Dance Moms ’45 Second Solos’ Recap: Season 4 Episode 29

Dance Moms '45 Second Solos' Recap: Season 4 Episode 29

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms returns with an all new Tuesday September 23, Season 4 episode 29 called, “45 Second Solos.” On tonight’s episode Abby’s Annual Dance Concert is always bigger than any old recital and this year is no different, as the theme is an emotional tribute to her mother.

On the last episode when it was the last competition before Nationals and it was everyone’s last chance to impress Abby; especially Nia, Kendall and Select Ensemble member Sarah, who all had solos. Sarah’s mom Tracey’s dream of joining the Elite team was threatened when guest mom Kate and her daughter, Kayleigh, showed up for the group dance. But the real shock came when Cathy crashed the competition and caused Abby to explode. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Abby’s Annual Dance Concert is always bigger than any old recital and this year is no different, as the theme is an emotional tribute to her mother. With Nationals a few days away, Abby gives the girls 45 seconds to prove they each deserve a solo. When Abby has Kamryn dance in Chloe’s place, Christi begins to fear the security of Chloe’s position at Nationals.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 4 Episode 29 – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Dance Moms tonight!

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Abby calls the girls in and says it’s dance concert week. She says it’s going to be stressful. It’s the culmination of all their year of work. She says she invited Kamryn to perform. Christi wants to know why she’s there. It’s pyramid time. At the bottom is Chloe because of her injury. Christi says she has a legitimate injury. Abby says MacKenzie is next because she needs a bigger face. Next is Kendall but she let her teammate beat her. Jill takes up for her. Next is Maddie.

Abby says she wants Maddie doing a solo at nationals but says if she has an outside opportunity, she should take it. Nia is at the top of the pyramid for winning her solo routine. Abby congratulates Holly who thanks her. Abby says the group routine is “The Heist” and will be like no other. She says it’s everything. Jill says this week is a crazy week and they don’t need a new routine. Abby says this routine is all about her mom and is a tribute to her life and all the years she put in.

Abby tears up and says her mom created happiness for so many children. We see a flashback of the girls coming to see her mom and then telling the girls that she’s dying. She then tells the girls they will each get a 45 second audition for nationals. She says to pick out what they think is the best of the choreography and says no one else will see it. She tells Maddie she’s exempt from this process. Abby says she will be the only judge.

She also tells Kendall that Maddie may not be dancing at Nationals so she should keep her eye on the prize. Abby says it’s anyone’s game. It’s three days before the concert and all the girls are in the group rehearsal. Abby says The Heist routine is all about her mom’s diamond ring. Holly says Abby bit off more than she can chew this week. Christi is annoyed that Chloe is moved to the back and is being annoyed when Kamryn is moved up front.

Jodi, her mom, keeps quiet but then defends Abby going to the judges to try and protest the results to take Chloe’s win. Jodi says she was just asking a question, not campaigning for a score change. Christi says she’s going to call the judges and find out what really happened. She calls. She calls Francisco, a judge. She asks if Abby said Chloe shouldn’t win. He says that’s basically what she said and that Kamryn should have won. She asks if she wanted Chloe’s win taken away. She thanks Francisco.

Christi says it’s clear now that Abby is setting Chloe up for failure and the best revenge is success. The girls are rehearsing when Abby says she has a surprise. She brings them outside where there’s a dunking booth and she’s in it and there are two hot guys there too. She charges $10 a throw for her mom’s charity and the hot guys are collecting the loot. Maddie goes first but misses. The girls finally run over and hit the target and dunk her while everyone cheers.

Kendall says dunking her was like watching a big, powerful sea creature going in the water. She tells the girls to show up on time and look amazing. Before the show she tells the girls to out their best out and says she’s got her eyes on them for Nationals. This is the tech rehearsal and Abby is giving notes on sound and lights. Chloe comes to see her mom about her foot. She says it’s worse on releve. They ice it and Christi says it’s swollen.

She can’t get her toe shoe on and Christ is in tears. The other moms tell her to go to the doctor and not risk Nationals. Christi is upset because she went crazy and got her kicked out of Nationals. We see flashback of her drunk and brawling with another mom. Christi asks what she should do and Chloe asks how she should know. Chloe says she wants to dance.

Two days before the concert, Chloe comes in with a walking cast. She has a buckle fracture in her metatarsal and has to wear a boot for a week. She isn’t out of the running for Nationals. Gianna says Abby will be in later and tells her to hang out with the other girls. Gianna tells the girls to work on their solos. Jill talks to Kendall about which choreography she wants to do. Jill thinks she should do Applause. All the moms talk to their kids. Nia says Abby just picks her favorites.

Nia says she’s determined to show Abby she’s ready to do a solo at Nationals. MacKenzie wants to do Out of Her Mind. Melissa worries if she can take the stress. Holly says Nia is picking her winning solo for her number. Sarah is doing On My Own. Christy says they have to leave it in the Lord’s hands. Kendall decided on Applause. Jill thinks this is a good choice to show she can fill in for Maddie.

