Is Brandi Glanville Too Broke to Pay Back Ex Eddie Cibrian?- That’s What She’s Claiming!

Is Brandi Glanville Too Broke to Pay Back Ex Eddie Cibrian?- That's What She's Claiming!

Someone should really tell Eddie Cibrian that he’s only allowed one Sugar Momma per marriage! After the actor demanded back $114,000 from Brandi Glanville in what he supposedly overpaid in alimony; she was forced to admit she couldn’t afford to come up with that amount of dough. And to be fair Eddie shouldn’t never have expected her to. Did he forget she recently moved to a brand new house and that she’s also paying for their two children? If he did then maybe Eddie is getting her confused  with his current wife Leann Rimes because its not every woman he’s ever married that can afford to keep him in style.

Admittedly, Brandi has been earning money with her book deals and her reality show on Bravo but she doesn’t have that kind of money lying around and as matter of fact neither does Eddie. Which is why the story about a hundred grand disappearing without anyone noticing is bunch of crock.  Please take into account that extra money did stop. He still had to pay alimony and the child support checks kept rolling, but there was no more added bonuses. Almost as if someone had picked up on the extra cash and corrected the problem.  So he definitely knew about the overdraft and chose not to get upset by it.

According to Brandi Eddie likes to live like a big spender and I’m sure he didn’t mind being generous by overlooking a check back then. I heard that its very easy to do when its at other people’s expense. Yet something must have changed from then till now. Otherwise why else would he be trying to hit up the mother of his children for cash. Brandi has been tweeting out her frustrations and she does have a point  with some of her comments. How does a man living in finer digs than her then turns around to demand money. Truly, what happened here? Because I know LeAnn’s albums weren’t selling well and still I never would have imagined this. This may sound melodramatic but I can’t be the only person that’s thinking robbing a bank would have been preferable than him than taking money from his kids.

I hope he’s not doing this just because his allowance got cut this week. Here’s the thing – I don’t know if its all of his vacations or his luxury items that make him feel like a special boy but its time for him to be a man enough to stop acting like a human sponge! Give up the finer things or get a job. If no one is hiring you for a part then sorry but he’s just going for to settle for a 9-5 like everyone else. If Jon Gosselin can do it then so can he!

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  1. Lola Mouse says:

    Leann’s prize pig Eddie is a poor excuse for a man. No wonder he keeps a low profile. It must be embarrassing being Rimes kept man. Although I guess one could argue he works for Leann’s money, I mean he has to put up with her FACE and constant need for attention on a full time basis. No wonder he looks miserable most of the time.