Crisis RECAP 4/20/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Here He Comes”

Crisis RECAP 4/20/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Here He Comes”

Tonight on NBC their new drama CRISIS airs with another new episode. If last week is any indication we are putting this on our must watch list. On tonight’s episode called, “Here He Comes” Finley and Dunn try to catch the kidnappers. Kyle beings his plot to escape and Meg betrays someone close to her for information along with Wiedener working on an enigmatic asset.

On last week’s episode Gibson’s wife saught information about the CIA’s secret soldier program. Meanwhile, the CIA targeted an off-the-grid Dunn and Finley when they went to drastic measures to gain information; and Meg investigated her company’s connection to the kidnapping while desperately attempting to get Amber back.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Finley and Dunn try to draw the kidnappers out of hiding. Meanwhile, Kyle plots an escape as Beth Ann fears for his safety; Meg betrays someone close to her in a bid to get information; and Widener works with an enigmatic asset.

Will CRISIS be another huge hit for NBC? Well we’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. The advance buzz on this show has been pretty good and old X-Files fans are always thrilled when Gillian Anderson pops up somewhere. Will you be checking out the action? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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A news report about the three released students and one dead parent plays. Koz tells the guy they will hold the two soldiers for a couple of days until the heat dies down and then will take them to Gibson. They are in a metal box in a rail yard.

Finley and Dunn work out a plan with the FBI Director Olsen on how to tempt the kidnappers. They need to release a real file and Finley says the kidnappers are watching their daily parent meeting at the school and they can leak the information that way. Olsen tells them to do it. They head out to get the hook baited.

Dunn gets a text from a blocked number that says – I know you’re Amber’s mom. Beth Anna and Kyle are kissing and he asks if she trusts him. She says she does and he says he has a plan to get them all out. He tells her he’s going to set the place on fire.

At the Ballard school, the parents file in. Finley asks Dunn if she’s ready. She says she is and he asks if she’s edgy about the text she got. She says no. Meg is not at the school. She is looking at a real estate rental listing and scanning the comments section on a particular rental. A comment pops up and she has a flash back to she and Jonas in bed together. He had shown her that secret code to know to meet him there.

Kyle pulls the cover off a power outlet when Beth Ann warns him about a guard. She asks what will happen after he starts the fire. He tells her he will open the window and that maybe someone will see the smoke. She worries he’ll be beaten like Jin Liao but he tells her he’s doing it.

Finley whispers to Dunn that he thinks they need to tell the parents that they think one of their own is in on it. Gibson listens in and they talk about the file and she says she just had it and hasn’t turned it in yet because she doesn’t trust the CIA. He tells her he’ll give her 12 hours before they have to turn it over.

Francis calls Koz and tells him he has a new priority. Koz doesn’t want a new task without more money but Francis tells him he’s got something better and says the file is in the hands of one of the Feds that killed his brother and this time, Francis says, you can kill him. Koz is pleased. Dunn gets surveillance equipment installed and the techs take off. Dunn observes from a car and Olsen from headquarters.

She gets another text from the blocked number that says – you’re going to help me. She pauses and Finely chastises her and tells her not to stop. He says the kidnappers could be there at any moment. She walks away.

Widener meets with Meg and asks what she wants. She says she wants her daughter back and asks how she’s involved with the kidnapping. She says she knows it’s CIA related and wants to know how she’s involved. He says she doesn’t want to know and he tells her to let him judge. He shows her the video and tells her they were part of an advanced training protocol treated with a drug that killed empathy. He says he ordered the drug and her company made the drug. She asks who the kidnapper is and he says he doesn’t know. She tells him not to lie and he asks what’s in it for him. She says she has something he wants.

Kyle grabs toilet paper to help with the fire. Beth Ann finds Ian obsessing about normal life and she asks what’s going on and why he attacked the guard. She asks what happened in the room with Amber and he says they found out what he is. She asks if he’s high and if it makes him feel better. He says it just makes him feel less. He asks if she still wants to run away with him and she says she doesn’t know. He tells her things got better with her in here – with Kyle – but things got worse for him.