Kamryn is doing Fate. Jodi says she doesn’t care that the other moms don’t want her there because they’re on the Select Team. Jill says smugly that it’s very convenient for her. Christi is annoyed at Jodi and says Chloe beat Kamryn hands down. She says she’s doing the same thing Melissa does. Jodi tells her she’s acting like an idiot. Christi calls her filth on the bottom of a shoe. Melissa is mortified.

Christi says she hates that Chloe can’t dance at the concert for the first time in 12 years. Abby comes in and asks about it then tells her to just tape the toe and let her dance. She shows Abby the x-ray and says it’s in her foot, not her toe. Abby thinks that there is no way Chloe’s foot will be better for Nationals. Holly says it’s frustrating that their girls are learning a new group number instead of just focusing on their solos like the other girls are.

Abby says with Chloe out of the group number the choreography is off so she pulls Sarah out of the routine. She says it’s better with five and tells Sarah she’s officially out. Christy is upset. Jill tells her to go down and calmly talk to Abby and not use the word fair. She heads down. She asks if she can please be in the number. She tells her Sarah is out because Chloe is out not because she’s not capable. Sarah starts crying. Abby says if Christy keeps it up, Sarah won’t be dancing at the concert or Nationals.

Sarah cries and Christy tells her not to give up on herself. Her daughter tells her to just let it go but her mom can’t. Jill says she can’t take the sobbing. Christy forces her back in even though Sarah wants to just leave. The other moms are appalled. They ask her why she’s not taking her home. She says her daughter is okay. Melissa tells her to take her home – they tell her that she’s seven and needs to go home. Christi asks if it’s about her or Sarah. Christy says she’s done. She says she’s sick of them. Christy says she’s taking Sarah off the competition team and one of the mom says she’s the devil.

solos and tells Maddie to play the music for the other girls. The moms come down to help as well. Holly tells them all that it’s the last chance to show Abby that they’ve earned a spot for a National solo. Nia dances and then Kendall. Jill says this is a tough week for her daughter and the number has a lot of room for error.

Next is Kamryn. Jodi says her daughter is the favorite on the Select Team and wants the others to get over it. MacKenzie goes next and Melissa says she has to work harder and has always had a solo at Nationals. She worries she won’t get one this year. Abby comes in the they start the group rehearsal. She screams at Kendall about her releve. Holly thinks Abby is stressing more because her mom’s name is attached to this.

Christi is annoyed that Kamryn has the lead in the group number when she’s not part of their regular team. Abby tells the others that they have an injured team member and that means their shot at Nationals is at risk. She says she’ll see them at the show. That night, the show starts and it’s sold out. The girls are dressed for their Heist number as cat burglars. Abby tells the girls they can’t make any mistakes because the world is watching.

The show starts. The group number is first. Abby says the girls are only as good as their last performance. Chloe watches crying because she can’t be in the number. She smiles at her friends’ through her tears. The crowd goes wild as the number ends. Chloe says it’s hard to watch them since she’s been part of the team since she was a little girl.

She goes backstage to talk to them before their solos and asks if they’re nervous. Nia says sometimes Abby just picks who she wants even if they’re not the best. Abby comes back and tells them this is the week before Nationals and they are leaving in 48 hours and there are only two solos left. She says the next few minutes can change their life. Maddie tells them it’s not life, life to reassure them.

Nia is first with Goodbye Maya. Holly watches proudly. The crowd loves it. Jill tells Kendall she’ll be chosen since she’s so far above the others then she goes out onstage. Abby wonders if she’ll flub and be in Maddie’s shadow or bring it. She starts her solo. Abby is impressed. MacKenzie is next and Abby says since she’s moved up an age bracket her chance of getting a solo is slim. Melissa looks nervous.

Maddie tells her she did well but MacKenzie says she didn’t and tells her sister she saw her face when she messed up. The girls start fighting backstage and Kendall tells MacKenzie not to cry. Jodi is nervous for Kamryn’s solo. Holly is pleased that Kamryn fell out of her turn. Abby says she plays to the back of the house. Abby seems meh. Christi tells Chloe it makes her sad that she’s not competing.

Chloe says it makes her want to dance even more and want to show Abby. Christi asks what if Abby won’t give her the chance. Chloe says she’ll dance even if she’s not healed. Abby comes backstage and says she saw some things she loved and some projected back to her. She says that’s important. She says she wants their best shot at winning. She hands out critiques. She says she has to get her hair down and get to the dinner. She tells them not to pressure her tonight or ask her about the solos.

Abby says she has to think about it more. Christi asks Jodi what hers says and Jodi says she can’t read the writing. Christi asks if she wrote about her falling out of her turns and she says no. Christi says the favoritism is crystal clear. Holly says Kamryn clearly didn’t give a flawless performance. The moms show Abby’s notes to the girls. Nia is crying and Christi reassures her. Christi tells Nia she did the best.

It’s time for the curtain call. The girls all head out and then Abby comes out to take her bow then heads out to the reception and her mom’s memorial dinner. Abby calls for everyone’s attention and says it’s a tribute to her mom Maryen. She says her last words to Melissa and were “I just want to dance.” She says her mom touched so many lives and made the world a happier place. She says the same won’t be said about herself and says her mom’s dancing shoes but were too big to be filled.