David Duchovny And Tea Leoni Back Together – Gillian Anderson Pushed Aside As They Give Romance Another Shot!

David Duchovny And Tea Leoni Back Together - Gillian Anderson Pushed Aside As They Give Romance Another Shot!

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni split three years ago, and since then, he’s been rumored to be dating his X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson. However, new reports suggest that David and Tea are actually giving their romance another go.

Sources say that David and Tea were spotted on a family vacation in New York on June 14th, with supposed eyewitnesses telling Star Magazine, “They were smiling and cuddling up with one another. They walked hand in hand and shared a kiss.”

But what about Gillian?! We’ve heard so many sources tell us that Gillian and David were spotted on many, many, MANY occasions in NYC at David’s apartment. And don’t tell me that all that repressed sexual tension didn’t just explode at some point. I suppose it’s very possible that the two hooked up/used to hook up but stopped after David and Tea decided to reconcile.

Tea and David do have a family, and for their children’s sake, it is better for them to get back together. I doubt David’s kids have the same investment in seeing their father with another woman, unlike X-Files fans. These fans have been waiting years and years to see their Mulder and Scully unite in public, but if these reports are true, they might have to wait even longer.

However, an estranged couple getting back together is nothing new, especially in Hollywood. David and Tea might have found their schedules too constricting on their marriage a couple of years ago, but neither one of them is working regularly right now. They were probably able to work out the majority of the issues plaguing their relationship, and now seem happier than ever.

What do you think about the David Duchovny/Tea Leoni relationship?

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  • KarenBleek

    Could be possible – they are both odd. Maybe together, probably not. Don’t understand why people get so up in arms about Gillian Anderson – okay actress, pretty, sort of a weird personality. Seems to be more in love with herself than any guy/girl.Doesn’t seem like Duchovny’s type at all!

  • xfiles

    You guys have it COMPLETELY WRONG!!!! Tea and Gillian are together and David is now single. Maybe wishing that the two women in his life would agree to a threesome.LOL

  • Alice Mullinger

    Where r your pics? You say they r together then post the pics. The truth is Tea and David haven’t been seeing kissing/cuddling in years.

    • OhPlease

      you don’t ask pics when it’s about DD/GA lol

      • Alice Mullinger

        huh? i don’t need pics of DD/GG to believe anything. they’ve never been together romantically so not sure what you’re talking about.

  • sez

    God I hope this is true so you will finally stop reporting about Gillian. Plze leave her out of this horrid mess which is DD and TL.

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