The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Beats Wyatt For Hope’s Affection But Quinn Interferes – Aly Used By Oliver?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Beats Wyatt For Hope's Affection But Quinn Interferes - Aly Used By Oliver?

According to the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, it seems like everyone has their own agenda these days on the CBS daytime B&B drama. This week we learned that Oliver has been fooling Aly Forrester all along, and he actually is just sweeping her off of her feet to secure his job at Forrester Creations.

Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful things will heat up poolside between the photographer and the virgin. Aly was all about the Hope For The Future message, now we’ll get to see how serious she truly is about saving herself for marriage. It’s easy to preach about something when you have no real temptations in your life, at the end of the day she may not be any better than her idol Hope. Oliver will have some problems of his own though, Maya recorded him confessing to using Aly to protect his own job and next week she will share the recording with Carter.

Oliver to Maya about dating Aly, “I need to hold on to this job and if this means dating the red headed Forrester for a bit I am willing to do it. She is nice enough and pretty enough. If Aly likes hanging out with me what’s the harm?” #BoldandBeautiful #MayaIsTapingConversation

The crowd at Soap Opera Spy knows that Oliver is using Aly but they still recognize that she suffers from mental illness:

But Aly is mentally ill. Anything can happen to anybody. She needs to be in a locked ward.

Poor Aly – finally some ostensible loving but she is in fact being used.

Wyatt Fuller’s Mom Quinn also takes on her own agenda next week on B&B. At the end of the day all Quinn cares about his money. If Wyatt and Hope don’t stay together then there is a good chance Forrester Creations won’t continue with her jewelry line. Next week Wyatt’s meddlesome mother will spy on Brooke and Hope while they are discussing Hope’s love life and then run back to Wyatt and tell him that Hope is considering getting back together with Liam after all.

Brooke Logan is probably the Queen of personal agendas, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that she also has one next week on Bold and the Beautiful. Brooke has made it her mission to oust her sister Katie from Spencer Publications so Bill can regain control of his company. No matter how hard Brooke tries to make it appear that she is doing this all for Bill, it’s pretty clear that deep down this is about getting revenge on her sister Katie for stealing Ridge from her. Katie knows Brooke is up to something and next week the sisters go head to head and Katie once again accuses Brooke of trying to steal Ridge back.

Here is a telling little fact that should let you know that Katie is in trouble…

Yikes Brooke still has the documents Katie signed giving Bill 50% custody of his son with Katie and reinstating him as CEO of Spencer Publications #KatieIsNotGoingToBeHappy

And comments from Soap Opera Spy follow:

i knew brooke still had those papers……………..they were never filed so are they still valid?? then again this is a soap & may not need to be filed……………lol

So glad I’m an only child!!

Sure would not want to be related to those sisters


So Brooke is going all out to undermine her dear sister Katie – is she right to do so?

And what about Aly? Doesn’t that girl have any luck? Can you believe that Oliver is just using Aly to keep his job at Forrester Creations? That poor girl was unstable before, one can only imagine what kind of damage this is going to do to her when she finds out Oliver’s real intentions. And here is a hint a huge spoiler we are going to post next on B&B – someone is coming back into Aly’s life – someone who has done Aly great harm!

Do you think that Quinn is right and Hope may be reconsidering a relationship with Liam after all? Who do you think Hope belongs with, Wyatt or Liam? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

59 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Beats Wyatt For Hope’s Affection But Quinn Interferes – Aly Used By Oliver?”

  1. Rachel says:

    It would be nice to see hope with Wyatt and them two have a baby. Liam had his chance and he decided to be with Steffy put them back together. Mya need to marry carter and quit meddling in everyone else business. Aly and Oliver would make a good couple I think that Maya is jealous. Katie is only with Ridge to show Broome that she can play her game also she does not care about Ridge if she did then she would not be concerned with what Brooke does. Katie is not secure within herself or her realationship. Katie is another Taylor. I hope that Brooke and Bill stays together

  2. Dinia says:

    I think that hope should be with liam, whytt don’t deserve hope

    • Linda Donnelly says:

      I agree enough of Wyattand hope,they are really boring together. hope and liam have lots of chemistry together, beside the fact they really and truly love one another.

