The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Chooses Wyatt Over Sad Liam – Brooke Wages War On Katie To Help Bill

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Chooses Wyatt Over Sad Liam - Brooke Wages War On Katie To Help Bill

The Bold and the Beautiful writers love a good love triangle, which is probably why we have been writing spoilers for the Liam-Hope-Wyatt for over a year now. Hope chose Wyatt over Liam months ago, and the couple has appeared to be pretty solid and happy. Liam on the other hand has been miserable.

This week on B&B Liam decided to make a grand gesture and kidnap Hope and Wyatt’s truck in a last-ditch attempt to win his ex back. Liam’s half-brother Wyatt and his Mom Quinn chased them down and intervened, but not until after Liam said his peace and professed his love to Hope. Wyatt and Hope fans needn’t worry though, despite Liam’s romantic kidnapping gesture, Hope and Wyatt’s relationship is solid and she has no intention of leaving him anytime soon.

Yesterday on Bold and the Beautiful Brooke ran into Bill Spencer’s sister Karen at the café, and Karen confessed she wasn’t 100% happy with Katie’s performance as CEO of Spencer Publications. Brooke encouraged Karen to consider putting Bill back in control of the company. According to B&B spoilers, Karen is on board with the plan and she sits down with Brooke and Bill and the three of them brainstorm schemes to oust Katie.

Brooke wages war on Katie by attempting to throw her out of her own company (which she inherited when she was married to Bill). The war between the two sisters will get fierce this month and Donna Logan will be trapped in the middle.

Do you think that Hope should be with Liam or Wyatt? Are you shocked that after Liam poured his heart out to her she still chose his half-brother Wyatt? And, do you think Brooke is crossing a line by helping Bill take the company back from Katie? Or, does Bill have every right to fight for control of Spencer Publications-after all he is a Spencer? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.


  • Racquel Garnette

    Since Hope chooses Wyatt then let them be together. The reason why the writers are interferring in Hope and Wyatt relationship is because they don’t know what to do with there relationship anymore. Here is what the writers should do for in the next few weeks, Let Bill get his company back and make him work there, Find a woman for Liam so he can move on with his life, get rid of the love triangle between Hope/Liam/Wyatt. It is so boring and it won’t go anywhere. Hope says she wants to be Wyatt then let it stay that way. Get rid of Quinn because she is nosy in other people business. She thinks she had the right to attack people when it is not her business to interfere in other people business.

    • Tommie

      I think you’re right on most of your opinions But I like Quinn she’s just being a mom who want’s the best for her son. She goes about it in the wrong way but that’s what makes B&B interesting. Liam should go back to Stephie since she’s the only one he stayed sincere with and married. Now that she can have kids let her and Liam have a baby.

      • Racquel Garnette

        Quinn doesn’t need to interfere in people business. What Quinn wanted was to break up Hope and Liam so Hope can have Wyatt for herself. She got her wish. But she had no right to attack Liam at the house and making her demands. Liam just wanted Hope to take him back but she decides to go back to Wyatt. If the writers cared enough with this triangle they would of make Hope stay with one guy and enough with the back and forth. Quinn is a witch and i am glad she has nobody to date anymore. For Liam going back to Steffy will be a dead end. Steffy says she didn’t want to be with him. Steffy says that Liam should be with Hope. Liam needs to date someone new. There is lots of girls who would want to date Liam.

    • zan

      Quin and Bill. Wyatt and Hope. Liam and Steffy. Ridge and Katie. Brooke and nobody.

      • Racquel Garnette

        No way. Quinn and nobody. Hope and Liam. Wyatt and nobody. Ridge and Katie and Brooke and Bill. Those couples should be together. Hope heart is with Liam. She doesn’t love Wyatt anymore. Thank god. Quinn and Wyatt can go fall off a cliff.

