The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope’s Pregnancy Test – Pregnant With Wyatt’s Baby – Liam Demands Proof – Will This Put Aly Forrester Over the Edge?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope's Pregnancy Test - Pregnant With Wyatt’s Baby – Liam Demands Proof - Will This Put Aly Forrester Over the Edge?

It has been quite a while since an unplanned pregnancy rocked The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers so the popular CBS day time drama was about due for a bun in the over. Today on B&B Hope confessed to her boyfriend Wyatt that she was “late,” and thought she may be pregnant. Now, before we all get worked up it should probably be mentioned that she hasn’t actually taken a test so there is a small chance Bold and the Beautiful fans are getting worked up for nothing. But, considering the amount of times we have seen her and Wyatt hooking up on screen, the odds are not in their favor.

Wyatt and Hope are consenting adults who seem to have their lives pretty much together, so having a baby wouldn’t be a horrible thing. However, they aren’t married, and that is a huge deal considering Hope created Hope For The Future. She is an advocate for young girls, and the Hope For The Future message encourages young women to wait until they are married to have sex. How is she going to explain to all of the girls that look up to her that she not only had sex before she got married, but is pregnant and still not married? This scandal is going to do some serious damage to the Hope For The Future brand and Forrester Creations.

Aly Forrester recently lashed out against Wyatt and Hope. She blames Wyatt for taking advantage of Hope and blames Hope for abandoning her Hope For The Future brand and basically not practicing what she is preaching. Aly has already slapped Wyatt and tried to fire him when she found out that he and Hope were having sex, there is no telling what Aly will do if she finds out that Wyatt  got Hope pregnant.

Here is what Soap Opera Spy fans of The Bold and the Beautiful think about the latest shocking reveal:

Love the idea of Hope-Wyatt eloping & having a baby. After all, Hope had the big wedding with Liam. That would get her off limits to Liam. Yes do it.

I wish it was Liam’s can’t stand Wyatt, but I don’t think she was ever intimate with Liam!

I kind of figured this would happen! I don’t think she and Liam were “together” about the same time, were they? I mean, DNA tests could be inconclusive about who the daddy would be I would imagine.

As you can see above the aficionados are split over Hope’s love life – some prefer her with Wyatt but others favor Liam. Still, there’s many a slip between the cup and lip so let’s see how things turn out.

Friday, April 11, there was an update on Hope’s pregnancy situation and a related conflict between Wyatt and Liam: after Liam learns that Hope has bought a pregnancy test he rushes to confront her. Liam demands to know if Hope is pregnant because he is convinced that it is he who belongs with her and not Wyatt.  Hope tells him she hasn’t yet taken the pregnancy test while Wyatt rants that it is no concern of Liam’s. Hope leaves the room to take the pregnancy test and re-enters… and of course the week ends right there without us learning the results of her self-administered pregnancy test.

What do the fans think?

Well I am wondering if she is not having second thoughts about Wyatt – she has let Liam kiss her twice and has not pushed him away

I’m betting on Wyatt, don’t like Hope with Liam . But the part of the episode that was totally disgusting was Bill kissing Brooke. Totally gross, fast forward for sure.

Predictable cliff hanger for the weekend. Why would you let your ex boyfriend find out the results at the exact same time you tell the father of the baby. She still loves Liam!

I think it’s time for Hope to put Liam in his place for good!

Truly it seems to be a standoff among fans between Liam and Wyatt – I’m old-fashioned and therefore hope that Hope is NOT pregnant!

Are you excited that Wyatt and Hope may be having a baby? Or are you still hoping that she will get back together with Wyatt’s half-brother Liam? Are you dreading it? What about her wholesome commercial image for Forrester Creations? Do you think Hope and Wyatt will run off and get married so that she isn’t technically having a baby out of wedlock? Is this enough to finally send poor Aly over the edge. Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Racquel Garnette

    This show has turned very bad. All they care about is who is sleeping with who. I thought Brooke was going to take a longer break from relationships but no she is pair up with Bill which it is ok. The writers are making way too many decisions. If Hope is pregnant with Wyatt baby i knew that was going to happen. Hope is crazy in love with Wyatt. I am not happy with her relationship. Hope is just like her mother. These writers don’t care for the characters on the show. All they care about is moving there characters with other people which it is dumb. Liam does not need Hope anymore. If the writers care about the storylines then they would do something about it.