    • Linda Donnelly says:

      I agree with you Dinia, hope and liam belong together. they truly love one another. I’m sick of Quinn and wyatt with all of their garbage!!

      • Eunice Williams says:

        I think Liam and Hope belong together! Wyatt is to clingy!!!

        • bobcat says:

          clingy, that would be Liam. When HOpe goes back to Liam I will definitely stop watching. I hate the Liam and Hope together.

  3. dreday says:

    Yes let wyatt and hope stay together they are good for one another he always put hope first and for liam how many have hope giving him and he always manager to hurt her I’m sure if steffy was around he wouldn’t be all over hope

    • Victoria Pilgrim says:

      Liam is a cheater and a player. He is the worst guy for Hope. He kept going to Steffy every time him and Hope had problems. Wyatt is awesome. He always puts Hope first. He truly loves her.

    • lida says:

      Until he does something to hury her really bad! He has a secret agenda also! Hope admitted the other day that it was partially her fault he went running to stuffy! So liam has been made to learn a fast lesson in pain!

  4. Diana Coleman says:

    It matters little to me which one of those boys Hope chooses. That tale is so boring…Wyatt started strong but is no longer….Liam, well, it’s just tired and so am I…… tired of that story. I would like more of Katie, Ridge, Brooke, Bill…and please give Donna a man and a strong story. Be done with Hope, done!!!!

  5. Dino says:

    Hope is so whiney
    I wish steffy would come back and Liam and Wyatt fight over her.

  6. norman says:

    let liam and hope get back togather

    • bobcat says:

      Please gon’t!!!

    • Gwen says:

      Yes please let Hope & Liam be together at last. She could never be happy with Wyatt anyway with his mother around. I would love 2c Quinn out of the story entirely or at least let everyone who is currently fooled by her c her 4 the snake that she is

  7. Linda Thompson says:

    It is time to let Liam and Hope finally get back together! Enough of this nasty Wyatt!! I can’t stand those two togsther . You have drug this out with those two long enough. First with Stephie and now Wyatt! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

    • Wyattluv says:

      oh but putting Hope w/a lying cheating waffling pig is great? So wrong that some women out there would want her w/a cheater. Disgusting!

  8. onicka says:

    I think hope belongs with liam no matter wat there ave being thur he alway go bk to hope n this time if hope b bk with liam he will love he endlessly

  9. Linda Donnelly says:

    Hope and Wyatt don’t belong together. enough with that already. please put Liam and Hope together again they are good together they truly love one another. Quinn and Wyatt they need to go.

  10. Linda Donnelly says:

    ok enough of Hope and Wyatt!! Let it go Liam and Hope belong together, they truly love one another.Please stop all the meddlers , and let Hope and Liam be happy.

    • bobcat says:

      what is it with you people and Liam and Hope. The chemistry is between Hope and Wyatt. she only truly became herself when her and Wyatt became a couple but don’t worry as soon as Wyatt and Quin’s contract is up; ;which I think is soon you will get your wish. The writers need some new story line. These are old lines. I stop watching this week, too much of the same thing.

  11. ML says:

    Here’s a twist…I like to see Hope getting back together with Oliver. Now that they’re older and more mature. Don’t get the vib between her and Wyatt. Her and Liam, better than her and Wyatt, but I’d rather see a new mix.

    • Venessa Victor says:

      I like hope and wyatt and bring steffy back the show is so boring without her and I agree give Donna a man and strong story line and Brooke should stay with Bill if I see one more Brooke,ridge,liam,hope wyatt back and forth i am not watching this show no more

  12. kay says:

    Let Brook stand up and be strong and find a good man. I heard deacon sharp was coming back if so let him dig up dirt on Quinn and Wyatt and blackmail them. Let myia and Carter get married. Bring back Marcus and Dazy and let them be happy. Please let Donna and Eric get back together. Put a woman in Justin life. Let Thorn and Thomas have more work.Pl

