The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Wants Liam AND Wyatt – Glad She’s Not Pregant – Brooke and Katie’s Rivalry Heats Up


The strife and turmoil within Forrester Creations is finally starting to settle down on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. According to spoilers for for the week, April 14th – 18th it is Spencer Publications turn to undergo a corporate renovation. Bill Spencer learns that the company is in trouble and he makes it his personal mission to regain control of the business. Karen is set to return and Brooke will pressure her to remove her sister Katie from the company.

Spencer Productions won’t be Bill’s only problem this week on B&B. He may finally be in a good place with Brooke, but Quinn isn’t ready to let him go and she is holding their one night drunken stand over his head. Technically Bill didn’t cheat on Brooke when he slept with Quinn because she was engaged to Ridge, but regardless Brooke won’t be thrilled to hear the news and it may cause her to reconsider their reconciliation. According to B&B spoilers week Quinn will strike a deal with Bill and swear to keep their dirty little secret a secret as long as he gives their son Wyatt his last name.

Also this week on Bold and the Beautiful the results of Hope’s pregnancy test will be revealed and we will learn whether she and Wyatt have a baby on the way. Regardless of whether Hope is or isn’t pregnant with Wyatt’s baby, Liam isn’t ready to give up on their relationship yet. He will beg her to reconsider a reconciliation, but Hope turns him down and makes it clear she only has eyes for Wyatt.

Fans over at Soap Opera Spy have strong opinions on the Hope-Wyatt-Liam pregnancy love triangle, if it can be truly be called a love triangle:

I’m betting on Wyatt, don’t like Hope with Liam . But the part of the episode that was totally disgusting was Bill kissing Brooke. Totally gross, fast forward for sure.

Predictable cliff hanger for the weekend. Why would you let your ex boyfriend find out the results at the exact same time you tell the father of the baby. She still loves Liam!

I think it’s time for Hope to put Liam in his place for good!


Hope revealed her pregnancy test results today, April 14, and guess what – Liam was happy and Wyatt was relieved – Hope is NOT pregnant!  At least that’s what she’s saying.

Moving on to other love stories… so, Bold and the Beautiful fans, what do you think of Quinn’s proposition? What is she trying to gain by changing Wyatt’s last name to Spencer? And, do you think Hope is really pregnant or could this just be a false alarm? If Quinn is pregnant how will it affect Hope For The Future and the brand’s message about waiting for marriage before you have sex? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL each day for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Update: After Liam kidnapped Hope by stealing Wyatt’s truck and trailer and drove his Malibu place he told Hope how he realized that the pregnancy test showed him how close he had come to losing the love of his life. Well Liam’s love for Hope isn’t really in question, is it? But here’s where today’s (April 15) surprise comes in: Hope says to Liam, “The thought of losing you and closing that door, I cannot imagine that. But I cannot imagine losing Wyatt either.

So there you have it – a true love triangle exists on B&B and Hope herself made it perfectly clear. Who do you want to see Hope wind up with? Vote in our poll below!


  • Racquel Garnette

    The blackmail that Quinn is requesting for Bill is very stupid. Why should Wyatt change his last name from Fuller to Spencer. It makes no sense. Bill shouldn’t even sleep with Quinn in the first place. But this is all the writers doing. I think the writers for this show needs to slow down and stop making so many decisions. Once you do that then lots of people would watch this show.

  • janie

    I bet Quinn is pregnant! I know she’s too old…never on a soap! Lol!

  • Racquel Garnette

    That is what i wanted to see was Hope and Liam got back together but who knows if that is going to happen. The writers care about is put the couple together then break them up afterwards. They are moving things way too fast. If Quinn winds up getting pregnant for Bill then that will break up Brooke and Bill.

  • sami

    I wish liam would just leave hope alone. I can’t stand liam and hope needs to stop giving into liam. So dumb, its like teenager bull shit and they are grown. Hope is most likely not going to be pregnant so she’ll probably end up back with liam then ill stop watching the show. Pisses me off to much. I like it way more with hope and Wyatt together.

    • shorty

      Liam needs to get a life leave hope and wyatt alone let them be happy hope was always upset with liam give it a rest .yall need to change writers because the story line is getting ridiculous leave hope and wyatt alone and let them be happy all yall haters out there.

  • sami

    He didn’t even steal the diamond, lol come on now. Wyatt is way better for hope then liam ever will be.

    • Carley Patrick


  • Eunice Williams

    I agree 100%! I hate how the writers change Hope from getting married to Liam and let her get all stupid with Wyatt! I dislike Wyatt bloodsucking kissing and his fake attitude! His mother messed up Liam an Hope’s wedding and that was truly wrong in fact she has interfered a little too much! Really dislike Katie and Ridge together, their relationship is disgusting! Yes, I know Brooke slept with Bill because Katie kept pushing them together but no one pushed Katie with Ridge! Many of B&B fans dislike their relationship because Ridge was like a big brother to Katie, just seems sick! That script was ill- thought out! Ridge and Brooke have always loved each other now its look like he was looking at little sister! Very sick!!!! Quinn wants Wyatt to have Bill’s last name because he really isn’t Bill’s son, that my theory! Quinn is a gold digger and her and Wyatt are con artists!

    • Racquel Garnette

      You mean that Quinn slept with someone else and someone else is Wyatt father. Bill has 2 sons then not 3. What a story. This show will need a dna test for Wyatt and his mystery father.

