Crisis RECAP 3/30/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “What Was Done to You”

Crisis RECAP 3/30/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “What Was Done to You”

Tonight on NBC their new drama CRISIS airs with another new episode.  If last week is any indication we are putting this on our must watch list.  On tonight’s episode called, “What Was Done to You.”  On it The chief of staff is sent on a perilous mission to save his child. Meanwhile, the hostages learn a valuable lesson from the mastermind as they attempt an escape.

On last week’s episode after a mysterious phone call, Meg Fitch (Gillian Anderson) had to collect a large sum of cash in order to get her daughter Amber (Halston Sage) back safely. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Ambassador was tasked with doing the unthinkable to get his son back. Elsewhere, Dunn (Rachael Taylor) and Finley (Lance Gross) began working together to track down the whereabouts of a missing secret service agent and uncovered a surprising secret. At the mansion, the students of Ballard High School were tested by their captors. Dermot Mulroney, Michael Beach, James Lafferty, Max Schneider, Stevie Lynn Jones, Joshua Erenberg and Max Martini also starred.

On tonight’s episode after Finley (Lance Gross) and Dunn (Rachael Taylor) meet with the President (guest star John Allen Nelson) and First Lady (guest star Melinda McGraw), they soon realize that the Chief of Staff (guest star Michael Bunin) is the next parent sent on a dangerous mission to save his child. At the mansion, the mastermind teaches one of the hostages a lesson as they try to escape. Dermot Mulroney, Michael Beach, James Lafferty, Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Stevie Lynn Jones, Joshua Erenberg and Max Martini also star. Adam Miller recurs.

Will CRISIS be another huge hit for NBC? Well we’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action  right here for you. The advance buzz on this show has been pretty good and old X-Files fans are always thrilled when Gillian Anderson pops up somewhere. Will you be checking out the action? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Director Olsen and the agents try to figure out why the kidnappers wanted the soldiers hidden in the embassy. He tells them he wants to get warrants ASAP to start watching the parents of the kidnapped kids since they’re obviously being used to carry out tasks for the kidnappers. Susie and Marcus rush off to get this done. Thomas asks which satellites are searching for them it looks like most of them and he asks to see what their site looks like from above. Koz says the agencies are all talking about them but he’s got them covered. They open up a secure line to make the next call.

Outside the White House, there’s a vigil for the kidnapped kids. Inside, it’s chaos. Susie and Marcus are there and ready to talk to the President. Frank Beckwith, White House Chief of Staff, gets a call from the kidnappers. He tells them it’s a national security line and they tell him to focus and that they have his son. He asks who this is and they tell him if they take care of what they want, they’ll take care of his  child.

Frank asks what they want and they tell him to call General Osborne and tell him he need to meet with him alone with important White House business. Thomas tells him it’s about truth and pain and hangs up on him.

Marcus and Susie come into the first family’s chambers and Mrs. Devore asks if he was with Kyle. He asks if he was the one shot by Hearst and she says he managed to save Anton. He tells her he couldn’t get to Kyle and apologizes. The President tells him he owes no apologies for his actions. They ask what they need from them. Susie tells them the parents are being used by the kidnappers and as the most powerful, they are most likely to be used.

She asks if he’s been used yet and he asks if she has o problem accusing him of working with the kidnappers and she tells him she’s working on behalf of those kidnapped kids. Devore tells them he took an oath and would let his son die before he broke his oath of office. He tells her to work hard for those kids so he doesn’t have to make that choice. Marcus tells Mrs. Devore he’ll find her son and she tells him to hurt the man who took him.

Thomas tells the crew it’s time to use the Chief of Staff as the man in position. Koz orders  guy to come out to the vigil. He has a briefcase. Frank meets with Marcus and Susie and he tells them he has to serve the president and he tears up and says he fought with his son the last time he saw him. Marcus asks if the kidnapper has contacted them and he lies and says no. Susie asks if he’s found a cell phone and he says no and asks them to step out when his phone rings because it might be a confidential call. She says they’ll leave if it is.

It’s Thomas and Frank tells him he can’t talk because the FBI is there. Thomas tells him to say it’s his wife and that he needs to talk to her alone. Susie asks to speak to her to tell her that FBI is on the way to interview her and Susie insists on taking the phone. She asks for Mrs Beckwith and Thomas’ female sidekick takes the call. She confirms her address and tells her that she’s out front at the vigil and asks fi Frank can come out front.

