Cressida Bonas Tells Prince Harry NO Engagement and Marriage Yet – She Wants To Wait

Cressida Bonas Tells Prince Harry NO Engagement and Marriage Yet - She Wants To Wait

Although the Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry engagement rumors have shot up a notch after their recent public appearances, the Telegraph reports that Cressida is still unsure about her future with Harry. Uh-oh.

Apparently, Cressida’s having a difficult time trying to choose between her career and her future as a princess, especially since she does have a very bright future as a dancer and she genuinely loves it. But of course, if she chooses to get married to Harry, she’ll have to permanently say goodbye to that part of her life. It’s a tough choice, and I don’t blame her for dilly-dallying, although the royal family might be getting a tad impatient.

However, the Telegraph’s sources also add that Cressida hasn’t even been invited to meet the Queen yet, so an engagement’s not as close as people think it is. The source also adds, “People talk to Cressida all the time about Harry and she gets quite cross and says ‘I don’t want to get married yet’. If it was up to Harry he would get married straight away but he is very sensitive about her on this particular issue. Harry has told her he will wait.”

Apparently, their decision to make a public appearance together was a just a ‘natural development’, and its significance was overstated by the media. Cressida’s reportedly having trouble accepting the public nature of being Harry’s plus-one, and she’s trying to reconcile that with the life she used to know.

Basically, Cressida’s putting the engagement on hold because she’s not sure she can live the life of a princess and give up her dreams. It has nothing to do with Harry, but rather, everything his family represents. Ironically enough, if Harry was a civilian, I feel like he and Cressida would already be engaged and possibly even married by now. But obviously, Cressida has to think long and hard before she married into this family, especially since I don’t think divorce will really be an option – at least, not if she doesn’t want to incur the wrath of the queen, the rest of the royal family, and the royal-loving public.

  • Denese

    Uh-oh…that means she has someone else on the line who has more money, without the trappings of royal duty.

  • Bubbly

    people are fools if they believe that it’s her who doesn’t want to get married. Please give me me a break here! She would jump for it the moment he popped the question! I mean, Harry is not a beauty, true enough, and he is a dog of man (she won’t be able to count on him to keep his member in his pants while away from her for sure), but marrying him wouldn’t have to mean she has to give up her dancing which is a hobby as it is so it’s not a big deal anyway. She will never make a prima ballerina, this one. Career indeed! Besides that it’s the frills of getting hitched to a royal asshole she is after. So all this crap about giving up her “career” and him “waiting” – lol! you’ve got to be joking!

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  • beast

    I thought it was customary to wait to be asked before a person starts refusing a marriage proposal. at the rate her friends are talking I doubt the proposal will be forth coming. and what promising career are they talking about. lol. her PR really needs to get a grip. lol