  • Mary Maness

    I like Hope and Liam. I think Wyatt is dirty and I hope the truth comes out soon and let Hope and Liam be. Yes Bill needs his company back. Katie shouldn’t have it. Wasn’t hers and she shouldn’t have got it to begin with. Her power trip needs to come to an end. Sick of her.

    • Gwen

      I agree. Hope & Liam should be together. I’m sick of this storyline. Hope is fickle. She needs 2 chill 4 awhile b4 she’s with anyone. Wyatt is a momma’s boy & Quinn is a witch. Either find her a man or get rid of her. Can’t stand her!

  • FS

    This Hope, Liam and Waytt story is boring. This is the same story line years ago with Ridge, Brooke and Taylor. Keep Hope and Liam together forever in this story as it would be beautiful to see them growing old together. They would become the inspiration couple to all the couples in th story. Every story needs one of those couples like the couple that stayed together for 50 years in Days Our Lives

  • Michele W-B

    I can’t stand the whole Hope and Wyatt thing. Wyatt is slimy and sickening and Quinn is evil. For Hope to keep them both in the company after all their criminal activity is just ridiculous. I’m over them both – kick them to the kerb.

  • Nicki_Pree

    I think Hope and liam should be together. Why spend so much time making us dislike Quinn and Wyatt and let him THEM take the girl. Hope is just as much Quinns prize as Wyatt’s. That’s why she fights for it. She knows Hope will help hold there position. I just want someone to push Quinn off a building. She steps way over the line and is dangerous. I was so proud of Liam today.

  • Diane

    I’m sorry to hear that Hope chooses Wyatt. I think that he is a little immature and unpolished. He needs to be a little more grounded. He lost me with his attempt to have Hope model lingerie like Brooke once did. The contrast between Hope and Brookes personalities makes this mother/ daughter relationship interesting. What man wants to have his woman half naked on billboards if it’s not necessary anyway? But do what you must to end this triangle, it’s getting boring! The question should be, “who cares who Hope ends up with?” Tired of all the love and romance scenes with Hope and Wyatt. Time to get back to work. Liam seems more mature and a better partner for Hope when things get serious. After all of their attempts to marry amidst interference from almost everyone, I would love to see them walk down the aisle and live happily ever after! At least for a little while!

  • Rainey

    Hope is better off with Wyatt. She seem so alive & happier with him. Let Liam soak in his sorrow.

  • ang

    These writers are idiots.. I thought soaps were suppose to have happy endings.. hope and liam fans have wanted this for years and also for her to have his child ..look at y&r Lauren and Michael have been together for years and have a grown son together thats the couple liam and hope should be!I dont know really whats going on with b&b I have quit watching the show cause it makes me sick every time I see hope and that loser toghther

  • Tee brown

    Wyatt and hope.. Brook should be a shame of herself Stephanie left in charge to keep the family together not to do what she has done ..SCREW!!!

  • Carol F

    I think Hope should be with Wyatt he brings out the fun and naughty side of her character. She seem more alive and he really loves her. Liam took Hope through a lot of changes and broke her heart. Wyatt has only shown love for her

    • Tommie

      Carol you are so right. I’m on your side.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Liam married Steffy because she was carrying his child. Liam was happy married to Hope til Steffy whisper in his ear saying that she is pregnant. After the motocycle accident Steffy got the bad news that she lost the baby and she couldn’t have kids anymore. Steffy forced Liam to be with Hope because of that dream she had. Liam loved Hope for a very long time. They were engaged til Wyatt and his mother showed up. Hope and Liam had a good romance then the writers wreck it. It seems that you wanted to side with the writers to make Hope be with Wyatt. Hope and Wyatt can be together for now but it won’t last. Hope knows that Wyatt is a jewelry thief and she wanted to be with him. Quinn had no right to attack Liam at his apartment. If the writers cared about Liam then pair him up with someone new.

