to be so in love with Hope. Yeah ladies this is the guy you want to bring home to your mother. A guy that can’t figure out who he wants to marry and only chose you because his girl (Steffy) is gone. Its funny how ppl are saying I am going to stop watching if she ends up with this guy, when the makers of the B&B will have a story where they will end up together next year or sometime in the future. I like Wyatt but I honestly don’t care who ends up with who, just as long as this story matures. Make your choice already B&B, and lets get to Bill, Brooke, and Quinn. That’s the story. I am losing interest in this whole Hope and Liam triangle. Booooooo!!!!!

  • Shirleyione

    So, HOpe finally shows up. We knew it would happen, but – yuck! If a man who claims to love me told me to date both him and my current man I’d kick him out the door. It’s not like a “We’ll go to the soda shoppe and you and Wyatt can go see a movie” type dating, she’s having sex with Wyatt and was with Liam when they were together, and it’s not going to stop. Basically he’s telling her to be a ho, sleep with both of them because he doesn’t want to be the loser. What kind of decent man would do that? He never put her first before – and for that matter, he never put Steffy first, either. He just wanted them both. Wyatt, on the other hand, only wants her. What’s so hard about the choice between them?

  • Helen Estrsda

    I’m so sick of Liam! Wyatt an Hope are refreshing.

  • Nola

    Me too Hope should have never left if Steffy come back Liam going to be a lil wussy I will not watch this if Liam get back together Wyatt and Hope is very hope together. ..And Steffy and Liam.they going to lose a lot off ppl if hope and Liam hook up they boring

  • nola

    This was a BORING Bold and Beautiful..If Steffy was there it would have been real action. ..r Wyatt

  • Karen Brown Beach

    I want her with Wyatt he is so cute an sexy . Lima is a big baby give him a bottle , but what I am waiting to see is Allie go crazy on Taylor when she fines out her daddy with Taylor.

  • sammi jo

    Let hope be with liam wyatt is way to good for her.

  • Kalyssa

    Wyatt’s a ugly dork Liam is so Hansom hope deserves a Hansom man she better pick Liam beacuse hope remembers her wedding with Liam I wil hate hope if she pick Wyatt’s the ugly dork

  • Renee Major

    On the update it says the majority of fans want hope and Liam together. Doesn’t sound like that to me in the comments! Liam is BORING!!

  • LOL


  • LOL

    PERFECT MATCH Steffy and wyatt cuz they r both STUPIDO!!!

  • hispania

    Wouldn’t it be great if Hope turned out to have some backbone! How can Liam tell Hope he has always been loyal to her. What rubbish – doesn’t anyone on the show remember Liam being seduced by Steffy when he was engaged to Hope, how he sulked when she pulled out of dinner with him (because Stephanie was so sick), how he gave Hope’s ring to Steffy within about 5 minutes, how he meekly says ok when Steffy turns up and says we’re getting married. He’s weak and pathetic. Does he ever do any work? How come he’s allowed to wander around Forrester’s whenever he feels like it and able to burst in when Wyatt and Hope are discussing the scare. What’s with Hope that she puts up with it. pathetic. absolutely pathetic. Come on writers – give Hope a backbone. Get her to tell Liam to butt out of her life. He stuffed up so many times that she should know eactly what he’s like.