David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Open Up About Sex and Dating On Twitter – Go Public With Relationship

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Open Up About Sex and Dating On Twitter - Go Public With Relationship

Rumors have circulated for several year that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have had a long-standing affair. The alleged celebrity couple both have denied rumors of an affair forever, but as of late they have been letting their guard down a bit. Last month Gillian shocked fans when she confessed in an interview with the Huffington Post that she and Duchovny have a “mutual attraction for each other.” We’ve known they were attracted to each other for years, but apparently Gillian is finally coming to terms with it.

And, Gillian’s confession in her interview is just the beginning of a possibly public relationship. Last month David Duchovny officially joined Twitter. Although he has only published fourteen tweets, two of them were dedicated to Gillian Anderson! A few months ago Gillian and David were so cautious about keeping their maybe relationship under wraps that they wouldn’t even step out together in public, and now they are flirting on Twitter for the world to see!

Yesterday David tweeted this to Gillian, “Hi @GillianA why did you keep twitter a secret from me all these years ? I’m here and I heart scully ;) What’s up?” And then just half an hour ago David commented on an image that Gillian posted of a pictured she “doodled.” This is what David had to say about Gillian’s artwork today, “Mulder is from Mars and Scully is from…Venus? Well doodled, G woman, well doodled indeed @GillianA.” Clearly the couple are referring to sex which they have obviously enjoyed together.

So, what do you make of David Duchovny’s tweets to Gillian Anderson? Do you think the couple is gradually going public with their relationship, which is pretty much the worst-kept secret in Hollywood? What are these two waiting for? Do they think they are in the Victorian era? Let’s see some open dating and serious public commitment. They could get use a lesson from Khloe Kardashian!

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  • guest

    The “doodle” was a woman in bed in London, where she is, and a man in bed in NY, where he is now, LA, where he lives, and Mars, where he jokes he’s from (along with all men… Men and Mars, women and Venus… Get it?). If they are or aren’t “together,” the pic was clearly him and her. Does it mean they aren’t sleeping together, they are even though they’re apart, or that the enjoy teasing a rabid fan base that is still obsessed with seeing them as a couple?

    Personally, I think they’ve for sure have had sex, but as neither are “relationship people,” friends who sleep together is the limit of it.

    • romie

      You’re absolutely blind and stubborn. Got it?

      • Guest

        And you are living in the wishful thinking of the 90’s. The “ZOMG I wish Mulder and Scully were together cuz their soooooo peeeeerfect for each other” thing is tired.

        I don’t doubt that they’ve slept together, or are maybe even sleeping together now. But they’re not in a relationship, per say. I bet both are sleeping with others (especially him) quite regularly. I do think they enjoy teasing each other and the still-rabid fans about it, though. I’m sure they enjoy a good laugh over saying things that they know triggers people to freak out.

  • Fran

    DD and GA you know you are soul mates .. life is too short get on with it.

  • fdf

    …it’s a very romantic notion, for those who love the series…but in today’s world, sleeping together may mean something different to the glitterati…if true, I fee a bit sorry for Tea and Gillian’s ex husbands…on the other hand, The Truth Is Out There

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  • K.V.

    I thought she was gay

  • Krista

    I don’t think it means anything. Last I heard David Duchovny is married with two kids. I think it’s just a flirting game between them. They are friends and they must joke around with each other. No one really knows the truth. These are just rumors and until there is proof that they are having an affair together I think that they should be left alone and not hounded on a daily basis over something that may or may not be true. Everyone should Respect their private lives.

  • Jessica Rice

    wow, too many overactive imaginations, I’ve had friendships with males who joke like that, I wonder if you are teenagers or just immature about male/female relationships in general? They’re just friends, they’re never going to be more, you can tell for god’s sake he just adores her, and Gillian is ALWAYS feminine/flirtatious (yet gracious minded), it’s her nature. seriously, I can’t believe people want to believe in the power of sex so badly, you have some dirty minds. I think they kept their boundaries in tact for a reason. Because… they’re frieeeends. Please, grow up. It’s not like either one of them would be such a catch to one another anyway. David has had his share of issues, and at least in terms of relationships, Gillian chooses somewhat better anyhow.

  • My 4 legged Babies

    Gillian had been married more than once.

  • xpl 2014

    Longtime Phile here. Love both D & G, they seem awesome. I tend to believe they did hook up very early on, before Gillian’s first marriage years ago. I also think it’s as plain as day that these two are soulmates. Now the thing about soulmates is that although they can be lovers, they don’t HAVE to be. David and Gillian have a 21-year history so far, and their chemistry has always been quite powerful. They have remained personally connected all these years, never totally losing contact, even through marriages, kids, etc.They have both admitted to mutual attraction, but keep that on the DL. Their union is unique and lovely, and transcends sex or romance. They are MFEO, regardless of whatever form that union takes. Good for them!


    Ha! This article is so stupid it’s laughable. I love them, and there’s no doubt they have chemistry together, it’s brilliant to watch… but an actual relationship between the two of them?? ….Unless they were super careful it would be the personification of a train crash! They’ve kinda always had a really intimate and flirty relationship, that doesn’t mean they’re a couple.

  • Si Bur

    not likely, the two hated each other and fought like cat and dog on the set of xfiles, gillian is well known for being a superbitch.

    • hiiii

      no that was a rumor too, but they said that they like each other, not like relationship more like best friends