Dancing With the Stars 2014 RECAP 4/7/14: Season 18 Episode 4

Dancing With the Stars 2014 RECAP 4/7/14: Season 18 Episode 4

Dancing With The Stars is back tonight with a whole new episode of glitz and glitter and switch-ups.  On tonight’s episode another elimination occurs after the forth week of performances, and Julianne Hough is the guest judge for the evening.   Also tonight “The Switch Up” pairs are revealed and the season’s first“Macy’s Stars of Dance,” is to be featured.

On last week’s episode the remaining 10 celebrities commemorated “The Most Memorable Year Of Their Life.” Each couple danced to a song of the celebrities choosing that encompassed a memorable time or experience in their life. These heartfelt performances were the most intense and emotional of the season.  Did you miss any of the performances?  If you did we have all the videos, right here.  The couples faced the second nerve-racking round of elimination but just prior to it they were told that Billy Dee Williams had withdrawn from the competition and that meant no elimination besides Billy Dee.

On tonight’s episode the votes are in and for the first time ever celebrities will switch professional dance partners on. This past week, America was given the power to vote and change celebrity and professional dance pairings and now each star must face this new challenge. The new couples will be revealed live for the first time throughout the evening. The show will begin with an opening number featuring the entire cast followed by each celebrity tackling a new style of dance with their new partner. Additionally, two-time professional “Dancing with the Stars” champion, Julianne Hough, will return to guest judge for the second time alongside Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba.

Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST on ABC to watch the stars all hit the ball room. We’ll be recapping it for you live right here. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us who you are already rooting for!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s show opens with an opening number featuring the entire cast including the competitors, professional dancers and the judges.

This week’s guest judge is introduced Julianne Hough with a new very blond cute pixie cut and very weird dark eyebrows.  Julianne indicated that she would be as brutal as she was last time she guest judged.

Candace Cameron Bure and professional dancer Tony Dovolani: dancing a Quickstep [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Len: “Getting a new partner is like getting an itchy sweater.  Gotta say hair raising performance.  You go out there attacked the dance.  Well done.”   Julianne: “It was really well done.  The contact was a little too gaft.  It so hard with switch up, but you did a great job!”  Bruno: “I really wasn’t expecting this.  I love the way you went for it.  I love the energy.  you have to sort out the stop line.  If you lose the frame it all collapses.  I love the energy.  Control it!”  Carrie Ann: “I agree what everyone said.  You are using your shoulders because you had no contact.  I loved the energy.  Well done!”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 7  Len: 7  Julianne: 7  Bruno: 8  TOTAL: 28/40

James Maslow and professional dancer Cheryl Burke dancing a Tango [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Julianne: “You are the total package, you are so amazing.  Every season there is always the hot guy who takes off his shirt and it only last so long.  You have dedication and passion.  One note you are a little squaty.”  Bruno: “I have no problems with your pelvis.  What I really liked was the game play.  You delivered a mean tango.  She’s right you have to get your butt under control.”  Carrie Ann: “This is all about the switch up and I did not notice a change.  Great job!”  Len“This was burning hot!  You came in with great attack.  I found it a tad manic.  Hot and fiery well done!”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 9  Len: 8  Julianne: 9  Bruno: 9 TOTAL: 35/40

Drew Carey and professional dancer Witney Carson dancing a Cha Cha [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Bruno: “You are splendid and confident and sugar daddy of showbiz.  You put your performance somewhere between Elvis and Liberace and you made it work.  Brilliant.”  Carrie Ann: “The kick in your step was ridiculous.  You killed it.  I thought it was fantastic.”  Len: “They say that all that glitters is not gold.  I have not had that much fun in a minute and a half since a teenaged.”  Julianne: “Witney well done.  Drew you did great, I am a fan.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 8  Len: 8  Julianne: 9  Bruno: 8 SCORES: 33/40

