CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap 12/21/14: Season 15 Episode 11 “Angle of Attack”

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap 12/21/14: Season 15 Episode 11 "Angle of Attack"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns with an all new Sunday December 21, season 15 episode 11 called, “Angle of Attack” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the investigation of an apparent hit-and-run accident leads the CSIs into the world of aeronautics.

On the last episode, the CSI team investigated the bizarre death of a man who was killed not once, but twice. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The CSI’s investigation of the victim of an apparent hit and run leads them into the world of aeronautics.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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There’s blood on the ground, sirens and Nick and Greg ask Dave what he’s got. He says it looks like a hit and run but they think it’s more of a drag. Nick says there are no skid marks and says the angle is wrong. Greg wonders if it’s a body dump. They look at some glass and Nick says it’s too thick for a car. Dave rolls the guy over and finds more of the glass embedded in the guy. Nick wonders if it’s a jumper. Greg says there’s no place to jump from right here.

His ID says he’s Bradley Weaks, an accountant who works on the 30th floor of Silver Springs tower. They look up at a tower that’s nearby but way too far away for this – at least 200 feet or more. Nick says that’s a hell of a jump. Greg goes up to Weaks’ office with DB and they say the glass looks like what was on the victim. There are two broken windows and it looks like something blasted through it.

DB points out a scorch mark on the floor and they wonder if it was something rocket powered. Greg says maybe it didn’t detonate. Greg says he could have been standing by the window, hit and took him out the window and 100 yards down the street. DB says no one would kill an accountant that way. DB says they need to put the window back together and find the projectile. Greg gets the window project.

He works on it with Julie. They are rebuilding the window chunk by chunk like a jigsaw puzzle. They get down to a hole that indicates an impact zone bigger than an RPG. She says it’s 24 to 30 inches. They wonder what could be that big and rocket powered. He jokes that it could be a cruise missile. Morgan asks Sara if she can bounce something off her.

She says she’s looking into Weaks and possible enemies. She says he’s pretty average but has one possible lead. She says the firm have tenuous ties to a Colombian cartel. She says it’s the only angle she’s come across. Hodges says he’s working on the UFO and says that’s what he’s calling it for now. He says he found fuel residue – jet fuel. He says it’s a jet engine, not a rocket.

They wonder if it was piloted, not fired. Hodges says the jet was slowing down. Nick tells DB that even so it was going fast. He says based on momentum needed to break the glass it could have traveled another quarter to half mile and shows him a sector where it could have landed. DB sends out uniforms to look for it.

Julie and Nick head to see what they found. A van was trashed by an impact and there’s a body in it. An angry man comes out and asks what happened to his taxi. He got off duty and has been asleep. Nick wonders whose dead if the cabby was asleep. They open he door and find a chunk that may have been an engine then the nosecone. Julie finds a helmet and Nick finds a boot with a foot still in it.

He says the person flew in here and Julie asks if the missile was a man. We see video of a wing suit. Nick tells him that the guy was likely in one of these and says they can go up to 220 miles an hour. DB asks why he would strap a jet engine onto it as well. Nick says Morgan has been working with David on it to separate man from machine.

He comes in and Morgan says one of her exes had a wing suit. which wasn’t this high tech. Nick says it looks very advanced with a metal exo-skeleton. He looks at the propulsion system and Morgan says it’s very sophisticated. She shows him something extra – there are leads on it and they theorize it’s like a black box. Henry says he ran DNA and found him in an Air Force database. He says Captain Robert Holland was stationed at Nellis and is on the way in.

They bring the wife in with Major Mills, his boss. He says Holland wasn’t on duty last night and the suit belongs to a DOD contractor. He says Holland was on loan to TRP for testing. He says he has no idea why he was out in the suit. He says test pilots live to fly and may have taken it for a joy ride. His wife, Amanda, says he wasn’t like that but Mills says her husband downplayed the risks.

DB asks when she last saw her husband – she says it’s been three days but it’s common since he started working with TRP. Mills says this is TRP’s fault for allowing them to let Holland take out the suit. Amanda is angry that he’s blaming her husband. Amanda tells Mills she forgot her phone then sneaks back to DB. She says he never would have flown without permission. She thinks the Air Force is trying to cheat her out of benefits and he promises to find the answers.

Greg says the rig had two chutes and that the reserve should have deployed on its own. They wonder if it was damaged by the impact. They wonder why and decide to test it by tricking it into popping. They first apply air pressure to it then rapidly release it to simulate rapid descent. It doesn’t go off. Greg checks the sensor and then shows Nick that it’s been tampered with. They see tool marks and know the circuit was cut.

Greg fixes the circuit and the shoot deploys instantly. Nick says that turns an accident into murder. Over at TRP, Ms Mason is introduced to Nick and Crawford. She says they must have word on Holland. She says he stole a wing suit. prototype and they haven’t seen him since. She says she assumes he’s in trouble. They tell her Holland killed himself and an innocent man.

She says they likely will want to see the Icarus lab. She takes them to the lab. They see more wing suits. Mason introduces them to Lance Farris, a coworker of Holland’s and fellow officer. He says he needs to see the suit to see what went wrong but they tell him it’s evidence. Nick asks what tool he’s using and he says it was specially made by him. Nick asks to take it back to the crime lab. Mason says they have nothing to hide and asks him to go with them.

The tool matches the marks that sabotaged the suit. Lance says Bobby was like a brother to him. Nick says they just need answers to help the widow. He says Bobby didn’t steal the suit. He is upset and has a headache. He says the flight was not unauthorized by TRP. He says Mason is pushing them hard and paid incentives for them to hit hidden milestones.