  13. Hero Hampton says:

    Hope and Liam should get back together and get marry

  14. Maria Elena Friskel says:

    I am so Pro Oliver. I am “Oh Oliver”. He is so very handsome and genuine. Oliver was a gentleman; now his character reflects the 1940’s movies that a penniless ambitious man believes his way to the top is to make love and marry a wealthy unattractive woman. This old plot in the various movies was having the woman killed off. B&B twisted this script into a more youthful market. Oliver wants to grab for success by grabbing Aly’s buns. So, it appears Oliver has to climb the ladder by climbing on this fractured fragile “just out of teens” wealthy gal. Aly is so gullible; she’s going to be duped and hurt. But hurt so bad that she will either hurt herself physically or hurt Oliver. With teens and young adults trusting nature, be it on the internet or colleges, the plot is diving into dangerous waters i.e., teen and young adult suicide, teen killing sprees, teen alcohol an drug overdose. Please consider a positive storyline. Surely, you can make it fun, interesting, some music and dancing. Of course, every movie, even Disney has to have a good vs bad plot. Keep the evil with Quin and Wynut.(An aside a barber can’t help Wynut’s hairdo; it’s gonna a lawnmower.) Back to Oliver, I would enjoy seeing his presence a lot more and develop his character as a genuine good-looking honorable young adult. But leave Aly alone, this naive gullible young adult needs to bring Aly in a refreshing positive role model as Hope doesn’t have the guts to do it. B&B creates a storline about pets, underprivileged and making wise decisions on sex be it casual or the “real thing”. How about showing positive teens/young adults taking an interest in education. Show teens recently awarded for high honors not for sexometry but for geometry,etc. I note B&B is also shown in the Spanish dialect. The young Mexican girls think, “Sex before marriage, casual sex, any kind of sex is okay.” B&B shows it, all soaps show, the movies show it. Half of the Mexican girls in the USA are pregnant; then go on welfare. Give these kids a break and encouragement. Hope was to give the message of helping out these young bewilded teens. Instead, she flipped a “360” on these kids and is now a nymphomaniac all the time teasing Liam into refusing sex. I felt sorry for Hope and was rooting for her happiness. Now, “Hope is a Soap on a Rope” -useless as a role model and definitely “Wyatt is a Rat”. Pregnant Hope with Wynut having to deal with a baby and marriage (with his sexual appetitie in high drive) throughout the B&B series is a loser for a continuing script). Lose them in the background. B&B does not realize the influence of the characters, the plots, the dialogue, the settings and the wardrobe has on their audience. If B&B has respect for their audience and reality of the babies born out of wedlock teens across the board, i.e, Black, Caucasian, Hispanics, please cool it scripts that impact on easily persuaded troubled teens. The return of Taylor who accidently killed Aly’s mother. B&B is piling on. I believe Aly is a highly talented good actress;she could play that part and receive many accolades. However, I personally don’t want her to be portrayed as a psychotic; she’s already visualizing her beloved mother; leave the kid alone for the sake of every teen, troubled or not.

  15. Sammie says:

    It’s obvious that hope is still in love with Liam, they belong together and I just wish the writers would quit prolonging their relationship and finally let these kids be happy together. Their love story keeps me watching the show but all of the meddling is getting old! I would love for them to finally get married and have kids, writers please let them finally have a happy ever after!

  16. Racquel Garnette says:

    Katie has the right to intefere of what Brooke does. Donna rather take Brooke side when something goes wrong with relationships and business side of things. Which it is bad. Donna should be on Katie side most of the time. Brooke wants to help Bill to get back his company which it is a good thing. Bill should of had his company back from longgggg time. He didn’t need to lose it to Katie and his sister Karen. When Bill gets back his company then he can fire Katie. I hope doesn’t lose custody of his son Bill Jr. That will be sad. The blackmail last name thingy is ridicioulous. What if Bill is not the father of Wyatt. Maybe there is someone out there can be the father of Wyatt. It is so dumb to bring up the last name thingy. Maybe Quinn slept with someone else. Quinn needs to mind her own business and go find something else to do. I rather take couple days off after i find out what happened with Bily company. Oliver tricking Aly is weird.