    • Linda

      Don’t want Hope pregnant. She wouldn’t let something like this happen to her. She could have a scare but no pregnancy. She’s in lust but I’d rather she see what Liam really means to her due to this scare.

      • Jenny

        Out of Schadenfreude I really hope that she is pregnant! I almost burst out laughing as she whined, “I was so careful!” Ha!! And so was Steffie before you accused her of purposely trapping Liam. Now it is your turn! Karma is a B… u know!

    • kitty

      I really wish hope and Liam got back together but now it will never happen

    • glad

      You women kills me with this Liam than. He treated hope like shit on a stick. Now that she has a man that respect her and worship the ground she walk on you don’t like him. Some women can be so jealous. I am glad for hope. Liam always ran behind Stephanie not hope. Let him got back to Stephanie. Some of these comments really show how insecure some women is. To let a man treat you like Liam treated hope and hope she go back to that instead of staying with Wyhatt, whom has done nothing but love her, almost went to jail for her is just plain stupid. You women probably need to look at your on relationship.

      • exactly

      • tdh

        Wyatt almost went to jail for himself and himself only…that was a business move to ensure him and his mom. He seems to be a bit selfish and self centered. Too many tricks.

        • Claudette Homniok Moreman

          The difference is did he do it to really hurt Hope no, and how is Liam not selfish how many times did he put Steffy above hope??

      • Claudette Homniok Moreman

        I agree, I would never want my daughter or any other women to be treated like Liam treated Hope, but Hope also allowed it because she was in love, that’s not love people that’s evil, to do or treat someone like that

      • mrs ross

        No people kill me with this Wyatt mess and first off Liam never treated
        Hope like like s^^^ the first hope saw him kissing steffy in the car steffy kissed him hope ran like she always do and took off her ring he left steffy and went to top of the mountain to meet hope not to merry steffy when the clock struck 12 he ended his marriage to steffy then there is bill and ricks lies that hope belived over liam she runs again again and again the only reason liam ended up with steffy because of the baby he had the ring almost on hopes finger its was always hope for liam so u tell me when did he ever treat her like s”””

      • Pam

        You’re so right. I can’t understand why people would want Liam with Hope after everything he’s done to her. Now we can add kidnapping to the list. He’s a bully and very arrogant and pushy. Wyatt is peaceful and gentle even under pressure he holds it together, unlike Liam who kidnaps Hope and can turn violent under stress and pressure. Liam needs to go away. I hope she’s pregnant for Wyatt and they get married. I don’t want her with Liam. He only seems to show interest when she’s dating someone else. Remember Thomas? Liam is a fake.

  • theexecutive941

    it’s still possible that it’s Liam’s baby and not Wyatt’s and that would be the best :) I can’t stand Wyatt.

  • jjmuse

    I wish that Hope would get back with Liam. Can’t stand Wyatt. Disappointed she is pregnant.

  • Felicia ford

    I’m happy Brooke is with bill but I only started watching this show bc of hope and Liam and if she is going to have a baby with this douch bag ik I’m not going to watch this show it just sucks anymore

  • sean

    First, Liam took hopes virginity so who ever the stupid twit was that said she was never intimate with liam, sorry but you SERIOUSLY need to check your facts and actually watch the show before you can give an opinion.

    Secondly, this show is promoting WHORES. yes, I said W H O R E S. why do I say that? look at that cheap prostitute brooke, she taught hope how to be a whore just like her mommy. SIN IS SIN PERIOD. Now this baby is in the mix? I sincerely hope she IS pregnant this way she screws up her life, and her line, and is LET GO from the company, as well as Wyatt. this is NOTHING but trouble for the show, period.

  • sunshine

    Can’t stand Wyatt! Would love to see him and his evil mom gone! Get Liam and Hope back together!

