Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller’s Restraining Order Against Kelly Hyland: Kelly Can’t Even Tweet Abby!

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller's Restraining Order Against Kelly Hyland: Kelly Can't Even Tweet Abby!

It was bound to happen eventually, but why did it have to be Kelly Hyland that attacked Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms? Out of all of the mothers, her kids appear to be the least interested. If honestly she didn’t like the way her girls were getting treated then she could have easily have taken her kids out of the Dance Company. It’s not like their hearts would have gotten broken, because again they don’t seem to care all that much about dancing. And if Abby hadn’t been teaching them since she was baby then these girls would have gotten kicked a long time ago. Maybe Kelly should have thought about that before laying her hands on someone else.

“Hyland was in court this morning in NYC facing assault and harassment charges after allegedly attacking Miller — who owns and runs the dance studio — in a fit of jealousy back in November”. I like how TMZ is already taking sides in the feud. If you’ve seen the show then automatically know Abby must have said something or found another way to embarrass Kelly’s daughters. So no; it wasn’t jealous that prompted this mother to snap. That brand of rage occurs when the skinniest kid gets fed up with the bully.

Abby is an amazing coach. There is no doubt about that, but she lacks people skills. As in she tends to make people want to kill her. Kelly so far has come the closest.  And for that the judge has issue a warning that she’s not allowed anywhere near Abby nor she should they have any contact. Done and done. It’s not like Kelly was still going to try and take her kids to Abby’s studio now was she?

  • MakeHerUp

    Nice example these women set for the girls in their care.

  • Yeah these poor girls.

  • Mike

    I think Kelly did her daughters, not to mention the other girls and mothers of the ALDC dabce troupe justice. Abby has done nothing but treat these girls as means to an end. Her teaching approach has veered moral and ethical lines since the shows origin

  • Lynn23

    Wonder if a Kelly was drinking. That’s when she looses it. Her girls want to model and sing not dance prof. Time to move on but fame is hard to let go.

  • Brenda Spano

    I agree abby treats them like crap. If it were my kids she would have heard it from me the first time. The moms could press charges against her too.

  • k.d.

    I’m heard the moms had signed a six season contract at the start of the show. If so that would explain why she didn’t leave the studio a long tine ago. And why Abby kept picking at her to drive her out instead of kick her out, the Dance Mind producers are probably the only ones who could’ve decided to fire Kelly but the ratings are to good with her and Abby at odds.