    • angela

      Thank youu!! You are so on point. They’re really effing up the show. Hope and Liam could never catch a break or so to speak. Soon as you think, “OK this is it… they are finally together w/o any drama or interruptions” then BOMPP! SHIT GETS EFFED UP AGAIN. I can’t stand it. They’re making hope seem like such a hypocrite now. Smh

  • brends

    I agree

  • mrs ross

    Im so tired of people saying bring steffy back for liam she is a non-factor he didn’t want steffy when he was with her it was always hope if he wanted steffy he would be in Paris right now don’t you think

  • karen

    The way I see it is Katie needs to stay with Ridge and they need to leave the show. But something needs to happen to Quinn and Liam or Ally should blow the whistle on Wyatt. Broke just needs to be happy. Bill needs to tell her about Quinn.

  • Racquel Garnette

    It wouldn’t matter if Bill tells Brooke that he slept with Quinn. Bill and Brooke wasn’t together at that time. I don’t think Brooke is going to care if that comes out anyways. The blackmail about the affair is so dumb about Wyatt last name. Quinn and Wyatt needs to leave the show as soon as possible. Eric needs to retire from Forrester Creations because he doesn’t know how to run the company anymore. Eric shouldn’t make the business personal to him. Eric wants Brooke and Ridge to work together because it is personal for him. Ridge can do whatever he wants. Swapping husbands was a good thing for the show. Brooke deserves to be happy with Bill. Bill shoudn’t worry about Ridge and Katie relationship. lol. Bill can be happy with Brooke and Katie can be happy with Ridge.

  • Talesha Hoke

    My opinion is that Wyatt and Hope should be together.. they seem more happy and she knows he onlys wants her with Liam she always worried if he was with or thinking of Steffy.. I like Steffy and Liam together better and if she doesn’t come back let Liam find somebody else instead of back and forth like her mother.. and Quinn I like her she’s just another Bill but a woman. She knows what she wants and goes for it.. to me that’s more real then sisters sharing husbands!

  • kristina

    i love broke and bill. i think they go well together… as for hope has she lost her mind. i cant stand wyatt and his witchy mom. liam is totally more dreamy.

  • kristina

    frankly im so tired of them messing liam and hope up. how many times now… let them get married already. maybe she is pg but with liams baby anyone thought of that

  • kim

    Leave Hope alone Liam I like Wyatt!! You have treated her horrible!!

  • jackie

    We hate Liam please be with wyatt.

  • Mindy

    Why doesn’t Hope ever throw Steffy in Liam’s face? That wasn’t Hope’s home it was steffy’s! And hello, did Liam forget he left Hope when Steffy got pregnant! He had his chance! He picked Steffy every time!!

  • Anna

    I think hope should go back to laim they were happy plz being them two back together

  • Sarah

    I wished Liam would get over Hope as she is so boring!!!! I bet if Liam found another love interest Hope will be chasing him. So over this love triangle with the both of them. I do reckon bring back Stephy as she is not boring at all!!!!!

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  • stepup3

    I so want liam and steph 2 get back together.Hope is turning out to be just like her mother. Now all the writer need to do is hurry Will along then hope could sleep with all the brothers it just nasty. Bring back steph then Hope will want Liam

  • Shirl

    Hope and Liam all the way. Wyatt is disgusting. I hate the way he talks. Get rid of Wyatt. Show him for the fake mama’s boy he is like his mama. Come on writers.

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  • Patsy

    I hope Liam and Hope get back together. I can’t stand Wyatt and his trouble making mother. They are both up to NO GOOD. Hope needs to STOP acting like a tramp and running from brother to brother and just marry Liam and be happy.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Something is not right. Quinn did a dna test on Wyatt and it says that Bill was the father. But why would she wants to get Wyatt last name changed from Fuller to Spencer. It makes no sense. Why blackmail someone to get the last name changed. It makes no sense. If Bill is not the father for Wyatt then who is.

  • Amc

    Hope n liam hope n liam.. This has gone of for too long now.. Zzzzzzzzzz make a final stop and start a new story line plssssss!!!!!

  • Jfa anny

    I prefer Hope with Liam. I hate Wyatt

  • angela

    Thank youuuuuu! All that back and forth is getting on my nerves. The message Hope use to send out just went completely down the drain. I finally thought her and Liam had a real chance at a future together w/o any manipulations, but Quinn and Wyatt came along. All that preaching Hope did about how manipulation is wrong and standing up for yourself for what is right went straight out of the window when she accepted Wyatt back after that diamond heist. I don’t know who’s writing the strip, but whoever it is needs to have several seats.

  • Carole Young

    OMG!!!!! I agree

  • Terry


  • Love N Grace

    NO, NO, NO,Liam is the reason why he did not get married. No one made the video, no one brought Steffy into the cabin,no one has a history Liam has for disappointing Hope, no one made him betray his bride in Italy. Liam is the reason for Liam’s foolishness, not Quinn, not Hope, not Bill, not Steffy not Wyatt, not the universe, only Liam.

  • Love N Grace

    There are the only people that have revived B&B if not this boat would be sinking.

  • Carol

    I’m sick of the Liam, and Hope story line the writer’s are making Hope out to be just like her mother (Brooke) and I can’t stand her either.

  • Louise hardwell

    Why are u all letting hope walk in her mom shoes all the fans no her mom is a hoe from the valley was hope born in the valley as well

  • Racquel Garnette

    It is blackmail. You are very delusional and you don’t know what you are talking about. Bill is not Wyatt father. Wyatt last name is Fuller biatch. Not spencer. Bill has 2 sons not 3. Quinn is a drama queen and so are you biatch. Have a nice life biatch and don’t reply after this one.

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  • Jill Spurlock-Staley

    Please don’t keep this story line with Hope and Liam going. Hope and Wyatt are good together and a romance we all enjoy watching, a connection that is done gone and boring with Hope and Liam together.

  • A

    Liam is getting on my nerves. Send Steffy back. Liam can be with her. Hope and Wyatt are perfect together!