Meet Carla Rodriguez, The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s Baby Mama (PHOTOS)

Meet Carla Rodriguez, The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis's Baby Mama (PHOTOS)

We have recently learned that The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis had an issue with child-support payments to his four year old daughter Camila’s mother. So, who exactly is Camila’s mother Carla Rodriguez?

Rodriguez is a gorgeous young actress that has appeared in a handful of Spanish television shows, her most prominent and well-known role was in the TV series “Prisonera,” which was back in 2005. Since Rodriguez gave birth to Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila she has only appeared in two TV shows, both for only one episode.

No wonder Carla Rodriguez went after Juan Pablo Galavis for child-support, she has basically been out of work since she gave birth to his super cute four year old daughter Camila. Sadly, her career appeared to really be taking off before she met The Bachelor. She played a prominent role in “Prisonera” and appeared in 150 episodes. Then, she moved on to the Spanish TV series “Amor descarado” and appeared in an additional 120 episodes. Carla was acting full time and making a name for herself in the Spanish television industry, until the fateful night she met the charming Juan Pablo, and simultaneously kissed her acting career good-bye.

Wetpaint recently reported that Carla “supported Juan’s career” and was retweeting articles about him being cast as the next Bachelor. But, we see her “support” for what it really is. Of course Carla is helping promote Juan’s new TV gig, the more money he makes, the more child-support she gets. Since she is out of work because she is raising his daughter, who can blame her?

Meet Carla Rodriguez, The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis's Baby Mama (PHOTOS)

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