Brandi Glanville Disses LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian AGAIN: Pathetic Drunken Famewhore?

Brandi Glanville Disses LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian AGAIN: Pathetic Drunken Famewhore?

The never-ending war between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes continues, this time via Brandi’s new book. It’s pretty obvious that Brandi’s using that book as extra ammunition against LeAnn, plus it gets her additional publicity. Surprisingly enough, LeAnn and hubby Eddie Cibrian have yet to rise to the bait, with LeAnn staying uncharacteristically silent on Twitter. Maybe she’s smart enough not to give Brandi what she wants, for once.

Anyway, in an excerpt from her new book Drinking & Dating, Brandi insults LeAnn’s parenting skills, writing, “Mason and Jake aren’t allowed to bring their ‘nice’ clothes to Mom’s house. That basically sums up our co-parenting, or, as I call it ‘no-parenting.’”

She also adds that her boys are extremely spoiled at LeAnn’s and Eddie’s house, explaining, “They have every video game imaginable (not to mention the iPods, iPads, iRobots and M-Macs), while I still struggle with my f***ing Blackberry. They have a closet full of designer clothes … Sadly, when it’s time to come to my house, they are forced to change into the exact same clothes I sent them over to Dad’s house in two days earlier. Apparently, they each have a ‘Brandi’ pile in their room — not even a ‘Mom’ pile — of the things they are allowed to bring with them for their time at my house.”

The rest of the excerpt is basically Brandi ranting in the same vein, saying she can’t ‘compete’ with Eddie and LeAnn, and has stopped trying long ago. However, if that’s the case, what’s the point of dredging all this up in the book?

She also points a finger at LeAnn’s rehab stay last year, plus the fact that Eddie and LeAnn never keep her notified when her kids are in trouble. She uses an example of her son being hospitalized, but only being notified after LeAnn had sent out a tweet. Plus, she adds that Eddie had gifted her boys with BB gun assault rifles, something that pissed her off royally. Unfortunately for her, as she admits, she can’t control what Eddie does with his kids in their free time.

You know, I would feel more sympathy for Brandi if she wasn’t such a raging famewhore. All her antics on Real Housewives pretty much canceled out any pity I had for her a long time ago, and the only reason she’s writing all this is to further her own fan base. Everything she says in the books, we already knew, and while she claims to be a better mother than LeAnn, her actions don’t really support that.

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