  17. Kathy says:

    I hate Wyatt he makes Hope look like a slut there are enough of those types already on the show

    • Pam says:

      Liam knows that Hope and Wyatt are sleeping together and dating, yet he asked her to date him also along with his brother. Are you kidding me. Liam is treating Hope like a slut by giving her the ultimatum that if she doesn’t sleep with him too, it’s over for good and he’ll walk out of her life for ever. This is a form of manipulation and control, because Liam is aware that Hope doesn’t want to lose him or have him out of her life. He’s using that as a form of emotional blackmail and control. Wake up! Just because he says it in a nice way doesn’t mean anything. Being sexual with your woman doesn’t make her a slut. Her screwing both brothers, especially at the same time does. Liam is fine with that. Shows how little he thinks of her image that he claims to care so much about. LOPERS are so naive and can’t think logically or analyze situations properly. Sometimes I think LOPERS are just teens with no self esteem. Why would anyone want a guy that lies and cheats and marries his ex’s enemy. What kind of woman would want to marry a guy who spent the night before his wedding to Hope with another woman and then show up half naked with red hair at his wedding with Hope. How humiliating. You’re hate for Wyatt is based on the fact that he only loves Hope because he hasn’t done a thing to deserve being hated. Maybe if he had the Spencer last name and a tons of money people would like him. Remember that Liam has nothing, no business. He only has Bill’s handouts. He’s not independent like Wyatt. If Bill were to take everything from Liam, he’d be living on the street or in an apartment.

  18. Cynthia Ann Matta says:

    Wyatt & Hope it would be nice if they were to get MARRIED & have children the New Dynamite couple !!!!

  19. Maria says:

    I want Liam and Hope back together. I’m tired of Wyatt. If Katie was happy with Ridge why is she going after Brooke? Katie says she is in love with Ridge, but as usual trying to control everything, just like she try to control Bill in everything he did. Ridge will soon get a rude awaking. I thought that Ridge and Brooke should be together…but in all honesty, is Bill and Brooke that should be together. I hate the new Ridge…bring back the old Ridge and the Brooke and Ridge can be together.

  20. Paula says:

    I think Wyatt and Liam should both dump Hope. She is just like Ridge…going from one to the other and trying to keep them both longing for her.

  21. lee Branch says:

    I like Hope and Wyatt, let Liam see what is feel like when he chose Steff over Hope. To start trouble, let Liam and Hope get together, leaving Wyatt heartbroken, then bring Steff back, then let Liam stray to Steff, leaving Hope again, then she will try to get Wyatt back and he wanted take her back, then let Liam and Steff get married, then Hope will remember why she left Liam because I think she have forgot how hurt she was because she is treating Wyatt wrong. I like Wyatt and his mother, I like crazy…

  22. Kathleen Simpson says:

    Hope and Liam ..Brooke and Ridge ..Oliver is really a good guy had a lot of good positive things to say about Allie Maya didn’t let him here the good things he said,..hater “.Katie is insecure that’s why she’s so hard on Brooke.

  23. Chloe says:

    As much as I Love the B&B I Agree with ALL the ones who say keep Hope/Wyatt together. Enough of this hearing from all who want a Happy ending!! Ask all the 2nd time arounds, if they are happy and the answer would be yes. Liam was at his Best with Steffy..And to all those complaining of Quinn meddling ARE THEY FORGETTING its a Soap opera and its what makes the show. Hello people its Not Real!!!

  24. Precious J says:

    Hope should end up with non liam should go after ally

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  26. shortstack says:

    I agree let hope &wyatt stay together cause liam has hurt hope to much and I can’t believe that they putting hope back with liam Please don’t let hope repeat the things her mom done let hope be with wyatt he never hurt her he was always trying to be true and honest to her did yall forget liam hurt hope too much he left hope for steffy to many time and steffy was pregnant with liam child he remarried her yall made her loose her and liam child What is next oh I get let hope and liam be Married and have a Child no matter what happen in the past. see hope and liam don’t make a Good couple hope deserve to be happy with wyatt give them a chance to see how the relationship will grow. I’m tired of hope and liam relationship tell liam to get a life duh.

