David Duchovny Divorce from Tea Leoni: Gillian Anderson Back In – Open Dating and Romance for X-Files Couple At Last

David Duchovny Divorce from Tea Leoni: Gillian Anderson Back In - Open Dating and Romance for X-Files Couple At Last

Remember a few weeks ago when David Duchovny and Tea Leoni were spotted together frolicking with their kids on a west coast beach and false rumors of a reconciliation spread like wild fire? Well, we can now confirm that getting back together was actually the furthest thing from their minds. TMZ is reporting that David actually filed for divorce back in June and that he and Tea reached a very amicable agreement between themselves. In a nutshell they are sharing custody of both kids and David will be paying close to $50,000 a month between child and spousal support.

It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood couple come to terms and obviously still manage a friendship. They always say the kids come first and co-parenting is the top priority but then things turn messy in court. Somehow David and Tea managed to side step the mess and still be cool with each other after the ink on the divorce decree was signed.

X-files fans will be thrilled by this development as it now truly frees David up for his putative romance with Gillian Anderson to progress. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and both David and Gillian have been dropping clues that they are indeed together for quite awhile now. Still being married to Tea would likely have prevented any kind of confirmation, until now. Gillian’s love life has been a bit messy since landing in the public eye 20 years ago but these last several months- crickets. She’s not one to hide who she is dating, something that has added to speculation about her relationship with David.

How extensive are the rumors? Well, we have heard that the duo shares an upper west side apartment, something that Gillian herself has alluded to. What do you guys think? Are David and Gillian together and if so, will they finally confirm what we already suspect? Perhaps they have both been unlucky in love because they actually belong together. Can you imagine the long time fans’ reaction if David and Gillian not only confirmed a romance but announced an engagement? The truth about their relationship is out there and I suspect that we just got much closer to learning it! What are your thoughts on David and Tea’s divorce? Does this place him a few steps closer to Gillian? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

12 responses to “David Duchovny Divorce from Tea Leoni: Gillian Anderson Back In – Open Dating and Romance for X-Files Couple At Last”

  1. tamara says:

    Who knows if gillian and david are really together but im sure they bonk everytime they are. They are two A+ listed stars and Tea a sad B- one. Glad dd got rid of Tea. Heard shes not the nicest person.

  2. fiona says:

    David doesn’t seem to be too cut up about it. Hes too busy tweeting his girlfriend Gillian on twitter. It must be such a relief to him to be away from a bad marriage.

  3. xpl 2014 says:

    To be honest, what I think is this: I would LOVE for the rumors to be true, but… What I think is that David and Gillian are soulmates in a way, but not all soulmates are romantically involved. These two are deeply connected, with a now more than 20 year history. I think they care a good deal about each other, and the natural chemistry they have is obvious. I would love for their deep and abiding connection to also be romantic; I’m just not convinced it is. But it doesn’t make the special union they have any less beautiful.

  4. sara says:

    i love this i really want them to be a couple..they aremade for each other

  5. jack says:

    Totally untrue!! From the source who told us he was BACK with his wife when they were spotted together. Investigative journalism at its best!!

  6. leslie r says:

    So happy for dave. Glad he didn’t waste time getting rid of that tattoo. Neighbors of Leonis say shes a very unfriendly person. Go get the queen gillian!! She is better suited.

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  8. Soup says:

    she is gay

  9. jrwlsju says:

    I thought Gillian Anderson was a lesbian.

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  11. susan says:

    You actually think he will stop being a sex addict with Gillian, who is openly gay by the way….