Brad Pitt Replacing Matthew McConaughey in True Detective Season 2 – Matthew Unhappy?

Brad Pitt Replacing Matthew McConaughey in True Detective Season 2 - Matthew Unhappy?

Matthew McConaughey‘s star has never been hotter, especially after winning the Oscar for Dallas Buyer’s Club and heating up Emmy talks with his phenomenal performance in HBO’s True Detective. Say what you will about the man, but there’s no denying that he’s turned his career around in a spectacular fashion. From Rom-Com king to award-winning actor in prestige blockbusters – you’d be hard pressed to think of another actor who pulled that off. However, new tabloid reports are now suggesting that Matthew is upset that Brad Pitt is being considered to replace him for the second season of True Detective, despite the fact that he was never signed on to do it in the first place.

Matthew and co-star Woody Harrelson only signed on for True Detective because they were only going to do it for one season, and because it gave them a chance to work with acclaimed director Cary Fukunaga. They always knew it was a one-and-done deal, and they’ve both been very vocal about that. Plus, they’re movie stars that are busy with their film careers, and they’re not going to set aside three or four years to do a television series, no matter how appealing that series may seem. So all these rumors seem like a petty attempt to start a non-existent feud between Matthew and Brad.

Regardless, let’s take a look what these supposed ‘sources’ said. According to Showbiz Spy’s unnamed sources, “Matt can’t stand Brad, and has always envied his career and superstar status. The last thing Matt would want is for Brad to waltz in and steal his thunder after he and Woody Harrelson worked so hard to make the show a hit.”

The reports also suggest that since Brad has such a great relationship with HBO, it’s only a matter of sorting out his other commitments before he signs the dotted line to star in True Detective’s second season.

I have an extremely difficult time imagining Brad Pitt starring on a television show, no matter how prestigious that show is. Despite their recent awards acclaim, Brad and Matthew are still in different positions in Hollywood. Matthew is still an actor before he is anything else, whereas Brad has now become an industry power player and producer. He seems to be focusing more on making films and staying behind-the-scenes recently, and I don’t think he’ll take a job that will take him away from his family for six months.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • carrie

    Matthew,be happy! you have the oscar that Brad and Leo never had!

  • Sarah

    WHAT!!! I am a massive fan of True Detective.. It was an awesome show and Matthew played the part awesome.. No offense Brad Pitt but No you couldn’t play that role the same way and it would not be the same at all.. BUT let’s face it showbiz is shot to hell.. All the good T.V shows other stop way too fast or people get replaced.. I have a massive list of all my favourite show’s over the years that they just stop making and its crap.. Sex and the City, The sopranos and Desperate house wives.. True Blood is suppose to be stoping at season 7, just like Son’s of anarchy… and possibly not bring back a awesome show like True Detective.. Really following a big hit T.V show with high profile actors in it that people love will bring them more fan’s and fame in my opinion.

  • SuperFreakMe

    I don’t care if Brad Pitt is a “Power Player” in Hollywood or even if he owned Hollywood! He could NEVER replace the incredible acting of Matthew & Woody in Season One of True Detective! Never! Sorry Brad but your craft is just not at that level of edgy acting. Yes, you have tried (Thelma & Louise, the Jesse James movie and that spy movie, of which, I cannot even remember the name) and, IMHO, failed to be that kind of gritty, enthralling and all consuming character that Matthew has finally come to master. I do understand that this HBO Series is an Anthology type of series, as the writer & director stated after the second episode, and I am now over the fact that Woody & Matthew will not be back, but if they bring in Brad Pitt, I will not watch True Detective any more. No offense to all the Brangalina fans out there, as it has nothing to do with Pitt as a person, but as an actor in a show that is about, well, what it is about.
    I could see him wanting to do this, as many of you may not know, but after Hurricane Katrina, Brangalina moved to New Orleans and did some wonderful charity work for a majority of the most hard hit areas and came to love the people and the area. If they still own a home there, he could easily move his family to Louisiana, so as to not be away from them for six months.
    Just sayin’…

  • kwilson

    Don’t hate on Brad – he did a great job in ‘Se7en’, and he’ll do a great job in this. If the hint about the nature of Season 2 wasn’t a complete and total joke on us, the Woody / Matthew setup wouldn’t work anyway. They’ve both moved on, and we just have to suck that up, dollies. Bring on the Brad. (Or Nick Cage would work, too….)

  • SuperFreakMe

    Thanks, Marcotte, if you read and understood my comment, I said, “IF THEY STILL OWN…..” meaning I was not sure if they still did, but FIVE YEARS AGO I DID.

    Why ppl gotta be so hateful? But thanks, I loved 5 years ago Katrina and ALL, babe.