He says Bobby got paid $25k for a prolonged flight. His headache is getting worse and he seems to phases out. He can barely hear them and asks if they remember that girl. He’s totally disoriented then has a seizure and falls out of his chair. Nick tries to help but there’s blood everywhere and then he’s dead. Nick and Crawford are in shock.

Julie goes to see Al and he tells her Lance died of cerebral edema – it swelled up and cut off his oxygen supply. She asks what caused the edema and he says HACE – high altitude cerebral edema. He says it’s caused by repeated rapid ascents. He tells her that he saw it in Holland’s brain tissue too – or what was left of it. Julie asks if he could have stroked out mid-flight. He says if he was dropped out of a plane at high altitude. She asks if hyperbaric chambers could cause it and Al says it could if used aggressively.

Mason lectures her workers in the lab. She tells them she knows there have been distractions but it’s no excuse for failure. Nick is there and he asks if she heard about Farris. He hands her a search warrant to seize medical records, flight data and all Icarus data. She says both were victims of HACE and he also says Holland’s chute was tampered with. He says he thinks she’s hiding something.

She says he needs military sign off and he says she knows he doesn’t. He asks her for the decryption key on the black box on Holland’s suit. She says he has to get it from the Air Force. DB brings in Mills and asks him for the code. He says he can’t give it to them – it’s classified. DB says he handed two pilots over to a contractor that may have gotten them killed and are hiding behind him now.

Mills says his hands are tied and DB says only if he lets them be. DB says Holland put his life at risk because Mills asks him to and asks him to do the right thing. Mills says there is a pass phrase and says he’ll have it sent over to them. He says it’s the right thing to do and walks out after DB thanks him.

Hodges tells Greg he’s struggling with the data retrieval. He says the numbers don’t make sense and the data may be corrupted. He shows Greg the biometric data. He says he looks like he was flat-lined the whole way and was dead before he took off. Greg reminds him the Sherlock Holmes quote about eliminating and accepting.

They wonder if it was a body dump. They say it was about 700-900 feet like a BASE jump. They need to figure out where he came from. Greg goes back to DB and says the flight began at the Delmore Towers – top floor corporate condo owned by TRP where Mason lived. Greg says the data shows he’s been jumping from the condo. DB and Greg wonder if Holland was hooking up with her.

DB theorizes that Mason and Holland got busy but then he has a stroke and dies so she loaded him on the wing suit and launched him to get him away from her condo. DB says disabling the chute makes it look like he was joyriding. Greg says it’s not a bad plan on the fly but DB says there’s likely evidence she missed. Morgan and Greg head to the condo to check it out.

Morgan says it doesn’t look like anyone has been there and they wonder if she cleaned up. Morgan puts down her gear and says that’s the balcony where Holland started his flight. Greg finds a little spot of blood and says Mason must have missed something. He asks her to hit the lights and sprays the carpet with Luminol. There’s a huge blood poll and then drops leading to the balcony and cast off.

Greg says this looks like a brutal beating and Morgan says it was a crime of passion not a HACE stroke out. They bring Mason in and Nick tells Julie she’s denying knowledge of Holland being in her condo and everything else. She’s got a high priced lawyer with her but Julie says even if she won’t talk, her condo will. Morgan and Greg dig in and find all sorts of goodies including the likely murder weapon.

They pack it all up and then work the theory. They think Holland and Mason were in bed together to start with. There are no prints on the murder weapon. Crawford says they got security camera footage and see Amanda following her husband there. They are in the elevator arguing. DB brings Amanda in to talk to her. Crawford shows her the video and says they can clearly see she lied.

DB says she knew all along but Amanda says it’s not like that. She says Bobby has been different and at first she thought it was the new job but then got the sense it was about another woman. She says she followed him and confronted him. She says in the elevator, he swore he was innocent and was training. She says she showed her the gear and she trusted him. She says she left.

She says she’s sorry she lied and says Mills was right about Bobby being a risk-taker. Crawford says she lied to keep the death benefits. She says that and to preserve his memory. They ask her for a DNA sample. Hodges shows Nick that Farris was taking a hard core diuretic that body builders use. Nick asks how that would kill him. Hodges shows him that it caused a sodium imbalance which is lethal when used with a hyperbaric chamber. Looks like more murder.

Henry works on the wooden murder weapon and other evidence they gathered from the scene. He preps his report and when Greg comes in, says he matched blood from the scene to Holland. He says the semen is from Holland and says he also found Mills DNA. Turns out Holland was fooling around with his male boss.

They bring Mills in and he is very stiff necked. He says Holland said he was going to leave him. He says they loved each other and they can’t understand it. Julie tells him to try. He says he loved Holland and thought he loved him too. He says his wife was asking questions and followed him. He says he was actually relieved because he thought it meant they could stop living the lie.

He says Holland told him it was over and that he loved his life. They argued and he hit Holland with the statue. He beat him mercilessly and then he says he panicked and cleaned up. They ask if he killed Farris too then show him they found the diuretic at his place too. Julie says because Farris was strong and it took extra time to die.

Mills says that Holland and Farris were best friends and he might have known the truth. Mills says he had no choice. Crawford says he has a choice and made the wrong one. DB comforts Amanda and tells her he’s sorry for all that she’s going through. She says her home is empty now. She asks if he keeps secrets from his wife. He says he used to, but not anymore. She says his wife is lucky then. She excuses herself and leaves.