Danica McKellar and professional dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy: dancing a Jive.[VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Carrie Ann: “You are shining and beaming like a bright light.  You are just having fun.  I felt you were a bit ahead of the music.”  Len: “It was high energy.  A little too much goofing off, but well done.”  Julianne: “I agree with them you were over there and then over there.  I always felt like Maks you were like Mark.  I felt like you just wanted to get by so you could get back with Meryl. ”  Bruno: “First I have to congratulate you.  It was cute and lovely.  It was good.  Great performance.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 8 Len: 8 Julianne: 8 Bruno: 8 TOTAL: 32/40

Charlie White and professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd: dancing a Rumba.  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Len: “As a performance it is terrific.  Was it a rumba no, all posed and jerky.  It was not a Rumba it was like a Contemporary routine.”  Julianne: “I thought it was absolutely stunning.  You are a mother’s dream, I love you so much.  Your kinda on your heels and back weighted.  When you go on the balls of your feet that is grounded.”  Bruno: “I love the grand and heroic sweep.  You had that kinda grand intention.  Clean lines.  If you don’t get your feet right your hips won’t ignite.  I thought it was a majestic performance.”  Carrie Ann: “No question you are a marvelous dancer.  But I agree with Len it was not a Rumba.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 7  Len: 8  Julianne: 9  Bruno: 9 TOTAL 33/40

Amy Purdy and professional dancer Mark Ballas: dancing a Salsa [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Julianne: “Every week everyone says how inspiring you are but you are more, you are a performer.  You do an amazing job. “  Bruno: “You continue to astonish me.  The amount of footwork that Mark made you do was incredible.  I could not find anything wrong.”  Carrie Ann: “You were exposed a lot more in this dance.  This time you were on your own. I loved it.  It was excellent.”  Len: “It was full of rhythm.  I will tell you think your bottom is the top.”

SCORES:  Carrie Ann: 9  Len:  8  Julianne: 8  Bruno: 9 TOTAL: 34/40

Cody Simpson and professional dancer Sharna Burgess dancing a Foxtrot [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Bruno: “Good pitching the vocal phasing was very good.   I am going to be serious with you when you are side by side it is fantastic.  When you are hold you don’t control your length of bone.  As a performer you are a winner.”  Carrie Ann It was a treat to hear you sing.  Your hold has improved.  What I want you to improve is your arms. ”  Len: “You attempted to get the footwork right.  Out of hold you have some freedom.  Work on the technique and get the details.” Julianne: “When you do what you do yoru brilliant.  Right now you are hovering in this no zone place of in between.  TO go to the top you have to embrace this.  It was great, it was awesome.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 8  Len: 7 Julianne: 8  Bruno: 8 TOTAL: 31/40

NeNe Leakes and professional dancer Tony Dovolani dancing a Jazz Dance. [VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Carrie Ann: “NeNe is working it.  It was finally great to see you finally kill it.”  Len: “It’s the bes dance you did this season.Julianne: “It was so much fun so many girls want to let their inner Beyonce out and you did it.”  Bruno: “It was like being in the presence of the Queen of Sheba.  I don’t care, I am doing my own thing.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 8 Len: 8  Julianne: 8 Bruno: 8 SCORES: 32/40

Meryl Davis and professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy: dancing a Argentine Tango.[VIDEO HERE]

Judges comments: Len: “A little to much posy here and there but that was the dance of the night.” Julianne: “You are one of the most stunning dancers I have ever seen. I wish I danced just like you.  Perfection!”  Bruno: “Powerful and seductive.  Two magical instruments.  Fabulous!”  Carrie Ann: “Tonight was a wonderful night but you two are in a class of your own.  You two are untouchable.”

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 10 Len: 9  Julianne: 10  Bruno: 10 TOTAL: 39/40

Next week 1 contestant will be eliminated – the scores of last week and the scores of this week will be added together.  Also next week expect a magical week in the ballroom – it is Disney night!