They escort Frank out and ask if he sees his wife. They hear screams and find a plastic envelope with a photo and a finger in it. The candle goes off like a roman candle and the crowd disperses. They see that Frank picked up a bag and has run away in the confusion. Sophie and Marcus chase after him and each call their agencies to get back up and tell them the Chief of Staff is compromised. Secret Service grab the Prez and take him down to the bunker.

Olsen alerts the FBI that everything is shut down. All lights red. All trains and taxis shut down until they get Frank. Marcus and Sophie agree they have to shoot Frank if it comes to it. They almost have him when a motorcycle pulls up and he hops on. Neither of them shoots him and Marcus tells her he just can’t shoot a parent.

The kidnappers tell the kids that Aziz is back home with his parents and tell them if their parents do what they ask, they will get to go home too. Olsen asks his techs if they’ve found the motorcycle but they haven’t. We see it pull into an alley and Frank gets off. They guy who picked him up is another parent – Clark Froy – the kidnapper calls and tells him to keep going. Frank asks what’s in the bag. Thomas tells him to dump the phone and take the bag. He tells him there will be nothing left of his son but the messy room if he doesn’t comply. He gets into the car.

One of Thomas’ crew comments that he must hate them and he asks who and he says the parents. Thomas says they are just the tool and you don’t hate the tool. He says he was at the charity auction for the school and saw them plop down tens of thousands on junk they didn’t need and that he saw it as a mission. He says he spent the last 20 years in the basement of the CIA planning coups and that inspired him to come up with an idea to make the parents his weapons. He says he wants to break the CIA the way they broke him. He says he also wants to save these poor kidnapped children. The guy looks uncomfortable and Koz tells him to go do his rounds.

Susie is upset that she was on the phone with the kidnappers. Marcus is on Frank’s office line and he asks the White House operator to patch him through to the last number that called in. Koz monitors this and Thomas tells him to put the call through to the Beckwiths house. They ask if she has called the White House and then asks to speak to the FBI on scene. They put them on and Marcus tells her the trace went back to the Chief of Staff house. Susie asks to speak to POTUS and they tell her he’s in the bunker for the duration but she tells them that he needs to get up there and help them sort this out.

Thomas watches the news about the body part found at the vigil and then sees an alert for a window alarm and they tell him one of the hostages is trying to escape. Most of the kids are sleeping but one guy is pulling on the cables at the windows. They see a kid creeping down the hall – the president’s kid – and Thomas says he’s looking to be a hero like his dad.

Thomas sends a couple of their guys after him and they knock him down. Thomas speaks to him on a radio and says terrible things can happen to him there and his powerful parents can’t stop him. He tells him he’ll die in 45 seconds – he says his dad ends lives every day and that his parents would be happy just to get his body back. He tells him to go back to bed and the guy stops choking him. He gasps for air.

Susie tells her boss the severed finger is Frances Gibson (aka Thomas Gibson) the kidnapper they still thank is just a parent along for the ride. They still have no lead on Frank. They tell them the guards they killed have been scrubbed from the system. Susie thinks they may be Special Forces. She checks autopsy and all have trigger finger callouses. Marcus wants to show their photos and Susie has an idea. They bring in Morgan Roth (Anton’s dad) and Susie threatens him. He tells her she has no idea what a parent would do to keep a child safe.

They show him the photos of the dead men and he says Anton might recognize them because he has a photographic memory. They asks if he’s okay seeing pics of dead people and he agrees. Anton is impressed that Marcus took out these guys and calls him a badass. He points out two and says they were at the house and says they were from DWP. They pull up the Roth’s home security system and find the truck. Susie tells the analyst he has 20 minutes to find the truck and where it went.

Marcus asks Susie what she would do if it was her kid taken and she says anything. He asks if she would hurt innocent people and she says that’s what they should be prepared for. She asks him the same question. He says there would be no stopping him. The analyst calls them back and tells them it made three stops before it came back. It went to Roth’s house and Beckwith’s and Clark’s house. They ask who that is and recognize him as a parent. He owns car and cycle dealerships and they know he must have been the driver.

Frank and Clark drive and try to figure out what they’re being asked to do. Frank tells him he’s supposed to meet General Osborne and Clark says he was given the key to the bag. Frank asks him to open it but Clark refuses and says they have to do what they were told. Marcus tells Susie that they used Clark because he has access to hundreds of cars so they can’t be traced. They decide to head back to the White House.

Kyle tells Frank’s son that the guards knew he was coming. He says he heard no discernible accents. Another kid says they are still in America – he can tell by the electrical outlets. Kyle says he was briefed on what to do if he was ever taken. He says he’s supposed to be an active hostage and try to get information. He tells them the guards almost killed him and the other kid says they need to lay low. Frank’s son says their parents will do whatever it takes.

