Chris Brown Dumps Karrueche Tran So He Can Win Back Rihanna Just To Spite Drake!

Chris Brown Dumps Karrueche Tran So He Can Win Back Rihanna Just To Spite Drake!

Despite reports that all is well in the roller coaster romance between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, CDL thinks otherwise! Recently, Chris Brown completed rehab and is said to be feeling good with a new outlook on life. His ex-girlfriend (or whatever she may be at the moment) Karrueche, had shown her dedication to the volatile singer by staying by his side throughout his entire rehab stint. So it made sense when HollywoodLife reported that Chris fell right back into Karrueche’s open arms upon coming home from his short stay. They go on to say that the two are very happy and on the same page, but are not putting a label on their relationship. All sounds fairly reasonable.

However, things may be a little more complicated than that. It seems Page Six is reporting that Chris is back to wooing Rihanna. While we really thought these two were finally done after their last reunion, perhaps Rihanna’s relationship with Drake, which she continues to flaunt in the media’s face whenever she can, is beginning to get on Chris’s nerves. But here’s the thing . . . . It is not Rihanna he wants, not really. Chris wants to specifically make Drake look like a fool once again by watching Rihanna kick him to the curb. Rihanna’s not fully over Chris and is basically settling for Drake based on her need for attention and love.

She recently began making very public gestures demonstrating she is into Drake once again. Rest assured, anything Rihanna does publicly might somehow be linked back to Chris Brown, always appearing to be the underlying factor in her media ploys. She is trying to show Chris that she is over him after he publically humiliated her once again by refusing to marry her after she gave him another chance. She thought the moment she gave him another chance, he’d be down on one knee. Instead, he told an interviewer he was not ready to “wife” her and just wanted to keep things more casual. That didn’t sit well with RiRi and now she wants him to hurt a little too, especially now that he is sober and has a clear head.

Her plan may have worked. On the heels of reports that Drake and Rihanna are heating up the stage and and Paris, Karrueche and Breezy seem to have ended things for good. As a fan reported to, Karrueche has stopped following Breezy on Twitter and Instagram, and he has responded by doing the same. If Chris attempts to get Rihanna back again, she’s going to make him commit before she takes anything farther. There’s no way she can take the embarrassment again and it is too painful for her to lose him again, especially to Karrueche.

So where will this love triangle lead this group? Maybe Kae and Drake should get together, leaving Chris and Rihanna together so they can travel somewhere far, far away. You can bet Drake is putting in work trying to keep RiRi now, especially knowing Chris is trying to get her back. Drake and Chris do not like each other and have past fist fights to prove it.

Is this really a game for RiRi’s love or is this simply turning into a match to see which man’s pride comes out on top? When will this girl wake up? Tell us what you think, CDLers!

Image credit to FameFlynet