  • Leatrice Edwards

    Wyatt and Hope having a baby, it is a good thing. I like Wyatt, Liam got Stephanie pregnant, he need to know how that hurt Hope. I think Wyatt would make a very good husband for her. Liam have hurt her too many time, let him get back with Stephanie, he does not desire Hope.

    • kimani

      Wyatt adores Hope, he doesn’t second guess or put her through hurtful drama like Liam did

  • Lorie Posey Coleman

    I love the matter what.actually Hope has grown and Wyatt helped her grow.i would be okay either way.but I like the New grown take charge person Hope has become..go for it.let her be pregnant.

  • sandy

    Liam would be a greet farther to the baby not Wyatt

    • debra

      yes I agree let liam and hope have a chance

  • sandy

    and yes I think that hope is going to have a baby she is a lot further along then she thinks

  • Gwendolyn D.Rogers

    God I’m so sick of hope and Wyatt,please writers focus on someone else,this is getting so boring with hope, everyday hope,hope,hope,Hope. For God sake give it a rest already with them to.

  • Carole Young

    Please! Writers. Hope & Wyatt being pregnant would be a welcome change. So SICK of Liam.

  • Claudette Homniok Moreman

    I think the show needs to stop the Hope and Liam, to me they made her weak with him, with Wyatt she is strong, let’s not forget if Steffy would of not sent him away Liam would still be with her, Liam needs to move on, because if he really loved hope he would of never been with Steffy or married her 2 times. Don’t get me wrong I like Liam, but he is weak and never knew what he wanted, but ladies let’s get real, when a guy cannot get over his ex and keeps going back that’s who he needs to be with, Wyatt is good for hope, like Steffy is good for Liam…

    • Tricia

      Right on

    • Pam

      Well put. Wyatt and Hope belong together and should elope. That would solve the HFTF worry.

  • Lakeya

    I for one have about had it with the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle. It is obvious that Hope is much happier, and a lot more calm with Wyatt. I actually started watching again after seeing a scene between Hope and Wyatt (I stopped watching when she was going back and forth with Liam, because they are so boring). The chemistry that Liam and Hope has does not come close to what’s between Hope and Wyatt!!! Let them enjoy the baby, and let Liam finally move on.

    • debra

      I disagree with you hope and liam togather again

  • Lakeya

    More love scenes with Wyatt and Hope please!!!!! They are so good together!!!

  • Sonja Smith

    I hope Wyatt and Hope are having a baby I like them together.

    • debra


  • biwidjy

    thank Rachel at least someone is paying attention. i thought i was the only who thinks the story line is getting out of control!

  • Hanh

    Hi. Wyatt. And hope

  • Pam

    I’d be glad if Hope was pregnant and loved Wyatt enough to give them a real shot. Too many mixed messages. A few weeks back she told Aly that she’s with Wyatt because she loves him and they’re in a cmmittted relationship. Now she’s saying she’s not serious and likes Wyatt? Why all the head games. Wyatt would make a great father and husband. He’s an amazing man. I’m happy about what Quinn did with Bill in asking him to give her son his last name. Maybe that will help Hope to be more comfortable marrying Wyatt if he has the Spencer last name. Not a good reason to marry someone, but this soap seems to care about last name and status. Wyatt deserves a world of good and has already payed for his mistakes and has learned from them, unlike Liam. I hate that Hope keeps going over to Liam’s house knowing that he’ll try to kiss her or convince her to leave Wyatt. Why does she keep hurting Wyatt like this. She hated when Liam kept going to see Steffy, so why does she put Wyatt through this. I’d respect her more if she would stop waffling and appreciate Wyatt.

    • me too

    • debra

      wyatt is a snake

      • Claudette Homniok Moreman

        Not as big a snake as Liam, Wyatt loves her and only her, he has not cheated on her or got someone else pregnant or even married someone else 2 times, and he didn’t have his ex tell him to go be with hope, and let’s not forget Liam begged steffy to stay with him, why because he always loved Steffy more

      • Pam

        Liam is a liar and now a kidnapper.

