Dance Moms Kelly Hyland Attacks Abby Miller and Show Producers With Massive Lawsuit (Video)

Dance Moms Kelly Hyland Attacks Abby Miller and Show Producers With Massive Lawsuit (Video)

Kelly Hyland, cast member from Lifetime’s hit show Dance Moms, filed a five million dollar lawsuit against Abby Miller and the producers of Dance Moms. Kelly is suing for a laundry list of offenses which include but are not limited to assault, breach of contract, and defamation. These explosive charges are the result of an actual cat fight which occurred on last week’s episode. Kelly states in the documents obtained by TMZ that as she and her children were attempting to leave the studio, Abby lunged at her and attempted to bite her. Kelly then slapped Abby and pulled her hair in self defense. The police were called and according to Kelly, the producers of the show put her on a plane knowing that an arrest warrant would be issued for the sake of a storyline.

Abby Miller has since obtained a no contact order and Kelly’s future on the show is uncertain. The fact of the matter is Abby Lee Miller is a piece of work. She demeans and degrades those children and their parents. If her horrible attitude is apart of her reality tv schtick she needs a new one ASAP. Abby is delusional if she thinks she is going to come out of this without damage to her reputation. Abby has even freely admitted that she is verbally abusive because all on the moms are contractually obligated to be on the show; they can’t quit and she can’t get rid of them, so in her disturbed little mind, that gives her carte blanche to belittle and bully the moms and the children.

I was shocked by what I saw during that fight (Check it out here). As Kelly was trying to collect her daughters Abby is yelling at the girls telling them not to let their mother speak for them and at one point told them to “grow the hell up”. Hmmm, that would be good advice at age 25, but Kelly’s daughters are 15 years old, which makes them minors and yes parents can speak for their minor children! On what planet is it okay for an instructor of anything to encourage children to disobey their mother? Furthermore, the video clearly shows that Abby was the aggressor. She lunged at Kelly gnashing her teeth like a hungry hungry hippo; what normal person wouldn’t be alarmed by that?

Abby Lee Miller is nothing more that a big bully and I mean that literally as well as figuratively. It’s sad to say but when you’re a three hundred pound woman attempting to bite someone’s face off, the fat jokes kind of write themselves and it’s easier to make fun of a bad person. I am probably not the only person who thinks it ironic that Abby is teaching dance, as she doesn’t look like she’s ever seen the inside of a fitness club. I’m just going to be honest, when you are as large as Abby, you have to be jovial and likable or you become Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie has the worst reputation for being a loud mouthed heavy set harpie. She could have been America’s sweet heart but instead she’s somewhere in a dark room writing Haiku and sticking pins in a voodoo doll that bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump. Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson prove that you don’t have to be fit to gain favor, maybe they need to teach a seminar to Abby Lee Miller. What do you guys think? Was Kelly just defending herself? Will she get 5 million for her pain and suffering? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Natalie

    Abby is way out of line. Horrible person, leader and teacher. Not sure why these mom’s didn’t try to get out of the contract sooner rather than put their children through this humiliation and abuse. Do I think Kelly abused Abby, she was acting in self defense. Abby started that whole thing. Abby is over reacting and making stuff up now. Such the drama queen! Do I think Kelly should be awarded 5 million – probably not, but she should definitely win something. Do I think she is abusive to her children, NOT at all – I think those mothers are all good mothers. Just got into something they couldn’t get out of…

  • Michele Einhorn

    I’m not sure we were watching the same show but Kelly insecure as ever, who in past episodes calls Abby a whore put her hands on Abby first…slapping her face and pulling her hair ( all in front of the children )….not sure if she was drunk as she normally seems to but it’s easy to see Kelly has been unraveling at a rapid pace over the last couple of seasons….does it not bother anyone else that she leaves the studio, goes to a bar, drinks and then puts her minor children in her car and drives away. She’s known Abby for 30 years and if she feels Abby is abusive why did she bring her children to her since they were 2? I’m quite sure there is more than one dance studio in the Oittsburgh area

  • jonie

    They all need to leave Abby now!!! They can get another show for the girls with a instructor who cares about the dancers learning and having fun winning. Abby’s Bully ways need to be stopped. Abby is over and her time is up. One one will stand up for a BULLY like Abby for much longer. Those mother’s need to stand up for their daughter’s or they will be just as bad as nasty Abby.