Finley chews out Dunn and tells her to get her head in the game. She hands him her phone so he can see the two texts. She says that makes her just another parent they want to use on a mission. She says she texted back but no answer. They agree their operation is still a go and he asks what she will do when they ask her to do something. She says she’s never been a mother and has never even been an aunt. She says she doesn’t know what she would feel but they can’t cancel the mission.

She says she has to step off but he disagrees and says they need to trace the text. He says he knows a guy that can run them through another system. They watch the monitors and see a kidnapper show up to pick up the file. Finley alerts the FBI that they are live. Koz goes into the room and takes photos of the files. Francis gets the images from his tech girl and he tells them to decrypt them. She says it’s not a CIA file – it just ties him to the soldiers.

Francis says this is evidence for Jonas to be a whistle blower and he wonders what Jonas is hiding and where. Finley puts a tracking device onto Koz’s car. Finley sees some code on blood chemistry and tells her to decrypt that and she says it’s a map. He tells her to find out what it’s a map of. Finley runs off right before Koz comes out of the building and jogs to his car. Koz drives off and they have a drone on his car to let him lead the FBI to the kids.
[10:49:50 PM] Rachel Rowan: Widener approaches a guy at a tourist info booth who’s actually an operative. Widener asks if he’s got anything on Clarenbach and he says there are a lot of moving pieces. The guy says it would be easier if he stopped shaking the board and Widener tells him to keep listening. The guy makes a call. Koz pulls up at a gas station. Finley and Dunn follow at a distance. Koz goes into the gas station.

Francis comes to Beth Ann and asks if she’s okay. She says definitely not and tells him that one of the kids is trying to escape. He asks who but she says she can’t tell. He tells her she needs to trust someone and she tells him it’s Kyle. He says he didn’t know they are friends and she asks what she can do. She says Kyle wants to be a leader but is going to get himself killed.

He tells her sometimes you need to save people from themselves and she asks how. He asks her to think about what Kyle really needs and a way to give it to her. Francis tells her she’s smart and will figure it out. He says it’s funny because a week ago she wouldn’t have told him that. Francis goes into a room and then secretly enters the control room.

Finley tells Dunn they’ll get her daughter. They realize that Koz stopping there is odd because he would gas up first. They debate whether to follow or check the gas station. They head into the garage bay, guns drawn and creep around. The drone and other units follow Koz. They ID vehicles used at the kidnapping.

There is a car on the lift and Finley lowers it. Soldiers come up to the brick building they think the kidnapper went into. They see kids and Olsen demands an ID. Dunn and Finley circle the car. They ID the kid as Taylor Bennett – one of the hostages. They pop the trunk on the car and see nothing there. She gets a call telling her they found the kids. They take off.

The soldiers approach the house. Kyle and Beth Ann sit and he’s ready to start the fire. He makes some sparks and then notices the paper in the trash can is wet. He asks if she did this and then scrambles for dry paper. He tries to light a book on fire. The soldiers get closer and Olsen tells them it’s a go. Kyle gets the book lit and holds it up. He takes it to the door and runs down the hall with it.

The soldiers get close as he puts in a trash can. Alarms go off. He pads his hand with a towel and punches out a window so they smoke goes out. The other kids add fuel to the fire. They tell Olsen that Taylor Bennett’s (the kid they saw) dad has been missing for two hours. One of the guards comes in with a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. They ask who’s responsible.

The soldiers report back that the kids are mannequins and it’s just Taylor and his Dad – who is dressed like Koz – that are there. Francis tells them to pick a kid at random and Kyle says it’s him. Francis tells him to send the kids to their bunks and tell them that punishment will begin at six a.m. Francis says it was a good plan but he should have started three fires and says that would have worked.

Francis tells them to get him Koz who crawls out of the oil storage tank in the garage. He says he has a destination and tells him to go find out what Jonas has been hiding. He hops into the car they took off the lift.

