Botched Season 1 Dives Into The World Of Horrible Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares! (VIDEO)

Botched Season 1 Dives Into The World Of Horrible Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares! (VIDEO)

Plastic surgery represents our inherent need to stay young and healthy for as long as possible. We’ve witnessed the effects of plastic surgery on the Jacksons, supermodel Janice Dickinson, and 99% of Hollywood. Plastic surgery disasters, such as fat lips, weird breasts, sagging noses and dead-eyes, will always be a side-effect of our vanity.

How would you feel if you woke up with a missing nose and a breast implant on your knee? You might be inducted into the Bruce Jenner Botox-Face Hall of Fame, but that’s where the Frankenstein journey ends.

(Hopefully you don’t get a cold, because there’s nothing worse than sneezing without a nose). E! Entertainment listened to the plastic gods and created an astute reality television reboot. This salacious new show, aptly titled Botched, stars Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif – two of the Real Housewives cast members. As the name suggests, these plastic surgeon superheroes will “try to fix” botched surgeries.

But don’t break your TV just yet — a quote from the preview: “I wanted to get Nip-Tucked and I got Nip-F***ed.” The fun doesn’t stop there. Supermodel and Botox-junkie Janice Dickinson will make regular appearances on the show as one of the “patients.” Combine this with an “upside-down breast implant” and we have a reality television juggernaut!

Bruce Jenner would have made it a runaway hit, but he was found beneath a rock eating dirt to feed his malevolent hairpiece during the casting process.

We must admit that we’re excited about this anti-plastic surgery reality television show. There’s nothing better than watching no-nose, boob-knee people drooling in the wind. The Real Housewives tie-in is also a brilliant example of neo-reality television production.
Who knows? The show might be a complete and utter failure, but at least E! Entertainment knows how to keep their chin up!

The show premieres June 24th on E!