Cressida Bonas Wants Prince Harry Back From New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow

Cressida Bonas Wants Prince Harry Back From New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow

Ah there is nothing quite as entertaining as a love triangle, especially one of royal proportions. Prince Harry split from longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas a few months back and rumors have spun ever since. We heard everything from her ending it because she didn’t want to be a royal to Harry pulling the plug because Cressida was too boring. The bottom line is that after Cressida half moved into Kensington Palace with Harry the couple split pretty quickly.

Supposedly Cressida regretted the split and was using Princess Beatrice to try and smooth things over with Harry so that a reconciliation could be possible and perhaps the former couples’ tensions had eased a bit. Cressida must have had a shred of hope that she and Harry would reunite because sources say that after news spread about Harry’s hook up with Camilla Thurlow not being a one shot deal, she went nuclear.

Harry was publicly linked to Camilla this week and the new duo seem to have a lot more in common than Harry and Cressida ever did. Camilla is a beauty queen that works for The Halo Trust, the anti-landmine organization that was closely linked to Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana. Aside from those things Camilla is hardly the wallflower that Cressida was. Instead she is known to be the life of the party and can keep up with Harry’s drinking when challenged. Girlfriend works and plays hard, just like Harry.

Cressida’s Hollywood aspirations were another strike against her with the royal family which is ironic because her focusing on Harry kind of cost her that career in dance that she originally wanted. Her royal connection helped her to grab an acting gig or two but it’s unrealistic to think that Cressida’s acting career will go very far so in essence she lost the guy and the job. No wonder she’s freaking out. Up until now Harry has had a type, skinny, extremely blonde and heavily made up. Camilla is a brunette that needs little make up to be a whole lot hotter than Cressida ever was. It’s pretty clear that Harry has upgraded and Cressida knows it.

So now that Harry has moved on what do you think that Cressida’s next move will be? Will she make a power play to try and get Harry back? Or will we see her out and about with an attractive guy on her arm in a purposeful public display to prove that she is doing just fine? Will Harry play into that scenario and get as jealous as Cressida would like? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Cressida Bonas Wants Prince Harry Back From New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow

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  1. […] Celeb Dirty Laundry have now reported that Harry actually has a lot more in common with Camilla then he ever did with Cressida. Camilla works with The Halo Trust, which is an anti-land mine group that Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, worked closely with in the past. Camilla, who is a beauty queen, is also known for her partying antics too and her friends are adamant that, like Harry, she is the life and soul of any soiree that she attends, plus she can also drink hard too. […]

  2. Fed Up says:

    this is exclusively for jeanette: I can barely understand your corrupted use of the English language. It reads like the pidjin English which those in the islands use. Please write your responses in Oxford English so we can ALL understand what you are attempting to express and please do a spell check as well. Thank you.

    • Dd says:

      Shut up- fed up, people in the islands can speak and spell properly not backward like most of you, don’t mess with island people we are smart and full of common sense, not idiots

  3. Mary Jo Rohner says:

    Who wrote the article has it backwards. Cressida is much more prettier than Camillia and Cressida needs little make up and the new girl needs a full make up job, and more. Cressida is a goddess and the other girl maybe made it to some beauty pageant, but in my eyes she is not pretty!

  4. Bernadette Pessl says:

    I think Harry and Cressy fit much better together, since the two are a little crazy. I also think that Cressy is more beautiful than Camilla. I think that Cressy, if they also have a very great princess could be a little exercise has, since she has experience with the press. Camilla, however, is more the party girl. I think Harry and Cressy still love each !!

  5. […] 25th print edition of Life & Style Magazine, Prince Harry has been all but ordered to choose a wife with rich pedigreed and a privileged background. Elizabeth thinks that the last thing that the monarchy needs is two commoners that need […]

  6. Hunnykins says:

    I cannot imagine that a Royal would surround himself with someone who A-appears to be a liar by revealing info that only the Palace would do and B- does not seem to be able to write and spell and C-uses Facebook

  7. Anonymousie says:

    I like that she’s a brunette and has a real job, but I don’t think she’s pretty at all! Her nose is strange and she has a slight nostril flare which I think is pretty unattractive. I wouldn’t look twice at her if I saw her in the street, but maybe she is more attractive in person? Ordinary is the word I’d use to describe her, but maybe she’s a wildcat in bed? Who knows. I’d prefer an ethereal beauty with natural grace and charm on his arm, but we shall see…