Olsen calls and tells them that it was a dupe. Dunn tells Finley they were right about the gas station stop being a dupe. They are still outside and follow Koz and report to Olsen that they are on him. Dunn tells Finley not to lose them. Finley gets a message back from his guy who tells them that her texts didn’t come from the kidnappers but from Amber’s biological dad. Olsen calls Dunn but the closer they are to Koz’s car, the more their calls break up. They agree to stay on him and make the call later.
[11:04:48 PM] jody overland: u do castle right?
[11:04:59 PM] Rachel Rowan: yes
[11:05:01 PM] Rachel Rowan: i can
[11:05:04 PM] Rachel Rowan: i did b4
[11:05:37 PM] jody overland: k
[11:08:00 PM] Rachel Rowan: Meg comes to the beach house and thinks about being Jonas showing her the secret code. He’s there waiting on her. She recalls him showing here the video of the slaughter and tells him she can’t know or she could be subpoenaed. He tells her she paid for it and she tells him he has to know what happens now. Jonas asks who the people are and she says it’s her FBI escorts because of the kidnapping.

She tells him she’s glad that he responded to her messages. He tells her she looks good and then grabs her and tells her she threw him away because he wasn’t useful anymore. He says he would have left his wife and everything for her. He kisses her roughly and says she tastes like he remembers. She tells him to let her go. He asks why she started looking for him and she says she saw FBI files and his photo at the Pakistani embassy.

He asks to tell her what happened so they can repair the damage. She says she know what happened and he says Widener must have told her. He begs her not to give him to Widener. He says something bigger is going on and she says nothing is bigger than her daughter. She tells him sorry. An SUV pulls up and she says sorry again as the CIA comes to take him away. She calls Widener and he tells her it was Francis Gibson that took the kids. She says he’s a Ballard parent who doesn’t seem capable. She asks what he wants.

Koz comes to a storage unit and snaps photos. Francis tells his tech it’s what Jonas was too scared to keep at his house. It’s photos of people that are all dead – she runs a search – accidents, suspicious deaths and unsolved homicides. She asks Francis who those people are. Koz snaps photo after photo.

Dunn and Finley park behind his car and come in guns drawn. They hear a whistle and he shouts out – hey Secret Service – remember my brother. Finley responds and mocks his brother’s death as they creep down the hall. She tells him they need the guy alive. She turns the corner and Finley takes another corner. A door slams and he runs into the stairwell then up. He steps onto the roof and into the sun. Koz knocks the gun out of his hand with a board then used it to block the door.

He starts to beat on Finley who fights back (despite his recent wound…) and they go at each other. He tries for Koz’s gun and he rants at Finley about his brother. He asks if his brother hit like that then strikes Finley several times hard. Finley gives back as good as he gets and then has a gun and demands to know where the kids are. Koz tells him he had a kid in the trunk of his car and he’ll text where he is after he lets him go.

Finley shoots him in the leg and Koz threatens to jump and says if he dies, they get no kids, but if he lets him get to the fire escape, he’ll get at least one. He asks how he can trust Koz and he says it’s not what we do. Dunn makes it to the roof and she asks where Koz is. He says he lost him. He gets a text with the info on the parking garage where he can find the kid and he tells her it was worth it. Dunn sys – we lost her.

Soldiers go to the vehicle in the parking garage and find a Ballard kid in the trunk. Finley and Dunn go look for the unit Koz was checking out. Finley says the kidnapper put a lot on the line to find this place. They look at all the unsolved murders. Judge, investigators, congressmen, foreign operatives. Finley recognizes one – it was a human rights activist shot with his family. Finley says that was the one that started it – when Widener realized what the drug did.

Dunn says these are all assassination and wonders why the kidnapper wanted this information. Francis explains that Widener is using the programs and soldiers that Francis trained as his own personal hit squad. Finley says it’s all right there and its not finished.

Francis comes to talk to Kyle and says he’s there to talk about what he did. Francis tells him he’s stupid and Kyle says it would have worked and Francis says it wouldn’t have. He asks Kyle if he wants to get out and says he needs a better plan and he has experience with that and will work with him if he’s serious.

Meg thinks about Jonas and her in bed kissing and gets teary. Finley and Dunn share a bottle of booze and he asks what Amber’s dad wants. She says he wants nothing good. She asks what if they don’t get the kids back. She says the kidnapper is better and smarter than them. She asks what’s he doing with the kids – the CIA and the soldiers. She asks again what’s he doing. They drink and think. Finley tells her to come on and says let’s ask him. They go back to the school auditorium and go to the stage. They tell him they know there is a hit squad and asks if that’s why he took the kids. Francis watches them. Dunn gets a call from an unknown number.