  27. Wyattluv says:

    the fact that there are women out there w/no self respect that they’d want Hope w/a cheating pig like Liam is BEYOND me. Wyatt and Hope have chemistry that is OFF THE CHARTS and Liam is a dead fish. Watching them kiss is actually repulsive and makes me want to lose my lunch. Wyatt has always put Hope first and is only devoted to her. Liam is a pig and doesn’t deserve Hope EVER!

  28. Victoria Pilgrim says:

    I agree with that. Enough of Liam and hope. Boring

  29. Golfgal says:

    Wyatt all the way! Liam and Hope are boring. Let him go back with Steph-at least it was worth watching those two!

  30. lovely73 says:

    I think hope should be with wyatt.. with liam she always have to be worried about another female stealing her man…with wyatt,its only them…he does anything for her

  31. Carole Young says:

    I truly believe that Hope and Wyatt have the better on screen chemistry. It’s a big city can you find someone else for Liam?

  32. yiese says:

    Ugh! I’m so sick of hope, she deserves no one. She just like her mother. Sleeping with two brothers. I don’t like her and Liam together they are boring. Liam and Steffy was best together. I like Wyatt for Hope. It keep the story interesting. They’re like the new Liam and Steffy. ..(Hope and wyatt) If hope gets back with Liam it would be a boring story line. No one wants to see that old story line repeats. Beside Liam had his chance let’s move on. Geesh

  33. Pam says:

    Hope would be better off with Wyatt if she was good enough for a great guy like him. She enjoys being in pain and drama so Wyatt isn’t that guy, Liam is. Wyatt is so good that she thinks it’s a fantasy, while Liam is bad, cheats and lies so for Hope this is familiar and feels more like reality. So if she wants to continue her cycle of running back and forth with Liam, she should get lost and leave a decent man like Wyatt alone. Don’t drag him into her and Liams filthy life.Hope has no example of decency and will only turn out like Brooke.

  34. Eve says:

    I love Hope with Liam he has grown up a lot, Wyatt I a mommies boy sick of his cry baby talk all the time,he makes me sick,hes creepy

  35. Janetsshy says:

    I will be so happy to see Hope with Liam they belong together Wyatt is a snake oil salesman I don’t believe he loves Hope he is just there for his mom and the money. I hate Wyatt and really like Liam and want to see him happy again.

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  38. […] to help Aly keep it together when Taylor arrives is Oliver, and now there is some concerns that he doesn’t care about Aly and is just using her to secure his job at Forrester […]

  39. Fallon says:

    Hope & Liam all the way!!!

  40. john says:

    allie is going to kill Oliver literally what you find out he’s using her

  41. john McKnight says:

    I can’t wait till Brooks finds out that bill slept with Quinn and Brooke is going to be all by herself and her baby sister is going to be married to ridge and live happily ever after payback is a bitch

  42. Donna says:

    Hope and Liam. Get rid of Wyatt. Hope is not herself when she is with him. All that she said she stands for when with Liam and holding out for him seems to be all thrown away with Wyatt. Don’t know who she is anymore. Hate the new storylines. The Fullers need to be shown for the awful people that they are and let Hope and Liam finally have their happily ever after. It would be nice for the bold writers to write some good things to happen for long standing couples instead of continually splitting them up. It is getting very boring and all been done before. Maybe B&B needs new writers because these storylines keep replaying for all the characters. Boring zzzzzzzzzzz

  43. Julie mcBride says:

    Please get Quinn off this show!!! I can’t take her ANYMORE!!!

  44. bobcat says:

    as I suspected would happen ladies, that is why I don’t watch it anymore. They need new writers.

  45. Omg... New storyline please? says:

    Omg… This Hope, Luam , and Wyatt crap is getting so old…. So now she’s pregnant…. I saw that coming!

    Now let me guess: Hope will more than likely get into a accident on the way home to Wyatt, she’ll lose the baby…. And whatta ya know: back to Liam again… Mr Bell please move on from this boring…. Easily to predict Crap. These stunts are not story twist, they are repeated boring predictable junk….