GLOBE: Camilla Parker-Bowles Evil Plot to Ruin Kate Middleton and Prince William While Stealing The Crown (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Camilla Parker-Bowles Evil Plot to Ruin Kate Middleton and Prince William While Stealing The Crown (PHOTO)

Every family has at least one member that is always trying to manipulate things and for the royal family Camilla Parker-Bowles really does fit the bill. She seems to want to sit on the throne a million more times than her husband Prince Charles does in spite of it actually being his birthright! She has spent the last 18 months working behind the scenes to completely unravel Kate Middleton in any way possible.

We have already told you that Queen Elizabeth really favors the idea of putting Prince William and Kate on the throne once she’s gone because they are well-liked by the British people and are also young enough to be somewhat relatable. Everyone in England isn’t loaded but many young couples’ are finding their way through parenthood for the first time and so in that way they are similar.

According to the April 21st print edition of GLOBE magazine Camilla’s plan to make a clear cut grab for the crown has come undone. We have seen her go to great lengths to discredit or even make fun of Kate in recent months. Anything that would make the Princess Kate look foolish has been fair game but it seems that as of right now, none of her information matters. The worse she tries to make Kate look the more impressed Queen Elizabeth seems to be with William’s wife.

Also in the April 21st print edition of GLOBE magazine you can catch up on the latest information on the search for Malaysian flight MH370. Some experts suggest that the flight was hijacked for a planned bombing of a US Navy base. Searchers have been desperate all week long to be able to triangulate that pinging noise that they have picked up on multiple occasions. If they can triangulate it then the thinking is that the point where all three sides intersect is where the plane is likely resting at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. As for what exactly happened to the plane it still officially remains a mystery. What do you think the real story is here? Did the captain or first officer purposely lead over 200 people to their deaths?

GLOBE reveals tragic news on iconic Hollywood Star Doris Day. It seems that poor Doris was distraught on her 90th birthday and broke down.  The classic star is hiding terrible heartache which GLOBE will reveal for its readers in this week’s print edition.

We’ve known Camilla to be a snake for decades ever since she destroyed Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles in her shameless role as his married mistress. The Queen should never have accepted the vindictive hussy into the royal family. Now GLOBE exposes Camilla’s dastardly plan to steal the crown and further undermine Kate and Will. Leave it GLOBE to uncover the evil plot and explain all the shocking details to its faithful readers. I’m rushing out right after I post this to get my copy – I can’t wait to learn what Camilla’s done this time!

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  • DuchessLazy

    Oh sure. Love these stories. Camilla wouldn’t have to bother ! William and Kate shoot themselves in the legs often enough, no one needs to plot to bring them down. They’re doing a good enough job. Like not doing any charity or other public service this year. Except hand out shamrocks on St. Patrick’s day. Pretty sad –
    And then the way Waity brilliantly chose to wear a flared dress off the plane on the first day of the tour….boom ! Another crotch incident. Dress naturally went up like a hot air balloon.
    And then they can’t get George’s baby seat facing in the right direction.Tip of the iceberg though. Speaking of icebergs….they are somewhat like the Titanic.

    • Dilla

      Lame…another hate comment…pls dnt tell us that you are still in high school…pretty lame..what else would you like to criticize on..its their baby do they need permission to do what they want…gosh

  • Bubbly

    If queen loathed Camilla so badly she wouldn’t add her to the prayer list, or was this also a load of bullshit? I don’t know what’s up here but people writing the blog on this site seem to change their minds about something every few hours!
    If Camilla has been officially added to the prayer list than it’s a clear statement on the part of her majesty that all this crap about William being next on the English throne is total rubbish! Why is it that people can’t accept Charles will be their next king?! Queen herself did! Tradition to uphold is a huge part of being a monarch. Queen does excellent job! Charles will do his duty to the country no matter what his wife will say.

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  • Dilla

    Cate Im a Malaysian and the pilot of MH370 is my classmates father..With outmost respect that man been flying for 32 years and why would he just woke up one day and decide to crash the plane and 239 ppl in it…its outrageous and clearly a speculation..Both of them are respected people..please i hope you wont write these baseless speculation anymore..there have been no evidence to suggest that pilot and co pilot have anything to do with it..Neither we they trying to crash onto the US Base in Diego Garcia..We should all pray for the best and hope for any miracle bcoz we Malaysian are constantly praying..

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