Cody Williams: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Williams’ Youngest Son

Cody Williams: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Robin Williams' Youngest Son

Cody Williams is the youngest of Robin Williams’ three children. Cody is from Williams’ second marriage to his wife, Marsha Garces, to whom he was married for nearly 20 years. The kids, Zelda and Cody, had their parents together for most of their childhood and the parents were very active in Hollywood and film. It is no surprise then that Zelda and Cody would both also work in the industry when they grew up. What other things do you probably not know about Cody?

Here are five things you didn’t know about Cody Williams:

He was the Apple of his Father’s eye – By all accounts, Cody was loved immensely by his father. The two of them were peas in a pod and always spoke extremely highly of one another. Few Hollywood kids are lucky enough to have a close relationship with their parents, but Cody clearly did. This is made even more incredible by the fact that Robin and Marsha ended up in divorce. They still kept that powerful relationship intact. This has to be horrible for young Cody.

He is an Assistant Director– He followed in the footsteps of his parents by joining the movie industry and is an Assistant Director. He worked on American Reunion and Trouble with the Curve. He has been doing this work since 2001. Cody has already shown a special eye for the camera and is considered an up and comer in the industry.

He also studied music, getting a degree in music production -This is something that Robin always loved as was evident by the various characters and funny moments in film. During The Birdcage and other films, Williams got the chance to channel Madonna and countless others in funny moments on film.

His mother is Marsha Garces – As mentioned, his mother is Marsha Garces, formerly Marsha Williams…Robin’s 2nd wife. They met when Marsha was hired as the live-in nanny for Cody’s half-brother, Zak. Cody’s parents split in 2008 after 19 years of marriage. The kids were adults by this time. Williams’ cited his alcohol addiction as a reason for their split.

He is the youngest of Robin’s children. Of the three children Robin Williams fathered, Cody is the youngest at just 22 years old. He has a busy career and a strong future ahead of him, despite the terrible tragedy of his dad’s suicide death.

While many may not have been familiar with Cody Williams before the death of his father, we know this young man has a strong future in the business and in life and we wish him all the best with wherever life takes him.

Image credit: Fame/Flynet