• Taisia

    It is love story!!!))) I believe in this love!!!)))

  • Ima Believer

    He was joking about being on the wrong coast. He tweeted that photo while traveling across Central Park. The tweets are the real deal.

  • Sheridan Lee

    I think they like playing w/ fans but her latest tweet of needing him to be somewhere is very suggestive. My vote is they’ve done it a couple of times but have realized friendship is better…or on the other hand they could be going way out of their way to pretend they are together so fans don’t really believe it when infact they secretly are together for real. Its very complicated. They are smart. Playing it well.

  • rachael

    uh…she didn’t delete her tweets. they are still there under ‘all’

  • guest

    You missed Gillian’s sex tweet!!!

  • estfar

    I love these two. I think they know each other, as she suggested, better than any of their spouses did and that’s why they are both now divorced. As for being together. I went to NYC Comicon, they obviously love being in each other’s company. I think there is real love and real connection, but I think they have chosen not to take the plunge.

  • Seth Aicklen

    Didn’t Gillian come out as a lesbian a few years ago?

  • Steve Flores

    Why do people keep saying that Gillian came out as a Lesbian?? First , she said she had been with women in the past, which makes her BI, not a lesbian. Second, even Gillian says she was misquoted alot in that interview. The problem is that once that goes out their in the internet , it keeps getting repeated by people who never read the actual interview, which I did . If anyone can post that interview in which she says ” I’m gay” I’ll shut up