  • Hanh

    Hey wyatt and. Hope I. Wish. You. The. Best of. Be
    Great dad for. The. Baby What. Are. U. Going. To. Name the. Baby

  • brittany

    The writters are so ridicious just when hope and liem begin to connect again they come in with this shity story hope and liem needs to get back together and everybody needs to leave them alone and stay the hell out of there business and as for wyatt he needs to be with steffy both of them are coniving and evil they belong together

    • debra

      yes I agree with that give them a chance

      • Claudette Homniok Moreman

        Liam had lots of chances, but Steffy was always his true love

  • Liam is kidnapping Hope? Please leave Wyatt and Hope together, she is truely happy with him. She might love Liam but he is her past and she isnt really happy with him. She is always happy with Wyatt Bring back Stephanie and let him go back to her they made a great couple.

    • Tricia

      Right I feel the same way Hope is very happy and Wyatt is a good man for hope Liam and Steffy made a perfect couple. ..they were a good couple they were Hottttt. .

  • Jenny

    When is anyone ever going to hold Hope responsible for her own actions? At first it was always “Steffy did this and that to her!” “We were robbed.” Then she got Liam but didn’t want him anymore! Then she enjoyed sex with Wyatt so much that she might be pregnant, but oh it is now evil Wyatt’s fault! Who knows, maybe he just raped her! Really!!!

  • donna

    I think wyatt acts like stan laurel of laurel and hardy. I keep waitting for him to scratch his head and whine. What a dope donna

  • Sue Campbell

    So sickening Wyatt and Hope! He is a liar and a fake can’t stand him get him off the show and get Hope back with Liam!!!!!!!

  • zorida

    I love hope and liam

  • ang

    Let hope and liam be together and her get pregnant with his baby.. for the love of god its really getting old watching her and Wyatt it makes me sick!!

  • Robyn

    Hope and Liam all the way

    • MIM

      No Way Hope and Wyatt all the way.

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  • Claudette Homniok Moreman

    So its okay to teach your daughters to just stay in a abusive relationship, and yes it is abusive when someone keeps doing the same things that Liam has done to hope, she is not a doormat!! And it’s good to have a message, but we all have to grow up also, she is grown up and had to go threw bad things because of Liam, again Liam made hope a weak person saying to other girls hey its ok, let those guys treat you like that, the problem is Hope finally figured it out, Liam loves Steffy more than her, and wyatt makes her strong!! They complete each other and that’s what Love is about, each other making the other person a better person. Love is not about your guy sleeping with someone else, being in love with someone else or marrying that person twice or begging that person to stay with you as Liam did with Steffy

  • Claudette Homniok Moreman

    Agree pammy, she is much happier now

  • Claudette Homniok Moreman

    Agree Patty

  • Teresa Brown

    I’m really beginning not to like the bold and beautiful, the writer’s are sttill out to lunch,and there thinking is all f–ked up what happen to the story lines “WOW” give me a brake

  • Carole Young

    I agree.

  • Pam

    I truly hope that Hope is pregnant for Wyatt because I know he would make her happy and cherish her and their baby. He’s a stand up guy and I wouldn’t put it past him to elope with her before the baby comes. I just wish that they wouldn’t have her lie about it. Wyatt is so loving with her and in time I know she would grow to love him more. It’s been about 2 months now. Things are new. She should give them time and not give up on Wyatt. My heart breaks for Wyatt and hope that she doesn’t sleep with Liam, creating the question of who the father. I expect better from Hope and would be very upset if this happens. Please get rid of Liam. He had his chance. He’s pushy and violent. He kidnapped Hope and yet nothing happened to him, but if Wyatt did the same thing he would be seen as the bad guy. Too many double standards. I getting sick of this.

  • Pam

    That’s the thing that bothers me so much. Wyatt is so sweet to her. He’s everything that she ever wanted Liam to be, yet she keeps waffling. Liam treat Hope like a possession. That’s not real love. He only wants to win over his brother. When and if that should happen, it’s back to the old Liam again and all his misunderstandings.

  • Pam

    Liam is too pushy and needs to go find Steffy. If Hope loves Wyatt so much as you say, why is she not telling him. Why does she say she likes him. This show is so strange.

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  • Naomie Latour

    I love the couple Wyatt & Hope, I hope that if it is a girl she will bear the name of “Honoria,” and for a boy it will bear the name of “Wyatt.Jr.