    • Tommie

      Yeah, when Liam was going to marry Hope and Steffy told Liam she was pregnant why didn’t he just stay with Hope if he loved her so much. You can have children and be married to someone else plus be a good parent. Isn’t that what happens today? But NO he dumps Hope and goes to Steffy. Does that sound like a man in love with Hope? Heck no! He always goes back to Steffy. Hope needs a solid relationship.

      • Racquel Garnette

        Liam went back to Steffy after he found out that she was in town. Steffy was forced by Quinn to tell Liam that she loved him which he didn’t. Liam couldn’t stay with Hope because he wanted to marry Steffy because she was carrying his child. Liam stayed with Steffy for a while til he went back to Hope. Steffy pushed Liam to be Hope because Hope can give him a family which she couldn’t. Oh well Liam needs to forget about Hope someday if he can’t get her back. Quinn and Wyatt needs to leave town as soon as possible.

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  • Tommie

    Thank you Pam. I agree. Just because Liam looks like the good guy everyone is on Wyatt. Also he can’t help who his mom is and he has told her to but out of her sticking her nose in. I’m glad to see there a few of us with a head on their shoulders. Liam and Hope is an old story and don’t belong together.

  • Tommie

    Me too Wendy. Too many Hope and LIam fans don’t want to see them apart, when you can see they’re just not meant to be.

  • Tommie

    You forget about the times when Liam tells Hope what to do. He even told her not to work with Liam. Just like what Pam said above Liam gets away with it but Wyatt can’t.

  • Mary

    I got so tired of the interference with Hope and Liam!!! I liked them together. And the show has changed to drastic for my liking. I have stopped watching and do not record anymore. After more than 15 years of watching it.

  • Pam

    Hope takes it slow with Wyatt and with Liam she’s ready to get married. Wyatt would be ready for marriage and children but Hope has block him off from expressing how he really feels by keep telling him that she’s not ready for this and that. She doesn’t take Wyatt serious and no matter how perfect Wyatt is for her, she will never get rid of the long time fantasy of her and Liam married with kids. She can’t picture anyone else in that spot even if Wyatt is better than Liam. She still stuck in the past and hasn’t really moved on with Wyatt at all. Deciding who to be with shouldn’t be an issue again where she’s dating two brothers at the same time. As far as I’m concerned, if Hope even presents Wyatt with such a request, she never gave a darn about him. She might as well tell him she going to cheat on him whether you accept it or not. Imagine Liam doing that to her with Steffy. No decent woman would ever do that. We’ll all see who and what she really is when all the crocodile tears have shed and gone.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Yeah i agree. Hope and Liam had the best romance on the show. Liam cares about Hope and he spends time with her. Hope is not pregnant yay. Hope should dump Wyatt and go to Liam. That will make Quinn angry.

  • Racquel Garnette

    I can’t wait to see when Quinn gets angry when she finds Hope with Liam. That will drive her insane. Quinn did so many things to put Wyatt with Hope. Wyatt is not the man for Hope, Liam is. Liam cared about Hope after he dump Steffy. Hope should forgive Liam and get married to Liam without any interruptions. The writers needs to make up there minds and stop going all over the place with so many changes to the show. Let Liam and Hope be together and live happily ever after.

  • Jodi Haley

    I can relate

  • Jodi Haley

    Sorry Pam I do not see it … If anything Hope sticks up for Wyatt all the time he trashes Liam all the time and she never sticks up for Liam …. But she sticks up for Wyatt all the time…. Wyatt and his physco mom need to go they both think they are it

  • Catlady

    Hope and Wyatt together is my choice. Bring back Steffy.. Liam will fall for her again. Loving Quinn… She’s the new Stephanie!!

  • Catlady

    Yes.. Brooke should help Bill get his company back. Will make a storyline with lots of fireworks !!

  • cindy

    Ugh sick of the Wyatt, hope, Liam crap… why would the writers even go there… everyone was and is already sick of all of the Brooke triangles. I am st the point where I record and skip thru all my storylines I am tired of. So that’s most I of B&B. Gosh bring back One Life To Live and As The World Turns and Guiding Light.