Marcus calls back to the White House operator and confirms the kidnappers called twice with an hour between them. They ask to see surveillance tape of the Chief’s office. The security lady says there is no tape but the POTUS comes in and says they need to show them the tape so they can see what he’s being forced to do. He takes them into a security room where everything is monitored. They watch Frank at his desk. We see him doing paperwork and then him looking at a photo of his son. He’s on a call and doesn’t look happy. We hear him arrange the meeting with Osborne to discuss the kidnapping. POTUS says he didn’t ask him to set that meeting and they realize that’s the target.

Koz tells Thomas that everyone will break under torture. Olsen is told Osborne is the target and he’s in charge of all kinds of mass weaponry. The kidnappers find out that the FBI is tracking Osborne’s phone. Thomas tells them to clone Osborne’s number then project it. The FBI gets lots of diversions and Marcus chooses one he thinks is most likely and he and Sophie head out. Sophie wonders what will happen if they stop the parents from carrying out their mission.

Koz tells Thomas that Beckwith is meeting Osborne and that Froy is already waiting in the hotel suite but that they don’t have video in there. Clark sits there and gets a call from the kidnapper. He tells them he has the bag. Thomas tells him he knows he was tortured five years ago in the line of duty. They tell him to open the bag and he sees jumper cables and a gun. They tell him to do to Osborne what was done to him and he begs them not to make him do it. Clark hears someone at the door and he holds up the gun. It’s Beckwith and Osborne and the General asks what’s going on.

Sophie and Marcus are stuck in traffic five blocks away. They get out of their car and hoof it past the accident that’s stopped traffic. Koz asks why Thomas sent them to the presidential suite and he tells him it’s soundproof. Clark tells Frank to put his mind on something else while he takes care of it. Thomas tells Clark to put the earbud in the general’s ear. He tells him when the light is green to put the cables on him and when it’s red to stop. He says for he and Frank to put headphones on so they don’t hear what the General is saying – he says they don’t need to know what he’s saying. They put them on and Thomas speaks to the General – he says he has questions about Operation Lenox. He says he needs proof of the massacre and the General denies knowing it. The light goes green and Clark puts the jumpers on him. Sophie and Marcus rush toward the hotel. Thomas is alerted to their presence. His female tech calls the hotel and says she’s being stalked by a black guy with a gun. Security acts on it. Thomas tells him that Clark will keep torturing him to save his daughter. He demands proof and Osborne asks if he’s Gibson. Thomas says he’s not but that when they broke him he gave his name up. The light goes green again and Clark shocks him again.

Sophie and Marcus are at a stand off with the guards and they prove who they are then call for backup and ask for the key to the suite. Osborne begs Frank to put a stop to it. The light goes green again and Clark picks up the jumpers. Osborne tells him there’s a video in vault 48 at the CIA main building. He tells him to authenticate by stating his name and he does. The light goes out and Clark and Frank pull off their headphones.

Frank apologizes to Osborne and he says he understands but says that Thomas is going to make him kill him. He asks him to untie him. Then Osborne has the gun and holds it on Clark and asks what he knows about the kidnappers. He shoots Clark twice and tells Frank he’s going to shoot him too. He demands they tell him what they know about the kidnappers. Then Sophie and Marcus come in and tell Osborne they are there to help him.

Marcus tells Osborne to put the gun down and he says he had to shoot Clark. Thomas tells Osborne in his ear to put the gun down and let them help him – he says he’s heading for a court martial and everyone knowing the truth about him being a criminal and a murdered. Marcus demands that he put the gun down and Thomas tells him there’s more waiting for him and he says a CIA bullet because they won’t let him testify. Osborne says he’s right and they realize he’s talking to the kidnapper. He puts the gun to his chest and shoots himself in the heart. Thomas hangs up and tells them to wipe all trace of the call.

Frank tells them he has no idea what the kidnappers talked to Osborne about. He says they wore headphones and that all he knew was that it was about truth and pain. He asks if he can have his son back now. Clark and Frank’s kids are left in a tent in an alley full of homeless people. They’re brought in to FBI to reunite. Frank’s son runs to him and hugs him. Sophie says they have no idea what Osborne gave up and Marcus says the kidnapper was talking to him the whole time and that it was highly personal.

Thomas crosses Osborne off in his notebook. He says it’s going to crush Osborne’s family to find out who he really is. Koz asks how he’s going to get the film out of the CIA vault. He has two parent names on that page – Yarrow and Wirth and tells Koz it’s time to place the next call.