David Duchovny Divorced Tea Leoni Over Her Affair With Billy Bob Thornton – Not For Gillian Anderson?

David Duchovny Divorced Tea Leoni Over Her Affair With Billy Bob Thornton - Not For Gillian Anderson?

When David Duchovny and Tea Leoni first separated back in 2008 it was revealed that he was a serial cheating sex addict. He was working on the set of Californication and couldn’t keep his fingers out of that proverbial cookie jar. His cheating followed by a stint in a facility for sex addiction were well documented but apparently David wasn’t the only one cheating. According to the Sept. 1st print edition of GLOBE Magazine Tea was not only having a fling with then-costar Billy Bob Thornton, but she ditched her kids to follow his band across the country!

Sources say that after David found racy messages from Billy Bob on Tea’s phone it was a game changer for the couple. They were both dishonest and doing things that would ultimately lead to their divorce. Ultimately they split and reconciled twice in the last six years before deciding that it really wasn’t going to work. Somehow David managed to fly below the radar way back in June and file for divorce.

While David ultimately admitted to cheating with various women it was just sex, whatever Tea had going with Billy Bob resembled more of a relationship and it’s something that David was never really able to get past. It no doubt played a huge part in this couple eventually pulling the plug and admitting marital defeat. They also grew apart for sure.

The GLOBE article doesn’t delve into Gillian Anderson’s relationship with David Duchovny and so we won’t either in this article. But suffice it to say that the door is wide open at last for David and Gillian to go public with their romance.

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  • jack

    Gillian and david don’t have a romance. Only ones peddling this bs is this fake entertainment news site.

  • rachel

    Can definitely see Tea as the cheating type. Best of luck to her. But David did his shit too. Oh well time to move on pple. Best of luck to gillian and david who r soulmates

  • jen gillovnot

    Good for Tea!! Let her be happy!! She was always in the shadows of the 20 yr long love affair of g and d.

  • jen gillovnot

    Yeah tea was at Billy bobs play back in 2008. Poor david had to go to all his press premieres for his movie by himself. Who the hell cares about what tea does though? As long as shes away from dave.

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  • Phillip Scott

    Never liked this womans beady eyes. Not trustworthy. Lol Gillian is a gorgeous creature that David couldn’t say no to.

  • Mz.Understood

    Such a double standard with men. They (not all, but MANY) do not seem to get it. They can cheat all they want because they call it “normal’ for them to want to ‘spread their seed’, but when their woman cheats all holy h e l l breaks loose! What goes around comes around boys and don’t you EVER forget it. While you are out there kissing on your h o….where is YOUR woman?

    Hey CDL, leave my effing posts alone!!!

    • Scott274

      Not double standard really….love is a woman’s weakness while lust is the man’s weakness; between the two, lust is lot easier to understand…as the article quotes, DD did have affairs but it was just sex, he didn’t write them romantic letters or follow them around like a love sick puppy unlike Tea… anyways, eitherways celebrity marriages never last, no point discussing, just too much money, glamour, fast lane life there… marriage is just an expensive party.

  • Mz.Understood

    To those of you who think that Gillian and David are soul mates because they have been messing around so long, now that it is not ‘forbidden fruit’ it will lose it’s luster fast. The only thing that kept it exciting for them was that it was a ‘no-no’.